Guide to the Charles Gilpin Papers, 1832-1875

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The collection consists of letters written to Gilpin by numerous persons - a glittering array of mid-nineteenth century reformers. Quakers are prominent, but the Society of Friends was not discussed. The content is varied and represents his social and political interests. The publishing business rarely appears in the correspondence.

Two indexes to the collection have been compiled. The first is a listing of known correspondents. Their letters are itemized in the Autograph File. Several signatures could not be identified. The second is a selective index of references to persons, places, and topics that are mentioned in the collection, with references to the dates of the letters in which those references may be found.

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Charles Gilpin papers
Gilpin, Charles, 1815-1874
0.5 Linear Feet, about 336 items
David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library

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List of Correspondents

See Autograph File in Card Catalog for the Dates of the Letters

Alsop, Robert
Arnold, Thomas (1816-1897)
Beattie, Alexander
Bernal Osborne, Ralph
Bouverie, Everard William
Bracebridge, Charles
Holte Braithwaite, Joseph
Bevan Brand, Henry
Bouverie William, First Viscount Hampden
Brand, Henry Robert, Second Viscount Hampden
Buck, Cornelius
Buxton, Sir Thomas Fowell, Third Baronet
Byng, James
Campbell, John (1794-1867)
Candler, John
Candler, S.
Carpenter, Mary
Childers, Hugh
Culling Eardley
Christy, Joseph Fell [?]
Clark, Daniel Kinnear
Clarke, Ebenezer
Clifton, Sir Robert Juckes, Ninth Baronet
Cobden, Catherine Anne (Williams)
Cobden, Ellen M. A.
Cobden, Richard
Colonna, A.
Cooke, Samuel John [?]
Cooper, Joseph (1800-1881)
Cooper, T.
Courtenay, William Reginald, Eleventh Earl of Devon
Cowper, G.
Cowper, Henry Frederick
Cowper-Temple, William Francis, First Baron Mount Temple
Crosfield, George
Crosland, Camilla Dufour (Toulmin)
Davidson, Septimus
Deane, Chr. P.
Dembinski, Henri
Devon, William Reginald Courtenay Eleventh Earl of
See Courtenay
Drummond, Henry (1786-1860)
Dudley, Elizabeth
Duncombe, Thomas Slingsby
Earle, Ralph Anstruther
Eden, Anthony Henley, Third Baron Henley
Ellis, Sarah (Stickney)
Ewart, William
Fanshawe, Edward Cardwell
Finch-Hatton, Edward Hatton
Fox, Robert Barclay
Fry, Alfred A. [?]
Gay, John (1813-1885)
Gemma, L. F. D.
Gilpin, Charles
Gilpin, James
Glyn, George Grenfell, Second Baron Wolverton
Grenville, George Nugent, Baron Nugent
Grey, Sir George, Second Baronet
Gurney, Joseph John
Hampden, Henry Bouverle William Brand, First Viscount
See Brand
Hampden, Henry Robert Brand, Second Viscount
See Brand
Harris, John (1802-1856)
Hatton, Edward Hatton Finch
See Finch-Hatton
Hawes, Sir Benjamin
Headlam, Thomas Emerson
Henley, Anthony Henley Eden, Third Baron
See Eden
Herbert, Sidney, First Baron
Herbert of Lea
Howitt, William
Hue, Lucy M.
Hume, Joseph
Hutton, Elizabeth (Winder)
Ingham, Robert
Kitching, John
Layard, Sir Austen Henry
Leveson-Gower, Granville George, Second Earl Granville
Lewis, Jane Isabella (Browne)
Lindsay, William Schaw
Locock, Sir Charles, First Baronet
Lushington, Stephen (1782-1873)
Mackay, Charles Marsh, Edward
May, Caroline
May, Edward C.
Monson, William John, First Viscount Oxenbridge
Morley, Augusta
Morley, Samuel
Mount Temple, William Francis Cowper-Temple, First Baron
See Cowper-Temple
Newman, Francis William
Osborne, Ralph Bernal
See Bernal Osborne
Osborne, Lord Sidney Godolphin
Owen, Sir Hugh
Oxenbridge, William John Monson, First Viscount
See Monson
Paget, Lord Clarence Edward
Parkes, Amy Sedgwick
Parry, John Humffreys
Patten, John Wilson-, First Baron Winmarleigh
See Wilson-Patten
Pattison, James
Payne, William John
Pearson, Mary Martha
Pease, Edward (1767-1858)
Pease, Edward (1834-1880)
Pease, Joseph (1799-1872)
Pease, Sir Joseph Whitwell, First Baronet
Peto, Sir Samuel Morton, First Baronet
Pope, Samuel
Price, T.
Probyn, J.W.
Ramsden, Sir John William, Fifth Baronet
Raynham, John Villiers Stuart Townshend, Viscount
See Townshend
Reed, Sir Charles
Richard, Henry
Robertson, David
Russell, Arthur John Edward
Salomons, Sir David, First Baronet
Seely, Mary (Hilton)
Sherman, James
Simpson, Joseph
Smiles, Samuel
Somerville, Alexander (1811-1885)
Stanley, Lady Augusta Frederica Elizabeth (Bruce)
Stanley, Edward (1779-1849)
Stickney, Sarah
Stuart, Lord Dudley Coutts
Sturge, Joseph
Tanner, William
Temple, William Francis Cowper-, First Baron Mount Temple
See Cowper-Temple
Thompson, George (1804-1878)
Thompson, Thomas Perronet
Thwaites, Sir John
Torrens, William Torrens McCullagh
Toulmin, Camilla Dufour
See Crosland
Townshend, John Villiers Stuart, Fifth Viscount Townshend
Villiers, Charles Pelham
Vincent, Henry
Vukovics, Sebastian
Walker, Amasa
Warren, D.
Watkin, Sir Edward William, First Baronet
Wczele, M. G. de, Count
Wczele, Diana Gurowska de
Whatman, Louisa Isabella (Ross)
Whetham, Sir Charles
Wilkinson, Conrad
Wilkinson, Sarah
Wilkinson, William Arthur
Wilson-Patten, John, First Baron Winmarleigh
Winmarleigh, John Wilson-Patten, First Baron
See Wilson-Patten
Wodehouse, Elizabeth Louisa
Wodehouse, Rachel Horatia
Wolverton, George Grenfell Glyn, Second Baron
See Glyn
Woodgate, Arthur George Kennedy
Abolition Movement
1850 June 25; Oct. 6.
Army. Equipment
1854, Sept. 11
Beales, Edmond
1866 (Henley)
Beresford, Marcus (1800-1876)
1870 July 5
Bishopsgate Ward Petition
1847 Dec. 1
Borneo Meeting
1849 Dec. 29; 1850 Jan. 22.
Borough Road Society
1850 March 21
Bowron, James
1867 Oct. 9
Bradlaugh, Charles
1868, Sept. 14
Brazil, Relations with
1850 Oct. 6
Bright, John
1848; 1850 Jan. 22; 1864 June 12; 1867 May 10.
Buenos Aires Meeting
1863 Nov. 28
British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society
1873 Dec. 7
Burnet, John (1789-1862)
1852 March 24
Burritt, Elihu
1850 Oct. 8, 10, 17; 1865 Apr. 4; n. d. (Cobden).
Capital Punishment
1846, April 14, 19; 1848, March 4, 8; 1848; 1864, Jan. 11, 13, Jan; 1866, June 21; 1867, May 10, 12; undated (Vincent).
Capital Punishment. Italy
1866, June 21
Cardwell, Edward, First Viscount Cardwell
1870, Jan. 4
Carey, George Jackson
1869, May 31
1842, Dec. 31; 1848, Apri1 27.
China, Relations with
1857, April 4, 18
Cleveland, Charles Dexter
1850, July 1
Cobden, Richard
1850, Jan. 22, Oct. 10,; 1865, Apr. 4, 5, 7, May 5, Nov.; 1867, March 22; 1850, Sept. 23.
Copway, George
1850, Oct. 3
Cotton Districts Relief Fund
1862, Nov. 12
Crimean War
1855, Dec. 5
Currency. U. S.
1867, March 22
Dalhousie, Fox Maule, Eleventh Earl of
See Maule, Fox, Eleventh Earl of Dalhousie
David, Professor
1850, Oct. 10
Denman, George
1867, May 10
Denmark, Relations with
1850, Oct. 8, 10, 17
Dickins, Charles
1850, Oct. 6
1847, June 21
Economic Conditions
1862, Nov. 12; 1860's (Villiers).
Eden, Anthony Henley, Third Baron Henley
1866, July 25
1856, Aug. 18; 1871, Oct. 24.
Egypt. Relations with
1873, Dec. 7
1847, June 21; 1848, Dec. 29; 1852, March 23, 24; 1857, April 4; 1865, July 30, Aug. 1; 1868, Sept. 14, Nov. 25, Dec.; 1870, July 5.
1848, July 15; 1849, Jan. 28.
Forster, Robert
1850, March 21
Gladstone, William Ewart
1857, June 17; 1870, July 28.
Grey, Sir George, Second Baronet
1864, Jan.
Gurney, Joseph John
1846, March 19
Gurney, Samuel
1849, Dec. 29; 1850, Oct. 17.
Hatfield, Caroline
1847, March 20
Henley, Anthony Henley Eden, Third Baron
See Eden, Anthony Henley, Third Baron Henley
Heritage, Mr.
1847, March 20
Hobart, Vere Henry, Baron Hobart
1867, March 22
Hue, Clement
April 21
Hungarians in England
1851, Oct. 3; 1852, Oct. 28; 1852; ca. 1852; 1859, May 19.
Iron. Mining and Manufacture. Great Britain
1867, Oct. 9
Italy. Relations with
1859, May 19
Jackson, Peter
1848, Oct. 28
See Copway, George
Kemény, Wolfgang, Baron
Kiss, Miklos
Knights and Knighthood
See also Orders of Knighthood and Chivalry
Kossuth, Lajos
1851, Oct. 3; 1852; 1859, May 19; n. d. (Cowper).
Kramer, Wilhelm (1801-1875)
[?], April 21
Lambert, Sir John
1861 (Villiers)
Liberal Party
1866 (Henley)
Lloyd, Thomas (1814-1890)
1850, June 25
Locke, John (1805-1880)
1862, July 9
Lycett, Sir Francis
1870, July 5
Maule, Fox, Eleventh Earl of Dalhousie
1852, March 23, 24
Miall, Edward
1865, April 5
Morell, John Daniel
1864, June 12
National Freehold Land Company
1852, Sept. 14 (Possible reference); 1854, June 24, Aug. 9; 1856, June 5.
The British Banner
1848, Jan. 27; 1850, Oct. 3; 1852, March 23, 24; 1853, Sept. 30.
The Non-Slaveholder
1846, March 27
Odger, George
1870, July 5
Orders of Knighthood and Chivalry. Great Britain
1869, May 31 (K. C. M. G.)
1854, Aug. 9; 1857, June 17.
Parliamentary Reform
1848, April 27; 1867, May 10; n. d. (Vincent).
Paraons, Arthur
1863, July 29
Peace. Congresses.
1850 July 1
Pearson, Charles (1794-1862)
1863, Feb. 14
Pease, Henry
1859, Aug. 8
Perth Election
1852, March 23, 24
Poor Laws
1861; 1868, Dec. 3; 1860's (Villiers).
1846, March 19; 1848; 1852, Oct. 27.
1857, June 17
Prussia, Relations with
1850, Oct. 8, 10, 17
Pulazky, Ferencz
1852 (Stuart)
1859, Aug. 8; 1873, Dec. 17, July 5.
Railroads. Hungary
1869, Nov. 6
Reconstruction. U. S.
1867, March 22
Reed, Sir Charles
1861, March 20
1852, Oct. 27
Rennie, George or Sir John
1854, Sept. 11
Robertson, Mr.
1863, Nov. 28
Rogers, Mr.
1862, Nov. 12
Russell, Lord John, First Earl Russell
1850, Oct. 17; 1860's (Villiers).
Sherman, James
1848, July 15; 1849, Jan. 28.
Slave Trade. Great Britain.
1850, June 25, Oct. 6
Slavery. Egypt
1873, Dec. 7
Smith, John Benjamin
1860's (Villiers)
Smith, Joshua Toulmin
Stoke Newington Delegation
1854, Aug. 7
Stuart, Lord Dudley Coutts
1852 (Newman)
Sturge, Joseph
1850, Oct. 6, 8
Teleki, László, Szeki gróf
Temple, Henry John, Third Viscount Palmerston
1850, Oct. 8; 1854, Aug. 7, 8.
Transportation of Criminals
1846, March 19
Turnbull, David
1850, June 25
U. S. Relations with
1857, June 17; 1863, Jan. 2; 1860's (Villiers); 1870, July 28.
Vaughan, John (1799-1868)
1867, Oct. 9
Villiers, Charles Pelham
Letter to: 1865, Feb. 3
Villiers, Henry Montagu
1861, Aug. 11
Waterlow, Sir Sydney Hedley, First Baronet
1870, July 5
1866 (Henley)
Wilkinson, William Arthur
1856, June 5; 1863, Nov. 28; n. d. (Sarah Wilkinson).
Wise, David
1842, Dec. 31
Woreley, Henry
1849, Jan. 28

Historical Note

Charles Gilpin (1815-1874), British publisher and reform member of Parliament, belonged to a Quaker family. His father was a Bristol tradesman, and his mother was the sister of Joseph Sturge, the noted Quaker philanthropist. Gilpin was a publisher and bookseller in London until 1853. He became a common councilman for London in 1848. After unsuccessfully contesting the parliamentary seat for Perth in 1852, he won election for Northampton in 1857 and represented it for the rest of his life. He served as secretary of the Poor Law Board, 1859-1865. He was a member of the Anti-Slavery Society, the Hungarian Relief Committee, the Peace Congress Committee, and the National Freehold Land Society. A few letters indicate his involvement in railway management. Richard Cobden and Lajos Kossuth were among his friends. Gilpin married Anna Crouch of Falmouth. Biographical information appears in his obituary in The Times, Sept. 9, 1874, p. 7, and in Frederic Boase, Modern English Biography, I, 1152.

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