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Printed materials from Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, and Dubai collected by Frances Hasso regarding women's rights, political activism, and feminism in the Middle East during the 1980s and 1990s. Includes publications from the Palestinian Federation of Women's Action Committee, the Center for Egyptian Women's Legal Assistance, and the National Council of Women (Egypt).

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Frances Hasso collection
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This collection consists of printed materials collected by Hasso in the Middle East relating to gender, feminism, marriage, and women's rights in Egypt, Dubai, Palestine, and Jordan. Most of these items are printed materials from organizations such as the Palestinian Federation of Women's Action Committes, the National Council for Women (Egypt), and the Center for Egyptian Legal Assistance (CELWA). There are also reference materials relating to these topics, produced by NGOs and other academic institutions. The collection also contains a marriage box, acquired by Hasso in 2003, from the Courts Department of Dubai. This box was intended for distribution to marrying couples and includes brochures, pamphlets, and other information about relevant laws and social programs impacting women and children.

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Contents of the Collection

"The intifada and some women's social issues" conference proceedings, Women's Studies Committee, Jerusalem, 1990
Box 1
National Council for Women: Egypt, 2007 and undated

Brochures and booklets produced by the NCW. Topics include polygamy, women's inheritance, religious intepretations of women's roles, women's rights to use technology. Includes 1 CD. Arabic.

Box 1
Box 4
Optical-disc RL-11498-OP-002
Awareness of Women's Legal Rights Using Information Technology. National Council for Women: Egypt's cassette tape set, undated

Tapes, in Arabic: التوعية بحقوق المراة القانونية باستخدام تكنولوجيا المعلومات= al-Tawʻīyah bi-ḥuqūqu al-marʼah al- qānūniyah bi-istikhdām tiknūlūjyā al-maʻīlūmāt

Box 4
Marriage and Divorce
Box 4
Audio-cassette RL-11498-CS-001
Box 4
Audio-cassette RL-11498-CS-002
Inheritance of Divorced Women/Alimony
Box 4
Audio-cassette RL-11498-CS-003
Box 4
Audio-cassette RL-11498-CS-004
Box 4
Audio-cassette RL-11498-CS-005
Box 4
Audio-cassette RL-11498-CS-006
Alimony/Custody/Social Life for Non-Muslims
Box 4
Audio-cassette RL-11498-CS-007
Social Life for Non-Muslims
Box 4
Audio-cassette RL-11498-CS-008
Social Life for Non-Muslims/'Khol/Family Court
Box 4
Audio-cassette RL-11498-CS-009
Family Court
Box 4
Audio-cassette RL-11498-CS-010
Center for Egyptian Legal Assistance (CELWA), 2003-2009
(2 folders)

Reports, publications, and booklets. Titles include: "The Harvest Two Years After 'Khol" (English; khulʻ= الخلع= (Islamic Law)); "CEDAW and Islamic Shariaa" (English); "The Social Consequences of Divorce" (Arabic); "The Law and Life of Christians" (Arabic); "Divorce in Christianity: Issues and Statistics" (Arabic); "The Economic and Psychological Consequences of Divorce in Egypt" (Arabic); "Social Impact of 'Khol" (khulʻ= الخلع= (Islamic Law); Arabic)

Box 1
"Marriage box" contents, Courts Department, Government of Dubai, 2003
(3 folders)

Literature and pamphlets intended for marrying couples; research; notes by Hasso summarizing the content of "Sea of Life" cassette tape. "Sea of Life" cassette tape also included. Arabic and English.

Box 1
Box 4
Audio-cassette RL-11498-CS-011
"Marriage box", Courts Dept., Government of Dubai, 2003
(1 box)

Blue velvet box collected by Hasso in 2003.

Box 2
Gender and feminist policy reports, profiles re: Palestine, 1995-1999

NGO and other organizational reports on topics relating to women in Palestine. English.

Box 3
"Women in Contemporary Palestine: Between Old Conflicts and New Realities," by Maria Holt, 1996

Report published by PASSIA.

Box 3
"Towards Legislation Based on Palestinian Identity, Progressive Ideals, and Just Content," Palestinian Model Parliament, 2015
Box 3
Box 4
Optical-disc RL-11498-OP-001
Palestinian Federation of Women's Action Committees, 1983-1993
(4 folders)

Includes organization brochures, publications, pamphlets, and reports about women's rights, domestic violence, and public policy. Titles include: "Towards a Feminine Revolution" (newsletters, Arabic: اتحاد لجان العمل النسائي الفلسطيني : نحو حركة جماهيرية نسوية موحدة = Naḥwa ḥarakah jamāhīrīyah niswīyah muwaḥḥadah: Itiḥād lijān al-ʻamal al-nisāʼī al-Filastīnī); "The Woman's Voice" (Arabic); "The Woman's Fight" (Arabic); "The Woman's Battle" (Arabic); "The Woman's Journey" (Arabic); "The Woman's Path" (Conference proceedings, Arabic); "The Woman's Resistance and Standing Strong" (Arabic); "Jordan Parliamentary Election: Introductions and Results, 1993" (Arabic); "The Development of the Palestinian Women Movement in the Territories Occupied in 1967 After 20 Years of Israeli Occupation" (English, Arabic); "The Program and Internal Platform of the Palestinian Federation of Women's Action Committees in the Occupied Territories" (English); "The Palestinian Union of Women's Work Committees, paper presented at the International Decade for Women, Nairobi" (English).

Box 3
Democratic Front for Liberating Palestine, 1991-1997

Programs, reports (Arabic)

Box 3
Democratic Populist Party (Hashd): Jordan, 1992-1996

Programs, reports (Arabic)

Box 3
Women Democratic Association (Ranad): Jordan, undated

Proposal (Arabic)

Box 3
Feminism in Palestine between 1903-1990, 1991


Box 4
Taybah magazine: Women and Resistance (Center of Studies of the New Women), 2003


Box 4
Women at the Crossroads: The Palestinian women's movement between nationalism, secularism, and Islamism, 2008

Arabic text. الحركات النسوية الفلسطينية بين الوطنية والعلمانية والهوية الاسلامية : نساء على تقاطع طرق = Nisāʼ ʻalá taqāṭuʻ ṭuruq : al-ḥarakāt al-nisawīyah al-Filasṭīnīyah bayna al-waṭanīyah wa-al-ʻalmānīyah wa-al-huwīyah al-Islāmīyah

Box 4
Personal Situation/Status Law: explanatory notes to the personal situation/status, 2006

Arabic: المذكرة الإيضاحية لقانون الأحوال الشخصية : قانون الأحوال الشخصية = Qānūn al-Aḥwāl al-Shakhṣīyah: al-Mudhakkirah al-īḍāḥīyah li-Qānūn al-Aḥwāl al-shakhṣīyah

Box 4

Historical Note

Frances S. Hasso is Associate Professor in Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies at Duke. She holds secondary appointments in the Department of Sociology and the Department of History. She is affiliated with the Duke Islamic Studies Center and the Duke University Middle East Studies Center. Professor Hasso is an Editor of the Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies.

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