Guide to the Clyde Roark Hoey Papers, 1943-1954

Collection Overview

The Clyde Roark Hoey Papers consist of office files created during Hoey's service in the United States Senate from 1944 through April, 1954. Correspondence, typed and printed material, clippings, and pictures provide a chronicle of Hoey's national political career as well as of American affairs during the early post-World War II period.

The Clyde Roark Hoey Papers consist of Hoey's senatorial files accumulated in his offices in Washington, D. C. and Shelby N. C. The papers cover the period from 1943 through April, 1954, but there are few items for 1943. The quantity of material is greater for the years toward the end of Hoey's career. The Hoey Papers are divided into two series: Correspondence and Subjects. For information on the structure of the collection consult the Series Description.

Incoming and outgoing correspondence with related clippings, printed material, and photographs predominates in both series. Constituent mail forms the largest category of correspondence, encompassing several types of letters and varying widely in significance and content. Many letters from constituents urge Hoey to support or oppose particular legislation, such as universal military training, grain exports to India, or tax measures. They range from the mass-produced form letter to the more detailed and analytical arguments of prominent businessmen, educators, and politicians in North Carolina. Other constituent mail relates to North Carolina projects and affairs such as power dams, defense plants, and appropriations to local interest groups. Still other constituent mail consists of requests for Hoey's assistance in obtaining employment or promotions, changing military status, obtaining visas, and similar personal matters, Routine correspondence involves requests for publications, general letters of commendation, or publicity about individual constituents,

Correspondence from all areas of the country concerns legislation or provides comment on world or domestic affairs in the postwar period. Colleagues in the Senate and members of the North Carolina congressional delegation are represented in the correspondence, but frequently they write only letters of transmittal or send personal greetings. A few letters involve the Hoey family. Most of these are exchanged between Senator Hoey and his son-in-law, Dan M, Paul. For some years personal and family papers are filed with H correspondence. For more information on individuals who corresponded with Hoey, consult the Partial List of Correspondents for 1949 in the Series Description.

The main part of the Subject Series is an alphabetical file containing correspondence and printed material about national and state affairs. Most of this correspondence is also constituent or pressure mail. Specific subjects in the Series are described in more detail in the Container listing. Speeches and miscellaneous items are included in the Subject Series.

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Collection Details

Collection Number
Clyde Roark Hoey papers
Hoey, Clyde Roark, 1877
100 Linear Feet, 211 boxes; about 167,000 items
David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library


Although some adjustments and consolidations were necessary, the Hoey Papers were organized and arranged according to the filing structure devised in the Senator's office. Correspondence from the offices in Washington and Shelby was merged, The year-by-year alphabetical arrangement was retained. In constructing the Subject Series, the categories originally entitled Legislation (filed often by subject and congressional session), Miscellaneous Legislation, and smaller categories such as Prisoners, Visas, Army, Navy, or specific North Carolina projects were consolidated to form one alphabetical sequence.

Certain Individual items, such as many requests for publications and arrangements for school tours, duplicates, and anniversary congratulations were discarded. Service academy applications and invitations were also removed. For the Army, Navy, and Veterans subject groups, samples of correspondence written by persons having surnames starting with the letter “C” were retained.

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Box 1
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Box 5
A - B (Aug.)
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R (Sept.)- V
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W - Z
Box 11
A (Aug.)- B (Nov.)Note: Correspondence for this year begins in summer.
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Box 36
H (Dec.)
Box 37
Hoey (Personal)
Box 37
I - K (June)
Box 37
K (June)- Mc (Mar.)
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Mc (Mar.)- M (Sept.)
Box 39
M (Sept.)- P (Apr.)
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A (Jan.- Sept.)
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1949. A (Oct.)- B (June)
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W (names) - Z
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Box 118
A - B (Feb.)
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Box 119
1953. C (Jan.- Nov.)
Box 120
C (Nov.)- F (Apr.)
Box 121
F (Apr.)- H (Mar.)
Box 122
H (Mar.)- J
Box 123
K - Mc (May)
Box 124
Mc (June)- M
Box 125
N - R (Mar.)
Box 126
R (Apr.)- S (Nov.)
Box 127
S (Nov.)- W (Apr.)
Box 128
W (May)- Z
Box 129
A - B (Mar.)Note: Correspondence for this year stops in March
Box 129
C (Jan.)- G (Mar.)
Box 130
H (Jan.)- Mc (Mar.)
Box 131
M (Jan.)- S (Mar.)
Box 132
T - Z
Box 133
Acheson, Dean (letters about)
Box 133
Agricultural Adjustment Act, 1947-1948

Chiefly soil conservation

Box 133
Agricultural Adjustment Act. 1949-1950


Box 133
Agricultural Conservation Association, 1945


Box 133
Agricultural Appropriation Bill, 1951-1952

Applications for loans to finance generating plants

Box 134
Agriculture Committee,1947, 1951-1952

Capper farm bill (agricultural marketing); Commodity Credit Corporation; report on grain storage, Camp Crowder, Mo.

Box 134
Air Force Academy, 1951, 1954

Proposals to establish academy in Charlotte and Kitty Hawk, N. C.

Box 134
Alaska Statehood, 1949-1953

See also Hawaii Statehood, 1954

Box 134
Alcoholic Beverage Advertising, 1948, 1950
Box 134

Letters of recommendation or support from Hoey or constituents for various individuals as follows:

U. S. District Attorney in Middle District N. C., 1945-1946
Box 134
Assistant Attorney General of U. S. T. Lamar Caudle, 1945
Box 134
U. S. Supreme Court Judge John J. Parker, 1945
Box 134
Loan Administrator Frank W. Hancock, 1945
Box 134
Collector of the Port of Wilmington - various individuals, 1945-1946
(2 folders)
Box 135
Chairman, Tennessee Valley Authority, Gordon Clapp, 1947
Box 135
U. S. Judge, Western District N. C. Wilson Warlick, 1948
(2 folders)
Box 135
Assistant Secretary of Labor May Thompson Evans, 1948
Box 135
U. S. Deputy Marshall,1949
Box 135
U. S. Deputy Marshall, N. C. Districts,1949
Box 136
Member, Federal Power Commission Leland Olds, 1949
(2 folders)
Box 136
Member, Federal Trade Commission, 1949 John Carson
Box 136
District Attorney of Western N. C. District, 1949-1950, Thomas Uzzell
(2 folders)
Box 136
Deputy U. S. Marshall for Western District, N. C., 1950-1951
Box 136
Appropriations ca. 1948-1953
(4 folders)

Correspondence concerning an assortment of appropriation requests, such as vocational education, public health, agricultural programs, etc. See also Budget and Power Dams, Appropriations.

Box 137
Armed Forces Merger, 1946-1947
Box 137
Army, 1947-1950
(2 folders)

Correspondence to and from individuals in the Army seeking changes of status, benefits, promotions, etc. A sample of surnames beginning with the letter “C” has been retained.

Box 137
Army (continued), 1951-1952
(6 folders)
Box 138
Army Engineers
Box 139
Asheville War Effort Industry,1951

Concerns efforts to build a guided missile plant

Box 139
Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, ca. 1949-1950
(2 folders)

North Carolina response to an anti-trust suit against A and P.

Box 139
Atomic Energy, 1946-1947
Box 139
Billingeley Hospital, 1949-1951

Black hospital in Statesville, N. C.

Box 139
Fort Bragg, 1953
Box 139
Fort Bragg--Cherry Point Railroad, expansion of facilities, etc.
(2 folders)
Box 139
Bricker Amendment, 1953-1954
(4 folders)

Largely constituent response to this amendment concerning treaties and limiting of executive agreements.

Box 140
Budget, ca,1947
(2 folders)
Box 140
Budget, 1947-1948
Box 141
Buggs Island, 1948-1951
(3 folders)

Various issues related to Buggs Island and Phillpot Dam, Includes items on archaeological excavation which would be affected by flooding; Roanoke River Flood Control Commission; requests for power transmission lines involving Duke Power Co., Carolina Power and Light, and the Southeastern Power Administration.

Box 141
Butner Artillery Range,1949
Box 141
Cabarrus County Sesquicentennial,1949
Box 141
Cerebral Palsy
Box 141
Civil Aeronautics Board, 1947-1951

Cases heard before the Board; material on airports in Winston-Salem, Lumberton, Greensboro, etc.

Box 141
Chavez Election Contest,1953[?]

Dispute over alleged fraud in New Mexico Senatorial election

Box 142
Civil Rights and Black Affairs, 1945-1953

Material on specific bills, general attitudes, and black concerns; conflict over the seating of Bilbo (1946); Fair Employment Practices Commission and Truman civil rights proposals; anti-lynching, anti-poll tax legislation; Meharry College; letters to and from individuals supporting or opposing segregation; numerous other topics, See also North Carolina

Box 142
College at Durham and Billingsley Hospital.
(5 folders)
Box 142
Clark, Mark, 1951
(3 folders)

Proposed appointment of Gen. Clark as Ambassador to the Vatican.

Box 143
Coal, 1949-1950

Coal shortage and strikes

Box 143
Cable Dairy, 1949

Milk contracts with the Army

Box 143
Communism, 1949-1950

Largely opinion mail on Communist Control Act, See also Socialist Trend

Box 143
Communism - Freistadt Case, 1949
(2 folders)

Controversy concerning Atomic Energy Commission scholarship awarded to student at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, later revealed to be a Communist sympathizer.

Box 143

Shortage; Patterson Bill (H. R. 2404)

Box 144
Cotton, 1946-1951
(6 folders)

Stabilization of cotton market (1946); quotas, importation of Egyptian cotton, Japanese textiles competing with U. S. in the Belgian Congo ( 1947-1948 ); the Marshall Plan and loans (1948); cotton and peanut acreage bills (1950); ceiling price on raw cotton (1951); miscellaneous concerns of cotton industry.

Box 144
Defense,1948, 1951
Box 145
Displaced Persons, ca. 1947-1950

Relaxation of immigration laws; Displaced Persons Commission; legislation

Box 145
District Bills, 1946
Box 145
Edenton Air Base
Box 145
Education ca. 1945-1947
(3 folders)

Mainly related to Federal aid to education

Box 145
Education, 1948-1950
(4 folders)
Box 146
Education--Person County, N. C., 1951
Box 146
Expenditures in the Executive Committee, 1949
Box 146
Export Control, 1949
Box 146
Federal Communications Commission, 1944, 1948, 1950

Applications for radio station licenses; hearings; telephone and television applications, etc.

Box 146
Federal Communications Commission, 1950-1954
(3 folders)
Box 147
Federal Employees Loyalty Fund--Investigation in Senate,1948

Correction of administrative loopholes and delays; printed preliminary report

Box 147
Federal Housing Authority, 1947-1948
Box 147
Federal Power Commission, 1947-1953

Hearings and decisions; orders; natural gas applications; etc.

Box 147
Federal Reserve Board--Regulation “I” , 1949-1950

Consumer credit for automobile purchases

Box 147
Federal Reserve Board--Regulation “W”
Box 148
Fertilizer 1947-1948

Fertilizer supplies; efforts to get increased nitrogen supply

Box 148
Flight--50th Anniversary, 1953
Box 148
Greece, Aid to,1947
Box 148
Genocide Treaty, 1950
Box 148
Hawaii Statehood,1950, 1953-1954

Hoey's opposition to statehood because of racial differences and more support for civil rights measures in Congress

Box 148
Health Insurance, 1949-1950
(2 folders)
Box 148
Health Insurance, 1951
Box 149
High Point Power Project, 1948, 1953
Box 149
Flood control and Yadkin River Dam; assistance through Federal Works Adm.
Box 149
Hoover Commission
(2 folders)

See also Reorganization of Government

Box 149
Hospital Projects 1950
Box 149
Housing, 1949- 1950

Includes material on low-cost public housing; National Cooperative Housing Act; Public Housing and Slum Clearance Bill; Real estate credit

Box 149
Housing--Greensboro, N.C., 1951
Box 150
Housing--Home Loan Bank Board
Box 150
Housing--Wilmington, 1948
Box 150
Immigration, 1949, 1953

Scant material on McCarran-Walter Act, See also Visas

Box 150
Box 150
Indian Affairs,1947, 1949-1950, 1954

Assorted items concerning American Indians, such as the selling of Indian land to the Methodist Church, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, Cherokee Historical Association.

Box 150
Indochina, 1954

Letters opposing involvement of troops.

Box 150
Insurance--National Service, 1950
Box 150
Intergovernmental Relations Commission, 1953

Typescripts and material dealing with principles and historical development of the Federal government, etc.

Box 150
Interstate Commerce Commission, 1949-1953
Box 150
Israel, Aid to,1951, Taft-Douglas Resolution
Box 151
Japanese Internees, 1948
Box 151
Form letters
Box 151
Justice Department, 1948 (some earlier dates)

Memoranda concerning types of cases which F. B. I. clears with Department of Justice

Box 151
Korea, 1950-1951
(4 folders)
Box 151
Korea, ca. 1951
Box 152
Labor, 1945-1948
(5 folders)

Various bills

Box 152
Labor--Minimum wage, 1949
(3 folders)
Box 153
Labor, 1950
Box 153
Labor--Ralph Brimley, 1951

North Carolina educator appointed by War Department for special project, Labor organizations disapproved of Brimley and there was much public response

Box 153
Labor--Railroad Strike, 1951
Box 153
Labor--Steel Mill Seizure, 1952
(3 folders)

Seizure of mills and action by Wage Stabilization Board. Letters by Hoey discuss the position of Southern Democrats on this issue.

Box 154
Labor--Moody-Dingell Bill,1952
(3 folders)

S. 2504 designed to increase unemployment compensation benefits by Federal supplement to state unemployment.

Box 154
Labor--Western Electric Co. N.C., 1952
Box 155
Labor--Taft-Hartley, 1953-1654
Box 155
Labor, 1953
(2 folders)

Includes surplus labor issue and Hoey's reaction to John F. Kennedy's proposal

Box 155
Box 155
Lanham Act,1945
Box 155
Camp Lejeune, 1951
Box 156
Library Bill, 1950
Box 156
MacArthur, Douglas
(2 folders)
Box 156
McCarthy, Joseph R.
Box 156
Marshall Plan, 1948
(2 folders)
Box 156
Maxton-Laurinburg Air Base 1951

Plans to reactivate the base

Box 156
Medical Bills, 1946-1947
Box 157
Military Service, Compulsory, 1946-1948
(5 folders)
Box 157
Military Service, Compulsory, 1948-1952
(5 folders)
Box 158
National Production Authority
Box 158

A sample of names beginning with the letter “C” has been retained for this correspondence concerning individual problems.

Box 158
Navy, 1946-1951
(4 folders)
Box 159
New York Furniture Exchange, 1951
Box 159
North Carolina College at Durham, 1952

Mainly promotional photographs of the campus and dormitories

Box 159
Oil Shortage, 1948-1950

Scant material on relations between independent and major oil companies investigated by a special committee on American small business. Also restrictions on importation of foreign oil.

Box 159
Palestine, 1945-1947
Box 159
Palestine, ca. 1947
Box 160
Parks (National) and Roads, 1945-1954
(4 folders)

Blue Ridge Parkway and Smokey Mountains National Park expansion and development; Cherokee Reservation; appropriations for Currituck Beach Lighthouse and Wright Memorial; merger of Nantahala National Forest and Pisgah; television transmission station at Mt. Pisgah; and other topics.

Box 160
Peanuts, ca. 1950-1951
Box 160
Poll Tax,1946
Box 161
Post Office ca. 1948, 1950

General postal concerns; postal legislation

Box 161
Post Office--Delivery Cuts,1950
(3 folders)
Box 161
Post Office and Postal Concerns, 1950-1952
(2 folders)
Box 161
Post Office--Postal Employees, Ca.1953
Box 162
Post Office--Postal Rates, ca. 1953-1954
Box 162
Post Office, Wilkes Co., N. C. 1953
Box 162
Post Office and Postal Concerns,1952
(3 folders)
Box 162
Post Office and Postal Concerns, ca. 1953-1954
Box 162
Post Office and Postal Concerns, ca. 1953-1954
(4 folders)
Box 163
Post Office--Parcel Post Packages, ca. 1954
Box 163
Potatoes, 1950, 1952.Ceiling prices
Box 163
Power Dam Appropriations, 1952
Box 164
Price Controls, 1948-1951
(5 folders)

Price control legislation and its effect on the textile industry; War Production Control Bill; Defense Production Act

Box 164
Price Controls--Defense Production Act, 1951
Box 165
Price Controls, 1951
(2 folders)
Box 165
Prisoners, A-D
(3 folders)

Correspondence with prisoners or their families relating to pardons, parole, legal situations, etc.

Box 165
Prisoners, E-Z
(4 folders)
Box 166
Prisoners--Martin, James T.
Box 166
Prisoners--Sparrow, I. J.
Box 166
Railroad Rates, 1948. Bulwinkle Bill
Box 167
Railroad Retirement, 1946-1948
(5 folders)

Amendments to the Railroad Retirement and Unemployment Insurance Act

Box 167
Railroad Retirement, 1948, 1951
Box 168
Raleigh-Durham Airport, 1948, 1951, 1953-1954

Reactivation of airport by Air Force; Weather Bureau installation

Box 168
Reconstruction Finance Corporation, 1947-1951
(3 folders)
Box 168
Reconstruction Finance Corporation--Concrete and Asphalt Co., Inc., Charlotte, N. C., 1952
Box 168
Rent Control, 1948-1953
Box 168
Reorganization of Government, 1948-1949
(6 folders)

Various aspects of reorganization; proposals to place U. S. Employment Service under Dept, of Labor; implementation of Hoover Commission suggestions; exemption of various agencies, etc.

Box 169
Reorganization of Government, 1949-1950
(7 folders)
Box 170
Reorganization of Government, 1952-1953
(2 folders)

Includes Internal Revenue Service and Health, Education, and Welfare provisions

Box 171
Reserve Officers' Training Corps

Efforts to establish R.O.T.C. units at schools such as Appalachian State, Atlantic Christian, Catawba, Elan and Gardner-Webb colleges

Box 171
Reserve Troops
Box 171
Rivers and Harbors, 1947-1949

Emergency bills, flood control, North Carolina projects, reports

Box 171
Rivers and Harbors--Reddies River Dam, 1948
Box 171
Rivers and Harbors--Yadkin Valley Projects, ca. 1948-1951
Box 171
Rivers and Harbors--Wilmington, 1946-1952
Box 172
Rivers and Harbors, 1950-1954
(3 folders)

National Rivers and Harbors Congress (1950); North Carolina projects such as Cumberland River, Oregon Inlet, Neuse Valley development, Inland Waterway, dredging at Sealevel, etc.

Box 172
Robinson-Patman Act,1954

Concerns retail sales

Box 172
Roosevelt Highway, 1945
Box 172
Rotary Scholarships, 1952
Box 173
Rules (Senate), 1949. Civil rights filibuster
Box 173
Rural Electrification Administration, 1946-1947, 1951.Bids, applications, and appropriations.
Box 173
Savannah River Bomb Plant, 1951
Box 173
Seymour Johnson Airfield, 1951-1952
Box 173
Shrine Bowl Game, 1954.Tax exemption.
Box 173
Social Security, 1949-1950
(2 folders)

Definitions, exemptions, and extensions of original act.

Box 173
Social Security, 1950, 1953
(6 folders)
Box 174
Social Security, 1954
Box 175
Socialistic Trend, 1949

Chiefly form mimeograph letters on the Mundt Subversive Activities Bill. See also Communism

Box 175
Spain, 1950

Loans; cotton, tobacco, and commodity supplies

Box 175
Steel and Steel Mills. See Labor
Box 175
Sugar, 1947, 1949,Quotas; importation from Cuba
Box 175
Swiss Watch Quotas, 1945
Box 175
Tariffs--Imported China, 19501952
Box 175
Tariffs--Imported Rugs (China), 1950, 1952
Box 175
Tariffs--Torquay Conference
Box 175
Tax, 1945-1947
Box 175
Tax measures of all kinds
(2 folders)
Box 175
(3 folders)

Exemption for jewelry excise co-operatives Tax, 1948

Box 176
Tax--Oleomargarine, 1948
Box 176
Tax--Beauty Shops, 1948
Box 176
Tax, 1949-1950
(6 folders)
Box 177
Tax, 1950-1951
(6 folders)
Box 178
Tax, 1951-1953
(6 folders)
Box 179
Tax, 1953-1954
(6 folders)
Box 180
(6 folders)
Box 181
Tax, 1954
(6 folders)
Box 182
Tax, 1954
(3 folders)
Box 183
Tidelands Oil, 1949, 1952-1953
(3 folders)
Box 183
Tobacco, 1948-1951

Includes Dunn, West Jefferson, Rocky Mount, and Asheville markets and other topics.

Box 184
Trade Agreements, 1945-1949, 1952-1953
(3 folders)

Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act (1945-49); Fair Trade Bill; extensions of Reciprocal Trade

Box 184
Treaty, Italian, 1947
Box 184
Unemployment, 1945
Box 184
United Nations, 1949
(2 folders)

Amending U. N. charter; inspection teams.

Box 184

Appointment of Ambassador. See also Clark, Mark.

Box 185
Veterans, Ca - Cz
(4 folders)

“C” sample of individual cases. Arranged alphabetically by veteran's name.

Box 185
Veterans Legislation--Terminal Leave Pay, 1946-1947
(2 folders)
Box 185
Veterans Legislation-Spanish-American War, 1947
Box 186
Veterans Legislation, 1948-1949

Farm training, veterans bonus, other programs

Box 186
Veterans Legislation, ca. 1949-1953
(2 folders)

Loans, various bills

Box 186
Veterans--Southeastern Peoples' College, Charlotte, N. C., 1950-1951
Box 186
Veterans--Winston-Salem Barbers College (N. C.) 1951
Box 186
Visas, A - Ka
(6 folders)

Correspondence concerning visas, passports, and travel or immigration procedures for individuals.

Box 187
Visas, Ke - P
(5 folders)
Box 188
Visas, Q - Z
(4 folders)
Box 189
War Assets Administration, 1948

Hospital and recreational equipment; Butner Hospital.

Box 189
West Point--Cadet Investigation, 1951

Cheating scandal.

Box 189
Miscellaneous Legislation,1948
Box 190
Miscellaneous Legislation, 1948-1949
Box 191
Miscellaneous Legislation,1949
Box 192-194
Miscellaneous Legislation, 1949-1950
Box 195
Miscellaneous Legislation,1950
Box 196-197
Miscellaneous Legislation,1951
Box 198-200
Miscellaneous Legislation,1952
Box 201-205
Miscellaneous Legislation, 1952-1953
Box 206
Miscellaneous Legislation,1953
Box 207-208
Miscellaneous Legislation,1954
Box 209-210
ca. 1945-1946

Includes the following speeches:

Box 211
Founders' Day Meeting Appalachian State Teachers College Boone, N. C., May 8, 1945.Tribute to President B. Bo Dougherty
Box 211
Chamber of Commerce Banquet Shelby, N. C., Mar. 30, 1945
Box 211
Address, National Broadcasting Company, May 11, 1945
Box 211
Graduating Class, Bowman-Gray School of Medicine Winston-Salem, N. C., June 17, 1945
Box 211
International Relations Institute, Woman's College, University of North Carolina, June 11, 1945
Box 211
Statement on appointment of Henry Wallace as Secretary of Commerce
Box 211
Foreign Treaties
Box 211
Electric Power Industry in N. C.
Box 211
Universal Military Training Virginia Annual Conference (Education) Oct. 17, 1945
Box 211
Veterans and Peace
Box 211
Board of Trade and Merchants of Brevard, Aug. 16 , 1945
Box 211
Textile Industry Federal Aid to Education
Box 211
Life Insurance Association of America, New York City, Dec. 13, 1946
Box 211
On the Death of Josiah W. Bailey, 1946
Box 211
State Convention of Young Democrats; Asheville, Oct. 12 , 1946
Box 211
4-H Conference, Aug. 13, 1946
Box 211
Annual Garden Display of Ecusta Paper Co., Pisgah Forest, Sept. 6 , 1946
Box 211
Statement on School Bond Issue
Box 211
Coal Strike
Box 211
Equal Rights Amendment
Box 211
Does Congress Listen to Women's Clubs? Kiwanis Club, Charlotte, N. C., Aug. 29, 1946
Box 211
Dedication of soldier's marker, Bladen Co.
Box 211
Chamber of Commerce Banquet, N. C. April 26, 1946
Box 211
North Carolina State Federation of Women's Clubs, Greensboro, May 30, 1946
Box 211
Labor issues, 1946-1947
Box 211
ca, 1947-1949
Box 211
Tax Reduction Bill, 1947
Box 211
Commencement, Greensboro College, June 2, 1947
Box 211
Labor Legislation
Box 211
Regional Meeting, Lions Club, Statesville, Sept, 16, 1947
Box 211
N. C. Food Dealers Association, Asheville, N. C., Sept, 9, 1947
Box 211
Bulwinkle Bill (1948)
Box 211
State Issues, 1948
Box 211
Marshall Plan, 1948
Box 211
Labor Unions, 1948
Box 211
Reorganization of Government,1948
Box 211
Southern Democrats, 1948
Box 211
Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner of Virginia Democrats, Feb. 19, 1948
Box 211
Anti-Lynch Law, 1948
Box 211
Roads and Trails in National Parks, 1948
Box 211
Incidents Showing Relationship of the Races in N. C. ca. 1948
Box 211
Crop Acreage Allotments
Box 211
Greeting on the occasion of the Jewish New Year
Box 211
State Building and Loan League, Annual Convention, Blowing Rock, June 13, 1949
Box 211
Releases from Senate Investigations Subcommittee (Hoey as Chairman),1949
Box 211
National Civitan Convention
Box 211
Dedication of Student Union Memorial Building to O. Max Gardner, Gardner-Webb College, April 7, 1949
Box 211
State Convention, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Oct. 11, 1949
Box 211
North Atlantic Treaty
Box 211
Amending Rule and Civil Rights,
Box 211
ca. 1950-1952
Alaska data
Box 211
on Faith of our Fathers by Paul Green
Box 211
Genocide Treaty
Box 211
Displaced Persons
Box 211
World Federation Resolution
Box 211
Federal Power Commission and Roanoke Rapids Dam
Box 211
Dedication, Montgomery Co. Memorial Hospital, Troy, N. C., Mar, 5, 1950
Box 211
National Compulsory Health Laws
Box 211
Farming data
Box 211
Box 211
Fair Employment Practices Commission
Box 211
Dismissal of Dr. Ralph Brimley by the Army under pressure from A. F. of L.
Box 211
Ceiling on Raw Cotton
Box 211
Box 211
Taft on Isolationism
Box 211
Defense Production Act
Box 211
Steel Mill Seizure
Box 211
Richard Russell and the Democratic Convention
Box 211
Reorganization of Government
Box 211
ca. 1953-1954and undated
Children of the Confederacy State Convention, Chapel Hill, Aug. 27
Box 211
Memorial Service for Willis Smith, July 1
Box 211
Memorandum on New Mexico Senatorial Contest (See, Chavez)
Box 211
Yale Political Union, New Haven, Jan. 15
Box 211
Farm Situation
Box 211
Agricultural Program
Box 211
Rouss Banquet, Winchester, Va, Feb. 11
Box 211
State Baptist Pastors' Conference, Greensboro, Nov. 9
Box 211
Response to John F. Kennedy's request to classify New England as surplus labor area
Box 211
Bricker Amendment
Box 211
Farm situation
Box 211
Undated statements and speeches

Several major categories:

  • --topics of national concern (cigarette taxes, Southeastern Power Administration appropriations, U. N. Charter amendments, Housing Bill, Rent Control, communists in the State Dept., British loans, etc.)
  • --general topics (Importance of Congress, the need for unity, North Carolina young people, temperance, the obligation to vote
  • --reviews of books
  • --announcements or commemoration of deaths of colleagues
  • --religious reflections (the Bible, Sunday School, Faith, etc.)

Box 211
Campaign data, 1944
Box 211
Convention Memorabilia, 1952
Box 211
Abernethy, Arthur Talmage
Abernethy, Charles Laban, Jr
Abernethy, R. O.*
Acheson, Dean (concerns nomination of George V. Allen; July 8)
Adams, Hoover (editor, Dunn Dispatch)*
Adams, Junius*
Adamson, C. F. (Wilkes Hosiery Mills)
Akers, John M (truck line)
Alexander, Kelly
Anderson, Mary (Chairman, National Commission on the Status of Women; Equal Rights Amendment and organizations opposing it; Feb. 5)
Andrews, Charles
Anthony, Graham*
Armstrong, Frank (N.C. Superior Court Judge)*
Ashford, G. T. (Liberty Manufacturing Company)
Atkins, J. Murray
Ayers, Nathan M. (President, Triangle Hosiery Company)
Bacon, James E. (on investment of risk capital)
Bailey, Edith Pou
Bailey, James Hinton Pou
Baker, J. E.*
Baldwin, Raymond E. (about Cannon Mills)
Barfield, Frances L (discrimination against women in government services, Sept. 22)
Barnes, Wiley G.
Beckerath, Herbert von (Duke University)
Benoit, Henry B. (President, Charlotte Laundry Association)*
Binder, Norma VanLandingham
Black, Bedford
Blake, William Rea (President, National Cotton Council of U. S. A )
Blythe, LeGette
Boise, Vance (State Highway Commission)
Bolton, Neil
Banner, Herbert C.
Bost, Tom
Bowick, H. A (President, Columbus [Ga.] Typographical Union, no. 220)
Brandis, Henry, Jr (Dean, University of North Carolina Law School)
Branson, Russell (American Friends Services Committee)
Braxton, H. Gait*
Bridges, Henry
Brimley, Ralph (See also Subject Series: Labor--Ralph Brimley)*
Brower, A S.
Brown, Mrs. L. E (President, Woman's Christian Temperance Union)
Brown, Walter M (President, Brown's Hosiery Mills, Burlington)
Buchanan, Corsey C.
Bulwinkle, A L
Burwell, Lewis
Butler, A L. (Arista Mills, Winston-Salem, N. C.)
Butler, Rev. I. B. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Wilson, N. C.)
Byrd, Harry Flood*
Campbell, Leslie H.*
Cannon, Charles A.*
Carlyle, F. Ertel
Carmichael, William D.
Carpenter, J. Harvey
Carraway, Gertrude
Carruthers, Marvin S.
Chatham, Thurmond
Cheek, Roma S.
Chelf, Frank L. (Methodist Church)
Cherry, J. Robert, Jr
Clark, David
Clemens, Cyril (postcard)
Clement, Hunt
Coates, Albert
Cobb, Beatrice
Cockrell, Ewing
Colclough, George D. (Burlington Chamber of Commerce)
Collier, Robert A.
Cone, Benjamin
Cone, Bonnie E.*
Cone, Ceasar*
Cone, Herman
Cook, William D.
Cooley, Harold D.
Cooper, Thomas F.
Couch, William T.
Coxe, Fred J.
Craige, Archibald
Craven, J. Braxton*
Crew, Winfield
Cross, Hathaway
Crouch, Kenneth E (The Bedford [Va.] Democrat)*
Cuthbertson, W. R. (Hanker)
Dalton, Robert I., Jr.
Daniels, Harry*
Daniels, Jonathan
Davis, Durham (American Legion)
Davis, Herbert L.
Davis, Dr. James W. (about black hospital in Statesville, N. C.)
Davis, Thomas W.
Deane, Charles B.
Deegan, Elizabeth
DeMille, Cecil B.
Dennis, Henry A. (Editor, Henderson Daily Dispatch)
Dickson, Rush S. (American Yarn and Processing Company)
Dillard, Rev, E. A. (of Hebron Colony, Inc., residential clinic for alcoholics)
Dixon, Frank M
Dixon, Richard D.
Disher, Harry L.
Dougherty, B. B. (President, Appalachian State Teachers' College)
Doughton, Robert L.
Dowd, Edward (Charlotte News)
Durham, Carl*
Eagles, J. C.
Easley, Dr. Eleanor B.
Edelman, John W. (of Textile Workers' Union of America)
Edens, A. Hollis
Edwards, Alonzo C. (N. C, General Assembly)
Edwards, Ethel Perkins (Executive Secretary, N.C. Education Association)
Edwards, Ralph
Ehringhaus, J. C. B.
Elias, Don S. (Asheville Citizen-Times)
Elliott, P. L. (Gardner-Webb College)
Elmore, Sam
Ervin, Paul R.
Ervin, Sam J., Jr.*
Erwin, Clyde A. (N. C. Superintendent of Public Instruction)*
Erwin, J. Ernest (on communism; item of Mar, 2 includes printed material, the Textile Workers' Voice, about communists in the textile industry)
Etheridge, R. Bruce
Eubanks, Clyde
Eure, Thad*
Evans, Clyde M.
Evans, E. Hervey
Evans, May Thompson (See also Subject Series)
Fain, J. R.
Falls, Watson
Farnell, Newton
Fechtig, F. H.*
Ferebee, Percy B.
Ferguson, Garland S. (Federal Trade Commissioner)*
Ferrell, John A.
Fesperman, Tom (Charlotte News)
Fetner, Vida M.
Few, Benjamin F.
Few, Mrs. William Preston
Ficklen, William M.
Finch, Ronald E.
Fink, C. A. (President, N. C. State Federation of Labor)
Flack, Charles Z.
Flanders, Ralph E.
Fleishman, Maurice
Fletcher, A, J. (President, Capital Broadcasting Co.)
Flincham, Rev, Claude Edwin
Forbus, Sample B.
Fountain, L, H.*
Frazier, Rawls
Frear, J. Allen (U.S. Senate)
Freeman, Mrs. Ozell K.
Froneberger, Robert Brevard*
Fulbright, J. William
Gaffney, J. L.
Galvin, Hoyt
Ganderson, Harry
Gann, J. R. (hosiery mill)
Gant, Roger (Glen Raven Cotton Mills)
Gardner, O. Max *
Gardner, Ralph W.
Garinger, Elmer H.
Geer, William M.
Geoghegan, George P.*
Gettys, Claude
Gillette, Guy M. (Equal Rights Amendment, Jan. 10)
Gilliam, L. S., Jr.
Gillin, John
Glascow, Thomas
Gobbel, James T.*
Golden, Harry L.*
Goodwin, William J.
Graham, Grover C. (Methodist minister)
Grant, J. Marse
Gravely, Lee L.
Graves, Louis*
Gray, Gordon*
Grayson, Alda (observations on communist takeover in China, June 20)
Greene, E. C.*
Griffin, Lloyd
Gross, Paul
Grover, Wayne C.
Guion, W. B. Rodman *
Gurney, Robert J.
Hackney, Thomas J.
Hale, Albert S., Jr.
Hamilton, James G. DeRoulhac, Jr.
Hamilton, Luther (judge)
Hampton, Wade B.
Hancock, Frank W., Jr.
Hanes, Robert M, (Wachovia)
Hanner, John C,
Harden, John
Harding, Harry P. (educator)
Harkins, Thomas J.
Harlick, Wilson
Harrelson, Col. J. W.
Harrill, Bryan
Harrington, William
Harris, James J.
Harris, R. L.
Harry, Charles F.
Hatch, William T.
Hayden, Carl
Hayes, Leonidas B. (minister)
Haynes, Caleb H.
Haynes, Frank K.
Heartt, Leo D.
Henderson, David E.
Henderson, Thomas
Hershey, Lewis B.
Hester, John
Hicks, Randall J.
Hicks, Sterling L.
Hill, L. W.
Hill, Landon
Hill, Lister
Hilliard, J. A.
Hines, Charles A.
Hodges, Luther H.*
Hoffman, Paul G.
Hogan, George
Holt, Raymond H.
Hood, Eugene A. (Cone Mills)
Hood, Gurney P.
Horne, Joshua Lawrence*
Hubbell, Jay B.
Huggins, Rev. M. A.
Hunter, Rev. Coyte
Hutchins, Wesley
Hutto, Jasper C.
Hux Leonidas
Ingram, Robert L.
Ivie, Allan D., Jr.
Jackson, Frank L.
Johnson, Charles M.
Johnson, Leroy
Joiner, Arnold Wayne
Jones, Frank
Jones, G. Lyle
Jordan, Charles E.
Jordan, John Y., Jr.
Kanipe, J. Edward
Kelly, David L.
Kempton, George B.
Kendall, Henry E.
Kennedy, Horace
Kerr, John H.
Kerr, Robert S.
Kitchin, Thurman
Kizziah, William D.*
Koonts, Henry V.
Kuykendall, Edward P.
Lambeth, J. Walter
LaMotte, Louis C.
Lane, Thomas Guy, Jr.
Lang, John A., Jr.
Lassiter, William C.
Laughinghouse, Charles O'Hagan
Laughridge, Russell G.
Lea Clarence F.
Leak, James W.
Lin, Margaret Hie Ding
Lindley, J. Van
Lindsay, David
Lodge, Henry Cabot, Jr.
Long, W. Lunsford*
Lowry, Herbert
Lupton, D. Warren
MacClamroch, James G. W.
MacRae, Donald C. (judge)
Maggs, Douglas B.
Mahler, Fred D.
Malone, Edwin H.
McAfee, Hoyt*
McCarran, Patrick A.
McCorkle, George
McCoy, Joseph B.
McCrary, Frank L.
McCrary, J. Frank
McGirt, W. A., Jr.
McGrath, J. Howard
McKay, Woodrow
McLesn, Dickson
McMullen, Harry*
McPherson, Holt*
McSwain, Peyton*
Menzies, Donald S.'
Mitchell, Hugh G.
Mooneyham, Oscar J.
Moore, J. Tracy
Moore, Louis
Moore, Odus L.
Morgan, C. Gerald
Morgan, Lucy (Penland School)
Morrison, Fred W.
Morton, Hugh M.
Moss, John H.
Mull, Clarence
Mundt, Karl E.
National Association of Wool Manufacturers
National Parks Association
Neaves, W. Avery
Neilson, George D.
Neville, Everette W.
Newmeyer, Arthur G.
Newton, Adrian J.
Noell, Hugh E.
Nolan, Clyde (Democratic Party)
Norris, Nell P.
Olive, Hubert B.
Padgitt, Bright Wilson
Page, Reid A.
Park, John A.
Park, John A.
Parker, Oscar L.
Parker, Roy
Parrott, Marion A.
Parsons, Catherine
Pease, J. Norman*
Peck, Lewis B.
Peele, Herbert
Pell, Allison H.*
Poe, Clarence*
Poole, J. Hawley
Pope Seth S.
Powell, Alice
Powell, Floyd
Powell, Rex G.
Price, Ralph C.
Proctor, John C.
Putnam, Robert J.
Quinn, A. B.
Radcliffe, George L.
Radt, Dick
Ragan, Caldwell
Ramsey, D. Hiden
Ramsey, Kerr Craige
Rankin, Carl
Rankin, Edward L.
Rankin, William W., Jr.
Ray, Frank D.
Reinhardt, J. Robert
Reynolds, Charles H.
Richards, Thomas B.
Ricks, William B.
Riddle, Harry L.
Riley, Jack (News and Observer editor)
Riser, L. Arnold
Ritch, Marvin Lee
Rives, E. Earl
Roberts, Coleman W.
Robertson, Reuben B.
Robinson, John D.
Rochelle, Zalph
Rodgers, Eric W.
Rogers, Carroll
Roister, John P.
Ross, George R.
Royall, Kenneth C.
Rucker, Pierce*
Rudisill, Justus G.
Ruffin, Thomas W.
Ruffin, William H.
Russell, Richard B.
Saleeby, A. S.*
Sample, Harry
Sanford, Terry*
Saunders, Patrick H.
Schenck, Jean W.
Scoggin, Hill
Scott, John A.
Scott, W. Kerr
Seifert, C. A.
Sellers, Tommy
Sentelle, John E.*
Shannonhouse, Norma
Sharp, Susie
Shaw, R. Flake
Shepard, Norman C.
Shoemaker Donald
Shuford, Adrian L.
Shuford, Forrest H.
Shuford, George
Simmons, Arthur
Simms, Robert N.
Sinclair, David
Smith, Alvin
Smith, Arthur Clarendon
Smith, Furman
Smith, Julius C.
Smith, Louis H.
Snow, Edgar N.
Sparkman, John
Spence, H. E.
Spengler, Joseph D.
Spivak, Lawrence E.
Stacy, Walter P.
Steinkraus, Herman W.
Stockton, Richard G.
Stone, Charles H.
Stroock, Sylvan I.
Suttle, Margaret
Sutton, Fred
Tanner, Kenneth S.
Tate, Sarah Wilson
Taylor, Herbert B.
Taylor, Hoyt Patrick
Taylor, James T. (NCCU)*
Taylor, Katherine
Teague, Samuel F.
Teal, J. Paul, Jr.
Teu, Sanfjord B. II*
Thigpen, Richard E.
Thomas, Elmer
Thomas, Ernest F.
Thomas, James H.
Thomas, John G.
Thomas, Woodrow W.
Thompson, Robert L.
Tillett, Charles A.*
Townsend, Folger L.
Trotter, Ben C.
Turberville, Frank B., Jr.
Turner, Thomas
Tuttle, Lee F.
Umstead, William B.*
Unger Sidney E,
Uzzeli, George R.
Uzzell, Thomas A.*
Valentine, Itimous
Vanlandingham, H. C.
Veach, John B.
Vick, Opal C.
Vines, John H.
Vogel, Paul W.
Vosburgh, Ed,
Wadden, Thomas A., Jr.
Wallace, Robert M.
Walser, Don A.
Ward, Mrs. Vernon A.
Ward, Philip C.
Warren, Abel
Warren, Addison
Warren, Ernest R.
Warren, Lindsay C.*
Warren, Thomas D.
Watkins, Arthur V.
Waynick, Capus*
Weathers, Lee B.*
Webb, Edwin Y., Jr.
Webb, James E.
Weeks, Cameron S.
Wells, John
Whicker, Joseph H., Sr.
Whisnant, Joseph C.
Whitaker, Bruce
White, E. L. (mayor of Wilmington, N.C.)
White, Jesse A.
White, John P.
White, Julian J.
Whitener, Basil L.
Whitfield, J. Vivian
Whitlock, Paul C.
Wilbur, Gorton T. H.
Willetts, Frederick
WIlliams, Robert R.
Williamson, W. Bill, Sr.
Wilson, Fred C.
Wilson, Louis Round
Winborne, J. Wallace
Winchell, Walter
Wohl, Harry
Woltz, Howard O., Jr.
Womble, B. S.
Woods, R. H.
Woosley, Oscar V.
Wright, Isaac C.
Yandle, Parks A.*
Yarbrough, Ernest
Younce, George A.
Young, Richard L., Jr.
Yount, Hubert M,
Zimmerman, Calvin*

Historical Note


Date Event(s)
1877 Clyde Roark Hoey born, 11 December
1899 Studied law, University of North Carolina
1898-1902 Served in N. C. House of Representatives
1899 Admitted to North Carolina Bar
1900 Married Bessie Gardner
1902-1904 Served in N. C. Senate
1913-1919 Appointed Assistant United States District Attorney, Western North Carolina District
1919-1921 Declined re-nomination. Resumed law practice, 1921
Elected to 66th Congress to fill vacancy caused by resignation of Edwin Y. Webb.
1928 Democratic Presidential Elector-at-Large
1937-1941 Governor of North Carolina
1944-1954 United States Senator from North Carolina until his death on May 13, 1954

Committee Assignments

Date Event(s)
1945-1954 Agriculture and Forestry
1945-1946 District of Columbia
1947-1952 Expenditures in the Executive Departments
1949-1954 Finance
1953-1954 Government Operations
1945-1946 Immigration
1945-1946 Interstate Commerce

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The Hoey Papers were presented to Duke University in 1955 by his sons and daughter.

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Processed by: Duke University. David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library Staff

Completed July 29, 1977

Encoded by Stephen Douglas Miller

The arrangement and description of the collection was made possible through a Records Use grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission.