Preliminary Guide to the Joshua Lawrence Horne Papers, 1917-1974

Collection Overview

The Joshua Lawrence Horne papers comprise primarily general correspondence (1918-1974, bulk 1959-1971), including many letters from Horne's secretary during Horne's annual visit to Orlando, Fla., with general news about Rocky Mount and Horne's publishing enterprise; letters from H.E.C. Bryant; and correspondence with representatives in the N.C. General Assembly and the U.S. Congress. The office files primarily concern the N.C. Dept. of Conservation and Development and the Associated Press.

The collection also includes papers (1941-1971) concerning the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association, as well as material about Duke University, including correspondence relating to the Board of Trustees, the Office of Alumni Affairs, the Athletic Dept., and the Office of the President; and material from 1968 concerning the protests from African-Americans which resulted in the occupation of the Allen Building.

Other materials in the collection relate to Piedmont Aviation Co.; the Birdseye Farming and Management Co.; the Carolina Motor Co.; the Rocky Mount-Wilson Airport Authority; the Methodist Church; the N.C. Conference of the Methodist Church; and the First Methodist Church of Rocky Mount; as well as addresses and writings (1963-1970), clippings (1950-1974), printed material (1952-1971), miscellany (1917-1970), and photographs.

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Collection Number
Joshua Lawrence Horne papers
Horne, Joshua Lawrence
38.7 Linear Feet, 46,000 Items
David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library

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Contents of the Collection

Correspondence, 1918-1958
Box 1
Correspondence, 1959-1960
Box 2
Correspondence, 1961 Jan.-Sept.
Box 3
Correspondence, 1961 Oct.-1962 July
Box 4
Correspondence, 1962 Aug.-1963 Jan.
Box 5
Correspondence, 1963 Feb.-Aug.
Box 6
Correspondence, 1965 Apr.-Aug.
Box 7
Correspondence, 1966 Feb.-July
Box 8
Correspondence, 1965 Sept.-1966 Jan.
Box 9
Correspondence, 1963 Sept.-1964 Feb.
Box 10
Correspondence, 1964 Mar.-Sept.
Box 11
Correspondence, 1964 Oct.-1965 Mar.
Box 12
Correspondence, 1967 Aug.-Nov.
Box 13
Correspondence, 1968 May-July
Box 14
Correspondence, 1967 Dec.-1968 Apr.
Box 15
Correspondence, 1966 Aug.-Dec.
Box 16
Correspondence, 1967 May-July
Box 17
Correspondence, 1967 Jan.-Apr.
Box 18
Correspondence, 1968 Aug.-Sept.
Box 19
Correspondence, 1968 Oct.-1969 Jan.
Box 20
Correspondence, 1969 Feb.-May
Box 21
Correspondence, 1969 June-Sept.15
Box 22
Correspondence, 1969 Sept. 16-1970 Feb.
Box 23
Correspondence, 1970 Mar.-July 15
Box 24
Correspondence, 1970 July 16-Nov.
Box 25
Correspondence, 1970 Dec.-1974
Box 26
Correspondence, undated
Box 27
Miscellany, undated
Box 28
Pictures, undated
Box 28
Volumes, undated
Box 28
Rocky Mount Wilson Airport Authority Papers, undated
Box 29
Addresses and Writings, undated
Box 30
Clippings, undated
Box 30
Miscellany, undated
Box 30
Printed Material, undated
Box 30
Duke University Papers, undated
Box 31
Methodist Church Papers, undated
Box 32
Financial Papers, 1936-1969
Box 33
Legal Papers, 1916-1970
Box 33
Rocky Mount Publishing Co. Papers, undated
Box 33
Southern Newspaper Publishers Association Papers, 1941-1971
Box 33
Correspondence, 1931 July-1937 July
Box 34
Correspondence, 1937 Aug.-Dec. and undated
Box 35
Miscellaneous, undated
Box 36
Correspondence, 1938-1939
Box 37
Correspondence, 1940-1941 May
Box 38
Correspondence, 1941 June-1943 Dec.
Box 39
Correspondence, 1944-1946
Box 40
Correspondence, 1947 Jan.-Aug.
Box 41
Correspondence, 1947 Sept.
Box 42
Correspondence, 1947 Oct.-Dec.
Box 43
Correspondence, 1948 Jan.-Mar.
Box 44
Correspondence, 1948 Apr.-May
Box 45
Correspondence, 1948 June-Aug.
Box 46
Correspondence, 1948 Sept.-Oct.
Box 47
Correspondence, 1948 Nov.-Dec.
Box 48
Correspondence, 1949 Sept.-Dec.
Box 49
Miscellany, undated
Box 50
Clippings, undated
Box 51
Financial Papers, undated
Box 51
Legal Papers, undated
Box 51
Pictures, undated
Box 51
Printed Material, undated
Box 51
Correspondence, 1949 Jan.-Mar.
Box 52
Correspondence , 1949 Apr.-May
Box 53
Correspondence, 1949 June-Aug.
Box 54
A-Ads, undated
Box 55
Agencies-ANPA, 1939-1940
Box 56
ANPA, 1941-1946
Box 57
Bailey-Duke U, undated
Box 58
Eastman-Scott, 1937-1938,type="inclusive>1940-1943
Box 59
Eastman-Scott, 1944-1949 and undated
Box 60
Eastman-Scott, 1937-1938type="inclusive>1940-1943
Box 61
G-L, undated
Box 62
M-N, undated
Box 63
P-Roberts, 1936-1937
Box 64
Roberts, 1938-1941 and undated
Box 65
S-Sharp, 1937-1938
Box 66
Sharp, 1946-1949 and undated
Box 67
Solicitations, 1940-1941, 1946-1947 and undated
Box 67
Solicitations, 1948-1949 and undated
Box 68
Wildlife, undated
Box 68
Conservation and Development Ad-E, undated
Box 69
Conservation and Development F-H, undated
Box 70
Conservation and Development N-W, undated
Box 71
Conservation and Development Volumes, undated
Box 72
Conservation and Development A-E, undated
Box 73
Conservation and Development F-Sharp, undated
Box 74
Conservation and Develepment Sharp-Z, undated
Box 75
Conservation and Development, undated
Box 76
Conservation and Development, undated
Box 77
Conservation and Development, undated
Box 78
The Associated Press Papers, 1937-1940 May
Box 79
The Associated Press Papers, 1940 June-1944
Box 80
The Associated Press Papers, 1945-1947
Box 81
Associated Press Board Members, undated
Box 82
Associated Press Guild, undated
Box 82
Associated Press Meeting, undated
Box 82
Congratulatory, undated
Box 82
REA, undated
Box 83
ANPA, 1947-1948 and undated
Box 84
Photograph, N.C. Press Association members, Charlotte, N.C., 1921 Jan. 3-6
Oversize-folder 1
Newspaper clipping, Ed Oldham, Once Sentinel Editor, Spread Twin-City Fame, Winston-Salem Journal and Sentinel, 1929 Dec. 1
Oversize-folder 1

Historical Note

President of the Rocky Mount Publishing Company, publisher of the Evening telegram and Sunday telegram of Rocky Mount, chairman of the State Board of Conservation and Development, member of the State Advertising Campaign. Duke University Trustee, 1934-1965. Died March 15, 1974.

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The Joshua Lawrence Horne Papers were received by the David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library as a gift in 1974-1976.

Processing Information

Processed by Rubenstein Library staff

Completed ca. 1999

Encoded by Christian Ferney and Ruth E. Bryan

This collection is unprocessed: materials may not have been ordered and described beyond their original condition.