Guide to the Harold Jantz collection of early manuscripts, music manuscripts, and autograph albums, 1477-1905 and undated

Collection Overview

The Harold Jantz collection of early manuscripts, music manuscripts, and autograph albums, 1477-1905 and undated, is arranged by size (each item numbered) and includes the following noncontiguous subgroups: Autograph Albums (1633-1857 and undated), Early Music Manuscripts (1818-1874 and undated), Early Manuscript Prayerbooks (1744-1801 and undated), and Early Manuscript Songbooks (1712-1896 and undated). These subgroups are described more fully below.

The collection consists primarily of bound manuscripts, many illustrated, from the 15th through the early 20th centuries. Most materials are in German or English, with some materials in French, Hebrew, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Greek, or Latin. In addition to the above noted subgroups, the collection includes medical texts (nos. 28, 47, 77); historical chronicles, mostly German (nos. 25, 58, 59, 84, 127); and alchemical/astrological/occult treatises (nos. 9, 20, 53, 74, 114, 120, 122, 129, 148, 161, 165). Among the identified authors are Georg Fabricius (22), Edward Young (29), Sebastian Chiesa (33), Henry Marchant (49), Jacob Böhme (67), J.M. Firmenich (156), and Carl and Julius Dresel (117-119). Printed books, most with manuscript addenda, comprise approximately 10% of the collection.

The subgroup Autograph Albums (1633-1857 and undated) chiefly comprises bound volumes (guestbooks, Stammbücher) of 18th-and 19th-century German, English, and American provenance. These typically contain poems (many original), quotations, and maxims, as well as signatures. Many are illustrated and have laid-in mementoes. This group contains the following numbers from the main collection: 3 (J.C.Waechtler), 4 (Caspari), 5 and 6 (C.F.M. Timaus), 8 (a freemason), 11 ( E.D.), 60, 61, and 62 (Elizabeth J. Noble), 63 ( Miss Kate), 65 (Sarah T. Hopkins), 68 (Ebr. Denison), 69 ( Cornelia), 72 and 104 (Annie Mckay), 106 (Lucinda Olcott), 107 (Eliza Sabin), 108 (Emeline Ronnsville), 117 (Carl Dresel von Geisenheim) and 134.

The subgroup Early Music Manuscripts (1818-1874 and n.d) includes fife music, Spanish songs, a 19th century English tune book, and a vocal dialogue with text entitled Das Bauern Mädchen und der Stadt Junge, as well as works by Harriette Gould Bark, Johann Adolf Hasse, Georg Philipp Telemann, and Isaac C. Day. It comprises numbers 1, 7, 10, 48, 71, 116, 126, 136, and 141 of the main collection.

The subgroup Early Manuscript Prayerbooks (1744-1801 and undated) consists chiefly of 18th-century Roman Catholic prayerbooks and devotional exercises (including 3 copies of Crönung Mariae) in German and Latin. Many are illustrated. It includes numbers 17, 27, 30, 31, 34, 66, 81, 94, 101, and 131-133 of the main collection.

The subroup Early Manuscript Songbooks, (1712-1896 and undated) includes both sacred (chiefly Roman Catholic) and secular song texts without music. The collection contains some German hymns. Items 13, 24, 36, 73, 86, 87, and 139 of the main collection comprise this group. Numbers 86 and 87 are 19th-century transcriptions from the 16th-century Heidelberger Liederhandschrift (Cod. Pal. 343) and Wernigerode Liederhandschrift Zy 15.

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Collection Number
Harold Jantz collection of early manuscripts, music manuscripts, and autograph albums
1477-1905 and undated
Jantz, Harold Stein, 1907-1987, collector
5 Linear Feet, 170 items
David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library

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Contents of the Collection

English (1818?): Jacob Burditt, ed.: Music Book, manuscript; The Fifers Companion... (see Jantz's note concerning Issac Day contained in book)
Ms 1
German/Latin (undated): Anon.: German/Latin Grammer/Style(?), Manuscript-bound
Ms 2
German (1695ff.): J. C. Waechtler: A Guestbook [Stammbuch], various languages (German, French, Latin), Manuscript-bound
Ms 3
German (1802ff.): Poems to a certain Herrn Caspari by his friends, Manuscript-bound
Ms 4
German (1755ff., with insert from 1633): Anon.: A Guestbook [Stammbuch], Manuscript-softbound, drawings and watercolors
Ms 5
German (1778ff.): C. F. M. Timaus (?) [Hannover]: Album, a Guestbook [Stammbuch] with entries, 1778-1783, various langagues (French, German, Latin, Greek), Manuscript-bound
Ms 6
Spanish (undated): Anon.: Music Book, Manuscript-bound
Ms 7
German (1789): Anon. (?-see 6th entry): A Guestbook [Stammbuch] (Freemasonry), Manuscript-bound
Ms 8
German (1610): Anon.: Elucidatio Secretorum, (Alchemy), Manuscript-bound
Ms 9
English (1874): Harriette Gould Bark: Music Book, (drawn lines, notes inserted), [note popular: "Jesus Loves Me"]
Ms 10
English (1832): Album, belonging to “E.D.,” [Almira?]
Ms 11
German (1836): Lembert: Almanach dramatischer Spiele für das Jahr 1836, Wien: Franz Tendser, Printed book with manuscript emendations inserted by author(?)
Ms 12
German (1844): Turn=Leider, Book: Munich: Franz Wild, 1844, Printed book with manuscript text and music notes
Ms 13
German (1850-1880?): L.G. Silbercleit, ed./trans.: Robert Burns' Lieder und Balladen, Leipzig: Reclam, undated, Printed book
Ms 14
French (undated): Anon.: Histoire du Palais Royal, Manuscript-bound
Ms 15
German (1733ff.): Anon.(?): Louisel: Abschieds=Lieder, [Hernnhut poems], Manuscript-bound
Ms 16
German (undated) and Latin (18th c.?): Anon.: Weis, die H.-Schütz-Engel zu Verehren (Ways to Honor the Guardian Angel), Manuscript-bound
Ms 17
German (1790): L.F. Heuser: Gedichte: Erster Theil, Manuscript-bound
Ms 18
Italian (1549-1550): Pietro D'Abano: Della Geomantia, First Part-Completely Manuscript; Second Part-Partially Printed (incl. Title Page), Partially ms.
Ms 19
German (1685): Eireneo Philaletha [George Starkey, 1628-1665], Johann Lange, trans.: Kern der Alchemie (Leipzig: Valentin Adler, 1685), (The Prince Lichtenstein copy), Manuscript-bound, typed information sheet inside cover.
Ms 20
German (1696): Johann Georg Graberr: Eine kürtze Eröffung und Anweisung der 3 Principien und Welten im Menschen, Manuscript-bound
Ms 21
German (16th or 17th C.): G. Fabricius (1516-1571): German translation of his Latin: Historia von den Leiden und Sterben unsers Herren Jhesu Christi, Wie Man solches betrachten und bedencken soll... (To be sung both at night and during the day), Manuscript-bound
Ms 22
German (1684): P. Joachim Stegbuecher: Geistliche Ubungen, Manuscript-bound
Ms 23
German (1712): Gesänge (Religious Songs), Manuscript-bound (illustrated)
Ms 24
German (1896 Nov.): Karl Scheffer: Inschriften und Legenden Halberstädter Bauten (1864), Manuscript copy (bound) by J. Schule
Ms 25
German (1775?): Anon.: Sammlung einiger vermischten Nachrichten und Urkunden, Maurerey betreffend (also some English text), Manuscript-bound
Ms 26
German (18th c. [1791??]): Anon.: Prayer Book, Manuscript-bound
Ms 27
English (184?): Anon.: Notes on Menstruation, Pregnancy, Abortion, etc., (Prof. Gilman, lectures), Manuscript-bound
Ms 28
English (1884): Edward Young, [Samuel and Bernice Allinson]: Beauties of the Night Thoughts, at end of vol.: 1819 Burlington City, N.J. Prospectus (Allinson), Manuscript-bound
Ms 29
German (undated): Elisebeta (Hardegg): Gebettbuch, illustrated, Manuscript-bound
Ms 30
German (1791): Anon.: Gebettbuch, Manuscript-bound
Ms 31
English (1840): Chales Cole: Thoughts in Verse, Manuscript-bound
Ms 32
Italian (1720): Sebastiano Chiesa: Il Capitolo de Frati: Poema Eroico, Comico e Prurito Geniale Auttunale di Frá Tesabisano Sechia, Manuscript-bound
Ms 33
German (1767): Anon.: Bett Buch (Prayer Book), Manuscript-bound
Ms 34
German (1755): S.C.v.Z.: Historische Einleitung in die Kenntniß der Reiche und Staaten..., Breslaau: Johann Jacob Korn, 1755, mostly printed text, quite a few ms. leaves at end
Ms 35
German (19th c., see p. 119): Algovia's Lieder, Manuscript-bound
Ms 36
German (1852): Ihtak Kenhelsemib (?): Momus. zur Erheiterung: Scherz, Witz und Picanterien (some French text), Manuscript-softbound
Ms 37
German (1725-1727): Einleitung zur neuesten Historie der Welt..., 3 volumes: Jena: Joh. Volckmar Marggrafen, 1725 (1723?)-1727, Printed books
Ms 38
German (1803): Die kleine geistliche Harfe der Kinder Zions...(Song Book), Germantaun: Michael Billmeyer, 1803, 1st ed. (authorized by Mennonite communities), Printed book
Ms 39
English (undated): Anon.: Elucidation of Biblical Texts (?), Manuscript-bound
Ms 40
German (19th c.): August Klingemann (1777-1831): Faust, Book with inserted emendations by author over a number of years
Ms 41
English (1750-1759): Thomas Wright (Durham): Pansophia or a General Regulation of Universal Knowledge, Manuscript-bound
Ms 42
English (undated): Anon.: Elucidation of Biblical Texts, Manuscript-bound
Ms 43
German (19th c.?): Anon.: Short Treatises and Poems, Manuscript-bound
Ms 44
English (1834): Charles Cole: Political and Other Poems, Second Ed., London: W.C. Mantz, 1834, Printed book
Ms 45
German (c. 1716-1720): Grüber (?), Manuscript-bound containing religious poems, parts of New Testament, etc., see Jantz's notes inside cover
Ms 46
German (1651-1654): [Leip, Friedrich?]: Medical Manuscript, Partially bound
Ms 47
German (1826): Anon.: Feurige Kohlen der aufsteigenden Liebesflammen..., Book and Manuscript (text and notes)
Ms 48
English (1771ff.): Letters, etc. of Henry Marchant, Letters of Ezra Stiles to Benj. Franklin, Prof. Hahn (Utrecht), etc., copied by D. King 1864, Manuscript-bound
Ms 49
German (ca. 1700): Anon.: Maria eine Zuflucht der Sinder und Trösterin der Betriebt (Volksschauspiel), Manuscript-bound (see description by Antiquariat Heinrich Hinterberger inside cover)
Ms 50
German (1861??): ?: Abendteuer des Entspekter Dräßig...Book with many emendations by author
Ms 51
German (undated): Anon.: Der getreue Ehegatte, Manuscript-bound
Ms 52
German (undated): Anon.: Beschreibung der wahren göttlichen Magia, Manuscript-bound
Ms 53
German (1801): F.P.(?): Die Seele vor ihrem Schöpfer, Manuscript-bound
Ms 54
German (1764): Anon.: Auser-Lessenes Exempel Buech..., Manuscript-bound (see enclosed catalog description)
Ms 55
English (ca. 1850): Anon.: Ledger with printed poems pasted in (and written poem on Comm. Perry), Manuscript-bound
Ms 56
German (1839): Karl von Holtei: Almanach für Privat-Bühnen, Riga/Leipzig: Verlavgon Eduard Frantzen, mostly printed text, Manuscript emendations (by author?) to Dreiunddreißig Minuten in Grüneberg
Ms 57
German/Latin (1477): Johan Carion: Chronica durch Magistrum Johan Carion..., mostly printed book but Latin/German Ms. from 1477 bound in at end
Ms 58
German (1717?): Hans George Mokren (see 2nd Leaf: Schotte): Thüringischer und Mühlhausischer Chronicken Extract..., Manuscript-bound
Ms 59
English (undated; 1845-one poem): The Scriptural Album with Floral Illustrations, a few poems, Manuscript-bound
Ms 60
English (1834-1836): Album, Collection of Poems, Manuscript-bound
Ms 61
English (1841ff.): Album belonging to Elizabeth J. Noble, Collection of poems (also later entries to others?), Manuscript-bound
Ms 62
English (1841ff.): Album belonging to "Miss Kate," Collection of poems, Manuscript-bound
Ms 63
English (ca. 1863ff.): [M.A. Jennings?]: A Few Thoughts in Verse, Manuscript-bound
Ms 64
English (1826-1827): [Sarah T. Hopkins?]: Collection of poems by friends and relatives, Manuscript-bound
Ms 65
German (1763): Anon.: Prayer Book, Printed illustrations, Manuscript (text)-bound
Ms 66
English (1710): John Holborn: Various (copied) texts of Jacob Boehme, etc., Manuscript-bound, see Jantz's notes inside cover
Ms 67
English (May 1821ff.): Ebr. Denison's Collection of poems (by friends?), Manuscript-partially bound
Ms 68
English (1836ff.): Album belonging to "Cornelia," Collection of poems by friends, Manuscript-bound
Ms 69
English (1844ff.): Poems by Jonathan Tilson (see Jantz's note inside cover), Manuscript-bound
Ms 70
English (undated [19th c.?]): Anon.: Music notebook, several texts, Manuscript-bound
Ms 71
English (undated [19th c.]): Anon.: Collection of poems, Manuscript-bound
Ms 72
English (undated [18th c.]): Anon.: Copies of poems, sayings, etc., Manuscript-bound
Ms 73
Latin (1665): [Maurizio Fieschi: Comitis de Flisco Decas de Facto...astrological treatise, Manuscript-bound
Ms 74
German (1905): Rudolf Réer: Die Vergangenheit der Rosenau, Manuscript-bound
Ms 75
German (1800): Anon.: Wilhelm Brau, oder die Folgen des Franzosischen Kriegs, Erster Theil, Manuscript-bound
Ms 76
German (ca. 1701): Anon.(?): Probier: Küntz: und Schmeltz Büches(?), (Apothecary Matters), Manuscript-bound
Ms 77
German (1748): Johann Christian Edelmann: Die andere Epistel St. Harenbergs an Johann Christian Edelmann, Manuscript-bound
Ms 78
German (1776): Das gelehrte Teutschland oder Lexikon der jeztlebenden Teutschen Schriftsteller angefangen von Georg Christoph Hamberger, fortgesetzt von Johann Georg Meusel, Lemgo: Meyersche Buchhandlung, 1776, 3rd ed., Printed book with some manuscript augmentations/emendations
Ms 79
German (1831): Einschreibebuch für H. H. Graue, Ledger-wts./measures, Manuscript-bound
Ms 80
German (1789): Tobias Oßwald: Der wohlriechende Blumen-Garten...(Prayer Book), Manuscript-bound
Ms 81
German (1576?-see p. 301): Anon.: Lebensbeschreibung des Ritters Görz von Berlichingen, manuscript bound, (see letter from Dr. Helgard Ulmschneider and pp. 42-43 of Ulmschneider's Book: Götz von Berlichingen: Mein Fehd und Handlungen, Sigmaringen, 1981)
Ms 82
German (undated): Der ächte Eidsgenoß: Eine wöchentliche Sittenschrift: Dritten Jahrgang, Manuscript-bound (with printed t.p.) (from Friedrich Gundolf's library with his signature Basel 1930)
Ms 83
German (1796): Joh. Dan. Pohle: Allerleÿ merkwürdige Sachen welche seit dem Anfange des 1793 sten Jahres in der Gegend des Erfurthischen Gebieths vorgefallen sind, Manuscript-bound
Ms 84
German (1852): Anon.: Seereise eines fahrenden Malers von Amsterdam nach Constantinopel, Manuscript-bound
Ms 85
German (1895): R. Wolfgang: Auszüge Aus dem Cod. Pal. 343 (Liederhandschrift d. XVI Jhhs.), Copiert 12-I-95 - 14-III-95 (see Deutsche Texte des Mittelalters, Bd. V Berlin, 1905), Manuscript-bound
Ms 86
German (1896): R. Wolfgang: Abschrift der Wernigeroder Liederhandschrift Zg 15, Saec. XVI-XVII, Manuscript-bound
Ms 87
German (undated [19th c.?]): Johann Polischanzky: Vergies mein nicht, Manuscript-bound
Ms 88
Latin (with some German)(undated [18th c.]): Anon.: A Deo sit felicis anni avspicivm, Manuscript-bound
Ms 89
French (1815ff.): Lettres de Madame Bertrand (References to Napoleon), Manuscript-bound
Ms 90
Italian (1555): G. Postello (?): Le Prime Nove del Altro Mondo...La Vergine Venetiana, Manuscript-bound
Ms 91
German (1778): Anon.: Geschichte des berühmten Portugisischen Juden Duliz, Manuscript-bound
Ms 92
German (1830): Anon.: Biblische Archäologie, Manuscript-bound
Ms 93
German (undated): Anon.: Himmlische Herzenshoffnung, Manuscript-bound
Ms 94
German (ca. 1720): Collection of six copies of original manuscripts, Manuscript-bound (see description of ms. inside cover)
Ms 95
English (mid 18th c.): Manuscripts of the late Richard Gouch, esq., Partially bound
Ms 96
German (1780-1794): Abbe Andreas Stütz: 108 poems and plays, Manuscript-bound, see description enclosed
Ms 97
German (1835): Ferdinand v. d. Golz: Sketches, maps, etc., Christmas gift for his parents, Manuscript-bound
Ms 98
English (1836): William Potter(?): Journal: Chemistry, botany, recipes, etc., Manuscript-bound, 2 vols.
Ms 99
German (1719): Anon.: Travel journal (1719-1724), Manuscript-bound
Ms 100
German (undated): Anon.: Kurtze Andachtsübungen...(Prayer Book), Manuscript-bound
Ms 101
English (before 1806): T. Wright: Maxims, Queries, and Apophthegms, Manuscript-bound. From the library of Sir W. Betham with his ownership mark. Recorded in the auction of by R H Evans, London, 1830 as lot 402; and subsequently in Thorpe's Catalogue of Manuscripts 1830, as item 14761.
Ms 102
German (1844?-see p. 297; 1863?-see title page): ?: Hamlet: Prinz von Dänemark (Play), Manuscript-bound
Ms 103
English (1857): M.L. King (Montreal) to Annie Mackay: Poems to A. Mackay from friends, Manuscript-bound
Ms 104
English (1830's and 1840's): Ruth Schuyler (?): Poems, Manuscript-bound
Ms 105
English (1826ff.): Poems written for Lucinda Olcott, Manuscript-bound
Ms 106
English (1826ff.): Poems written for Eliza Sabin, Manuscript-bound
Ms 107
English (1827ff.): Poems for Emeline Ronnsville, Manuscript-bound
Ms 108
English (? [19th c.]): Diary of William Whiteway from December, 1618 to March, 1634 (copied by J.B. Baxter?), Manuscript-bound
Ms 109
German (1800): Wenzl Benedikt Sack: Sammlung verschiedener poetischer Werke, Manuscript-bound
Ms 110
English (?[19th c.?; one poem 1819]): John Brown: Fantasies in Rhyme, Manuscript-bound
Ms 111
English (1851): Augustus Griffin: Rhymes (written down for his grandson), dating back to 1795, Manuscrip- bound
Ms 112
German/Latin (undated): Anon.: vom Ursprung der Brüder Vom Teutschen Hauß...Manuscript-beautifully bound
Ms 113
English (undated): Anon.: A novel on spiritualism, Manuscript-softbound (typed)
Ms 114
Hebrew (undated): ?: Manuscript-bound, 11 leaves
Ms 115
Latin (undated [19th c.?]): I.A. Hasse: Puer Natus (musical composition), Manuscript-bound
Ms 116
German (1844ff.): Carl Dresel von Geisenheim: Album with poems, sayings, etc. (note Hoffmann von Fallersleben), Manuscript-bound
Ms 117
German (1841ff.): Gedichte von Julius Dresel, Manuscript-bound
Ms 118
German (1849ff.), Letters of Carl Dresel-Tenge, Manuscript-bound
Ms 119
English (c. 1903): A.E.F. Horniman, trans.: Trans. of G.F. Borri's, The Key of the Cabinet of the Cavaliere G.F. Borri, typewritten, bound manuscript (see description inside cover)
Ms 120
English (20th c.): ?: Forty-nine holograph letters of together eighty-one pages written by John Quincy Adams and one letter written by his secretary T. Welsh between 1797 April 2 and 1801 July 5, typed, Bound Manuscript
Ms 121
Latin (undated): Anon.: Martinitz, Bernard von.: Quadratsra Circuli Stegano Graphici, Manuscript-bound
Ms 122
Latin (1611?): Anon.: Primi et Primigenii/Germanicae Gentis Maiores et Progenitores Eiusdem..., Manuscipt-bound
Ms 123
Latin (undated [late 18th-early 19th?]): ?: Astrological/Biblical Treatises, 2 volumes (some Hebrew), Manuscript-bound
Ms 124
English (1820s-1830s): Anon.: Ledger, Manuscript-bound
Ms 125
English (18th c.): Copy of Telemann's Concerto in C Major for recorder and strings, Manuscript-bound
Ms 126
German (Late 16th c.): Anon.: Chronicle of Germany dating back to 5th C., Manuscript-bound
Ms 127
English (1859?): Anon.: Recollections and Reminiscences (On Board a Clipper Ship Headed for China), Manuscript-bound and unbound earlier [first?] draft
Ms 128
Latin (1701): Jacob Utecht: Opus Naturae et Artis..., (Alchemy), Manuscript-softbound,
Ms 129
German (17th c.): Matthias Abele (1616 or 18-1677): Metamorphosis Telae Judiciariae (Seltzame Gerichts-Händel), Manuscript-fragment
Ms 130
German (1744): Anon.: Krönung Mariae der 12 Sternen genannt, Manuscript-softbound
Ms 131
German (1744): Anon.: Krönung Mariae der 12 Sternen genannt (Copy 2), Manuscript-softbound
Ms 132
German (1744?): Anon.: Krönung Mariae der 12 Sternen genant (Copy 3), Manuscript-softbound
Ms 133
English (1833): [Elizabeth]: Friendship, Poems by friend(s?) to Owner, fragmented, Manuscript-softbound
Ms 134
English (185?): [Dalston?]: Anecdotes and jokes, Manuscript-bound
Ms 135
English (undated): Isaac C. Day: Music book, Manuscript-bound
Ms 136
English (1847): Anon.: Classroom lecture notes of Profs. Silliman's and Olmsted's classes
Ms 137
German (1788): Zimmermännische Schrift über Friedr[ich] des Großen, Unbound Manuscript (Göttingen)
Ms 138
German (undated [18th c.?]): Anon.: 77 pages of “Lieder” and index, Manuscript-bound
Ms 139
German (undated): Pepi Raics's(?) Ausgewählte Gedichte, Manuscript-softbound
Ms 140
German (undated): Anon.: Das Bauern-Mädchen und der Stadt Junge, Unbound manuscript, music and text
Ms 141
German (Swiss?)(undated): Leopold Koppelhuber et al.: Der Budl-Haubn-Teufel, et al., Unbound Manuscript
Ms 142
German (undated): “Einblattdrucke,” mss. and fragments
Ms 143
German (1823?): T.F. Castellÿ: Gabriele, Partial manuscript (first 3 leaves), bound, mostly printed text
Ms 144
German (31. VIII. 1838): Friedrich Halm: Der Adept: Trauerspiel in 5 Aufzügen, Manuscript-softbound
Ms 145
German (1820): Adolf Bäuerle: Die Falsche Prima Donna, Pesth: Hartlebens Verlag, with emendations (by author?), Printed
Ms 146
Kaiser: Die Schule des Armen, printed
Ms 147
German (1631): Abraham von Franc...?: Saephiriel (himmlisches Licht und magischer Bericht: die Geheimnisse der Zahlen), Manuscript-bound
Ms 148
German (1672): Anon.: Dienstbarkeit zwischen denen Lieben Abent Music...(A Play), Manuscript-softbound
Ms 149
German (undated): Anon.: Poem: So geht der Feldzug wieder An, Unbound manuscript
Ms 150
German (1681): Anon.: Tragico Comoedia genant, Die siegende Unschuldt (play), Unbound manuscript
Ms 151
German (Swiss?)(undated): [Leopold Koppelhuber?]: Der Budelhaubn-Toifl, Unbound Manuscript
Ms 152
English (1829): Compositions read before The Society of Mutual Instruction: by Ebr. Denison, Manuscript-Partially softbound
Ms 153
English (1829): Lectures in Science by Ebr. Denison, Manuscript-softbound
Ms 154
English (1821-1823): Journal (Anon.), Jantz's note: “by an apprentice of Middletown, Conn.,” Manuscript-softbound
Ms 155
German (pre-1840): J.M. Firmenich (1808-1884): Clotilda Montalvi, (published 1840), Manuscript-softbound
Ms 156
German (18th c./19th c.): Goethe and Falk autographs and a 19th c. Goethe Apocryphal poem
Ms 157
English (1802): Joseph Strong: Sermon...General Election, 1802, printed
Ms 158
German (1858): Knut Jungbohn Clement: Die Bekehrung Englands..., Manuscript-softbound
Ms 159
Spanish (undated): Anon.: Religious treatise, Softbound manuscript (Vellun)
Ms 160
German (1790): [Georgius Clottus(?)]: Von des Goldes Anfang...Unbound manuscript
Ms 161
English (1851): Ebr. Denison Jr. (?): Philosopy, Manuscript-softbound,
Ms 162
English (undated, 19th c.): Anon.: Notes on Goethe, Unbound manuscript
Ms 163
German (ca. 1810): Andegar Grundfest von Braunschweig: Geschichte der Fürstlichen Aebte zu Kempten, Manuscript-bound
Ms 164
German (undated, [18th c.?]): Anon.: Citation derer sieben Planeten und anderer Geister durch die magischen Bilder (Astrological), Manuscript-bound
Ms 165
German (1851): Copy of Goethe's Faust, Manuscript-softbound
Ms 166
Swedish (1747): Johan Goransson: Is Atlinga, Stockholm: Lars Salvius, 1747, Printed book
Ms 167
English (1833-1834): Charles G. Bush: Seaman's journal, Manuscript-softbound
Ms 168
German (16th c.-19th c.): A Collection of mostly unbound manuscripts from the 16th through 19th c.: Letters, documents, etc.
Ms 169
English (17th c.): 3 sheets vellum ms. (shelved in Jantz B. Broadside box)
Ms 170

Historical Note

Harold Jantz was a Professor of German literature at Northwestern, Johns Hopkins, and Duke Universities, and a collector of German baroque literature and German Americana.

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The Harold Jantz collection of early manuscripts, music manuscripts, and autograph albums, was received by the David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library as a gift in 1996.

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