Guide to the J. Walter Thompson Company. 16mm Microfilm Investigations, 1913-1950 and undated


Founded in 1864, the J. Walter Thompson Company (JWT) is one of the oldest and largest enduring advertising agencies in the United States. The JWT 16mm Microfilm Investigations span the years 1913-1950 and consist of research reports, market studies, account histories, office overviews, campaign studies and other investigative documents. Clients include Andrew Jergens, Ballantine, Corning, Kodak, Emerson Drug, General Cigar, J&J Colman, J.B. Williams, J.P. Stevens, Johns-Manville, Lehn & Fink, Lever Brothers (Unilever), Lorillard, Northam Warren, Penick & Ford, Pond's, R.T. French, Scott Paper, Standard Brands and the U.S. Marine Corps. Acquired as part of the John W. Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising & Marketing History.

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J. Walter Thompson Company. 16mm Microfilm Investigations
1913-1950 and undated
J. Walter Thompson Company
3 Linear Feet, 53 Items
David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library
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The JWT 16mm Microfilm Investigations span the years 1913-1950 and consist of research reports, market studies, account histories, office overviews, campaign studies and other investigative documents. Clients include Andrew Jergens, Ballantine, Corning, Eastman Kodak, Emerson Drug, General Cigar, J&J Colman, J.B. Williams, J.P. Stevens, Johns-Manville, Lehn & Fink, Lever Brothers (Unilever), Lorillard, Northam Warren, Penick & Ford, Pond's, R.T. French, Scott Paper, Standard Brands and the U.S. Marine Corps.

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Arranged by reel number and by the order of documents therein. Documents were microfilmed in no order. An alphabetical listing of companies and organizations is provided, followed by a more detailed contents listing of the reels. The present finding aid only documents microfilmed items identified under the category of Investigations.

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Contents of the Collection

A. Guinness & Son & Co., Ltd., 1937-1939, Reel 221-222
A.C. Krumm & Sons: macaroni, 1926, Reel 46
A.M. Karagheusian, Inc.: rugs, 1926, Reel 196
Absorbine Jr., 1937-1938, Reel 711
American Writing Paper Co., 1919, Reel 195
Andrew Jergens Co.
1922-1936, Reel 45-46
1929-1934, Reel 196
1930-1931, Reel 222
Aqua-Velva: See J.B. Williams Co.
Arbuckle Brothers: Yuban Coffee, 1913-1923, Reel 195
Artloom Rugs, 1936, Reel 195
Associated Tile Manufacturing Co., 1928-1931, Reel 195
Atlantic Coast Fisheries, 1929, Reel 195
Aunt Jemima Pancake Flour, 1924-1928, Reel 47
Automobile trunks and baggage carriers: See Kari-Keen Mfg.
Autostrap Safety Razor Co., 1918-1922, Reel 195
B.F. Goodrich Co., 1928-1932, Reel 39, 45, 196
Bakers of America, 1918, Reel 195
Baldwin Laboratories: Dwin insecticide, 1940, Reel 220-221
Baldwin Piano Co., 1930, Reel 195
Ballantine Ale & Beer
1935-1936, Reel 37
1937-1941, Reel 711
Block Drug Co., 1942-1944, Reel 256
Blue Cross: See Miscellaneous Accounts
Bovril: See Lehn & Fink
Branch Office Reports: See J. Walter Thompson Co.
Brer Rabbit Molasses: See Penick & Ford
Bromo-Seltzer: See Emerson Drug Co.
Burry Biscuit Co.
1936-1937, Reel 37
1947-1949, Reel 195
Buston, Inc., 1924-1930, Reel 47
Butterick Publishing Co., 1904-1925, Reel 195
Calsodent, 1930, Reel 38
Carter Ink Co., 1930, Reel 49
Carter Products, 1942-1944, Reel 337
Ceco Manufacturing Co.: radio tubes, 1930, Reel 195
Certo: See Douglas Pectin Co.
Chain stores, 1925, Reel 38
Chase & Sanborn: See Standard Brands
Chatham Blankets, 1929-1931, Reel 38
Chesebrough-Pond's, 1936-1938, Reel 38
Cigarettes: See P. Lorillard Co.; New business; Union tobacco Co.
City Baking Co.
1924-1927, Reel 49
1934-1936, Reel 38
1939-1940, Reel 220
Coca-Cola: See New Business
Coconuts: See Franklin Baker Co.
Coffee: See Arbuckle Bros.; Maxwell House; Standard Brands
Connecticut, Hartford: See National defense; Newspapers
Consumer Panel Department
Cigarettes, 1944-1946, Reel 384
Clothing, 1943-1945, Reel 380-383, 389-91
Cosmetics, 1940-1945, Reel 389
Liniments, 1941-1945, Reel 391
Soaps, 1940-1946, Reel 384, 387-88
Standard Brancds -- coffee, 1947-1948, Reel 373-74
Corning Glass Works
1925-1928, Reel 195
1925-1939, Reel 38
Corona, 1930, Reel 49
Corsets: See Kups Bros.
Curtis Flying Service, 1929, Reel 38
Curtis Publishing Co., 1933-1937, Reel 38
Cutex: See Northam Warren
Danderine, 1933, Reel 39
Dentifrices: See Foreign investigations (Argentina, Mexico, Cuba)
Douglas Pectin Co.: Certo, 1925-1929, Reel 195
Drug stores, 1931, Reel 60
Durham-Duplex Razor Co.: Enders Razors
1932-1938, Reel 221
1934-1938, Reel 195
Dwight Manufacturing Co.: Dwight Anchor Sheeting, 1925-1926, Reel 195-196
Dwin insecticide: See Baldwin Laboratories
Eastman Kodak
1930, Reel 198
1930-1933, Reel 39
1933-1935, 1938-1940, Reel 444
Easy Washing Machine Co.
1938, Reel 196, 198
1938-1939, Reel 338
Ed Pinaud, 1925, Reel 197
Emerson Drug Co.
1935-1940, Reel 37
1938-1940, Reel 220
Bromo-Seltzer, 1935, Reel 196
Enders Razors: See Durham-Duplex Razor Co.
Fanny Farmer: See Miscellaneous Accounts
Financial advertising, 1930-1935, Reel 39
Fleischmann Gin
1935-1937, Reel 57
1936-1937, Reel 196
Fleischmann's yeast: See Standard Brands
Florida Citrus Industry, 1935-1941, Reel 427
Foreign Investigations See also J. Walter Thompson Co.: Branch Office Reports :
1929-1935, Reel 257
1936, Reel 232
Dentifrices, 1947, Reel 713
General Motors & others, 1929-1932, 1935, Reel 222
1918, 1930-1935, Reel 222
1929-1937, Reel 223
Horlick's, 1938-1939, Reel 232
Kellogg's, 1938, Reel 232
Kellogg's, 1942, Reel 427
Sydney, 1929-1935, Reel 257
1927, Reel 257
1927, 1929, Reel 223
General Motors, 1937, Reel 257
1931, 1934, Reel 223
Sao Paulo, 1929-1935, Reel 257
1930-1933, Reel 223
1931-1934, 1938, Reel 224
Kellogg's, 1938, Reel 232
Lever Brothers, 1938, Reel 233
Lever Brothers, soups, 1940-1944, Reel 338
Montreal, 1929-1935, Reel 257
Toronto, 14930-1935, Reel 257
Dentifrices, 1947, Reel 713
Standard Brands, 1945, Reel 713
1921-1931, Reel 224
1927-1935, Reel 257
Egypt, 1928-1930, Reel 224
Finland, 1927, Reel 224
1927-1935, Reel 257
1927-1937, Reel 224
1927-1930, Reel 224
1928-1930, Reel 232
Berlin, 1933, Reel 257
Great Britain
1899-1935, Reel 257
1922-1934, 1937, Reel 225
1925-1929, Reel 224
1925-1939, Reel 232
Kellegg's, 1937-1939, Reel 232
1927, Reel 225
The Hague, 1927-1935, Reel 257
1929, 1931, Reel 225
1938-1939, Reel 232
India Bombay, 1929-1935, Reel 257
International advertising 149-page summary of JWT as an international agency,w ith short reports on individual offices, as listed below; some include research data, 1935, Reel 257
Japan, 1932, Reel 225
Mexico (dentifrices), 1947, Reel 713
New Zealand, 1931, Reel 225
Norway, 1927, 1931, Reel 225
Poland, 1927, Reel 225
Puerto Rico (Standard Brands), 1945, Reel 713
Romania--Bucharest, 1930-1935, Reel 257
South Africa
1929-1931, Reel 225
Cape Town, 1928-1935, Reel 257
South America report of Pan Am-sponsored goodwill tour, 1941, Reel 257
Spain, 1927-1931, Reel 225
1927-1930, Reel 225
1929-1932, Reel 232
Switzerland, 1927, Reel 232
Uruguay, 1930, Reel 232
Foremost Dairy Products, Inc., 1929-1930, Reel 39
Franklin Baker Co.: coconuts, 1922-1929, Reel 195
General Cigar Co.
1932-1936, Reel 39
1937-1940, Reel 711
General Electric Co., after 1939, Reel 444
General Information (approx. misc. reports), 1935-1944, Reel 338
General Motors: See Foreign Investigations
Golden Bear Cookies, 1930, Reel 196
Good Housekeeping, 1940, Reel 221
Goodyear, 1936-1938, Reel 45
Gorham Co.
1929-1930, Reel 106
1936, Reel 45
Grove's Bromo-Quinine, 1941, Reel 221
H.P. Hood & Sons, Inc: milk, 1933, Reel 106
Hathaway Bakeries, 1928-1931, Reel 45
Herbert Taryton Cigarettes: See Union Tobacco Co.
Horlick's: See Foreign Investigations (Australia); Miscellaneous Accounts
Insurance (See also Life Insurance), 1934, Reel 45
International Printing Ink, 1930, Reel 196
International Shoe Co., 1925, Reel 198
Irving Trust Co.: See Miscellaneous Accounts
J & J Colman, Ltd.
1924-1930, Reel 38
1933-1936, 1938-1940, Reel 256
1935, Reel 196
J. Walter Thompson Co.: Branch office Reports, including Chicago, London, Montreal, San Francisco, Seattle, Wall St., 1937-1939, 1942, Reel 256
J.B. Williams (Shaving & toilet products)
1936-1937, Reel 256
1933-1936, Reel 60
1937-1939, Reel 415
1941-1942, Reel 427
Audit Bureau sales reports, 1941, Reel 221
J.C. Penney Co.
1928, Reel 197
1937, Reel 52
J.P. Stevens Co.: Peace Dale Yarns
1920-1926, Reel 197
1923-1924, Reel 52
1926, Reel 198
Jell-O: See New Business
Johns-Manville, Inc.
1927-1933, Reel 46
1933-1935, Reel 221
1936-1941, Reel 444
1949, Reel 713
Johnson & Johnson (160 pages total), 1924-1926, Reel 106
Kari-Keen Manufacturing Co.: auto trucks & baggage carriers, 1929, Reel 196
Kellogg Co. (See also Foreign Investigations: Australia, Canada, Great Britain), 1938-1939, Reel 233
Kent-Coslikyan: rugs, 1921, Reel 196
Kraft Cheese: See Miscellaneous Accounts
Kraft-Phenix Cheese Co., 1924-1935, Reel 46
Kups Bros.: Nemo corsets, 1924-1934, Reel 46
La Gerardine, 1929-1930, Reel 46
Lamont, Corliss & Co.: See Pond's Extract Co.
Laundry problems, 1921-1925, Reel 46
Lehn & Fink
Bovril, 1927, Reel 195
Bovril, 1928, Reel 196
Pebeco Tooth Paste, 1923, 1926, Reel 197
Lever Brothers (For Canada see Foreign Investigations)
1921-1937, Reel 46-47
1925-1937, Reel 251
1929-1932, Reel 233
1934, 1936, Reel 256
Gallup reports, 1933, Reel 251
Gallup reports, 1933-1939, Reel 250
Lifebuoy, 1919, Reel 197
Lux Flakes, 1932-1934, 1936-1937, Reel 256
Lux Flakes, 1937-1938, Reel 711
Lux Radio Theatre, 1935-1940, Reel 2250-251
Lux Radio Theatre, 1938-1939, Reel 712
Lux Radio Theatre: Jury Reports on Plays, 1939, Reel 233
Lux Toilet Soap, 1939-1941, Reel 712
Rinso, 1919-1925, Reel 197
Vimms, 1944-1945, Reel 338
Libby, McNeill & Libby, 1923-1930, Reel 47
Libby's: See Miscellaneous Accounts
Life insurance (See also Insurance)
1938-1939, Reel 712-713
1939-1944, 1948, Reel 444
Lipstick: See Northam Warren
Lysol, 1925, Reel 47
Macaroni: See A.C. Krumm & Sons
Market studies, 1940-1941, 1943-1945, Reel 378
Martex, 1929, Reel 197
Martini & Rossi: vermouth, 1939-1941, Reel 221
Maxwell House Coffee, 1927-1929, Reel 47
Mayonnaise: See Richard Hellman, Inc.
Media analysis, 1932-1934, Reel 47
Milk: See H.P. Hood & Sons
Miscellaneous accounts (incl. Planters, Reader's Digest, Fanny Farmer, Reynolds, Libby's, Irving Trust, Blue Cross, Kraft Cheese, Horlick's, Warner Bros., New York subways), 1943-1945, Reel 378
Mouthwash: See New Business
National Biscuit Co., 1923-1935, Reel 49
National Defense: survey of attitudes, Hartford, Conn., 1941, Reel 256
National Lumber Association, 1928, Reel 49, 197
Navy Air, 1942-1943, Reel 338
Nemo Corsets: See Kups Bros.
New Business
Coca-Cola, Woolworth's, Jell-O, cigarettes (many more, listed on reels), 1923-1936, Reel 49, 51-52
Woolworth's cigarettes, mouthwash, razor blades, 1937-1941, Reel 256-57
U.S. Marine Corps, oranges, 1941, Reel 712
New York subways: See Miscellaneous Accounts
New York Times, 1927, Reel 59
New York University market survey, 1936, Reel 52
Newspaper circulation study, 1929, Reel 49
Newspapers: survey of attitudes, Hartford Conn., 1941, Reel 256
Northam Warren
1928-1937, Reel 59-60
Cutex, 1916-1928, Reel 38-39
Cutex, 1937-1940, Reel 257
Cutex, 1940-1946, Reel 337-338
Cutex and Odorono, 1934-1945, Reel 197
lipstick, 1928-1935, Reel 196
Odorono, 1926-1929, Reel 53
Odorono, 1934, Reel 52
Odorono, 1935-1937, Reel 221
Old Gold cigarettes: See P. Lorillard Co.
Oranges: See New business
Owens-Illinois Glass Co., 1943-1944, Reel 712
P. Lorillard Co. (Old Gold cigarrettes)
1941-1944, Reel 376
1940-1941, Reel 256
Panama Pacific, 1935, Reel 52
Peace Dale Knitting Yarn: See J.P. Stevens Co.
Pebeco Tooth Paste: See Lehn & Fink
Penick & Ford
1921-1931, Reel 52
Brer Rabbit Molasses, 1932-1933, Reel 196-97
Brer Rabbit Molasses, 1933-1937, Reel 712
Pennsylvania Railroad
1926-1932, Reel 52
1931-1932, Reel 197
Pertussin: See Seecke & Kade
Peter's Chocolate
1922, 1926, Reel 196
1924-1932, Reel 52
Account history, 1919, Reel 427
Phoenix Hosiery, 1931, Reel 49
Pineapple Producers Co-operative Assn., Ltd., 1933-1935, Reel 197
Planter's: See Standard Brands; Miscellaneous Accounts
Pond's Extract Co. (Lamont, Corliss & Co.)
1924-1930, Reel 52-53
1934-1936, Reel 221
1936-1938, Reel 233
1936-1941, Reel 256
1938-1941, Reel 712
Postal Telegraph, 1929, Reel 197
President Suspender Co., 1924, Reel 197
Publication surveys, 1931, Reel 59
R.T. French Co.
1929-1934, Reel 39
1933-1936, Reel 256
1936-1939, Reel 338
1937, Reel 196
1939-1941, Reel 711
Radio tubes: See Ceco Manufacturing Co.
Razor blades: See New Business
Reader's Digest: See Miscellaneous Accounts
Reckitts (overseas) Ltd., 1937, Reel 196
Retail trading, 1928, Reel 53
Reynolds: See Miscellaneous Accounts
Richard Hellman, Inc.: mayonnaise, 1926-1927, Reel 196
Rinso: See Lever Brothers
Royal Baking Powder
1923-1931, Reel 57
1923-1937, Reel 197
1932-1934, Reel 58
Royal Gelatin & Pudding, 1933-1940, Reel 58
Royal Mayonnaise, 1930, Reel 54
Rugs: See A.M. Karagheusian; Kent-Coslikyan
Rural and small town
1923, 1925, Reel 54
1924, Reel 53, 60
S.W. Straus, 1928-1930, Reel 59
Sauerkraut, 1937, Reel 196
Scott Paper Co.
1926-1930, Reel 53-54
1932-1933, 1935-1938, Reel 257
1939-1942, Reel 713
Seecke & Kade (Pertussin)
1931, Reel 196
1933-1941, Reel 221
Sharpe & Dohme
1929-1936, Reel 54
1932, Reel 257
1944-1945, Reel 444
Shaving products: See J.B. Williams Co.
Shell Oil Co.
1932-1936, Reel 53
1937-1939, Reel 378
Simmons Co.
1926-1929, Reel 53
1927-1932, Reel 54
1932, 1938, Reel 197
Skol Co., Inc., 1937-1940, Reel 233
Smokader manufacturing Co., 1924-1928, Reel 197
Special Studies
1923-1933, Reel 54
1935, Reel 57
St. Denis Bath Salts, 1929, Reel 197
Standard Brands, Inc. (See also Consumer Panel Department; Foreign investigations: Cuba, Puerto Rico)
1930-1935, Reel 58
1933-1935, Reel 57
1935-1937, Reel 221
1937-1939, 1945, Reel 377
1940-1942, Reel 713
Chase & Sanborn, 1929-1934, Reel 56
Chase & Sanborn, 1931-1934, Reel 49
Chase & Sanborn, 1935-1936, Reel 57
Chase & Sanborn, 1936-1939, Reel 233
Chase & Sanborn, 1939-1940, Reel 377-378
Chase & Sanborn, 1941, Reel 444
Chase & Sanborn, 1942-1943, 1945-1946, Reel 711
Chase & Sanborn pamphlets, 1948-1949, Reel 427
Fleischmann's Yeast, 1922-1934, Reel 54-55
Fleischmann's Yeast, 1926-1927, Reel 196
Fleischmann's yeast, 1930-1934, Reel 49
Fleischmann's Yeast, 1934-1948, Reel 56
Fleischmann's Yeast, 1936-1939, Reel 59
Fleischmann's Yeast, 1937-1938, Reel 233
Fleischmann's Yeast, 1938-1939, Reel 256
Fleischmann's Yeast, 1939-1941, Reel 444
Fleischmann's Yeast contest, 1927, Reel 56
Mr. Bailey's files, 1923, 1931-1938, Reel 427
Planter's Peanuts (See also Miscellaneous Accounts), 1933-1942, Reel 221
Tender Leaf Tea, 1934-1940, Reel 233
Tender Leaf Tea, 1940-1942, 1946-1949, Reel 376-77
Stephen F. Whitman & Son, Inc.: chocolate, 1926, Reel 198, 220
Sterno Corp., 1928-1929, Reel 59
Subways: New York: See Miscellaneous Accounts
Swift & Co., 1930-1932, Reel 59
Tender Leaf Tea: See Standard Brands
The Widlar Co., 1929, Reel 60
Thomas Young Nurseries, Inc., 1928-1930, Reel 220
Time Magazine, 1931, Reel 59
Toilet goods (See also J.B. Williams Co.), 1922-1928, Reel 59
U.S. Food Administration, 1917-1918, Reel 198
U.S. Industrial Alcohol, 1924-1930, Reel 198
U.S. Marine Corps: See New business
U.S. Rubber Co., 1916-1925, Reel 198
Underwear: See William Carter Co.
Union Tobacco Co.: Herbert Tareyton Cigarettes, 1928-1929, Reel 198
Universal Pictures, 1937-1938, Reel 59
Urbana Wine Co., 1934, Reel 59
Vanity Fair Silk Mills, 1923, Reel 198
Vimms: See Lever Brothers
Ward Baking Co., 1940-1943, Reel 444-445
Warner Bros.: See Miscellaneous Accounts
Welch Grape Juice, 1928, Reel 198
William Carter Co. (Underwear)
1923-1930, Reel 37-38
1925-1930, Reel 195
William R. Warner & Co., 1923-1936, Reel 198
Wm. Wrigley Co., 1932, Reel 60
Woolworth's: See New business
Yuban Coffee: See Arbuckle Bros.
Investigations, 1935-1936
Reel 37
Bar investigation in N.Y. and Chicago, 1935 May
Analysis of Bromo seltzer sales and consumer investigation, 1935 Apr.
Consumer investigation of demand for Bromo-Seltzer at soda fountains, 1935 Apr.
Checking 10 N.Y. City drug stores of display, 1935 June
Checking of poster locations in Chicago elevator and N.Y. subway, 1935 June
Plan for copy test, 1936 Jan.
Drug store investigation of Bromo-Seltzer, 1935 Oct.
Information on sales of Bromo-Seltzer etc., 1937 May
Consumer investigation of urban market for Bromo-Seltzer, 1937 Apr.
Survey comparing large and small cities etc., 1937 June
Investigations, 1937 Nov.-Dec.
Investigations, 1937 Jan.
Investigations, 1938 May-Nov.
Bromo-Seltzer copy test by consumer jury, 1939 Dec.
Dealer survey in N.Y. City, 1939 May
Analysis of newspaper coverage of Bromo-Seltzer, 1939 Apr.
Survey of headache remedies recommended by druggists, 1939 May
Nationwide consumer survey, 1939 May
Circulation and coverage of first 3 markets group, 1939 Nov.
Effect of car cart advertising on sales of Bromo seltzer in 4 test cities, 1939 Nov.
Nielsen drug index on sales of seltzer and aspirin products, 1940 May
Drug store sales--Drug jobbing areas, 1940 July
Investigation among Indiana grocers on Burry's Biscuits, 1936 Nov.
Consumer survey in N.Y. City on crackers, 1937 May
Sales analysis of leading city markets, 1937 June
Test of cookie praline, 1937 Oct.
Office investigation knit--underwear for men, 1924 Apr.
Mail investigation--Babies' underwear, 1925 Aug.
Dealer investigation men, women's, or children's underwear, 1926 Jan.
Department store and dry goods chains for Carter Company, 1929 Jan.
Baby underwear investigation by 557 physicians, 1930 Aug.
Reel 38
Pre investigation in department stores of Carter underwear in N.Y. City and Utica, 1930 Nov.
Market survey of underwear by Holland's magazine in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas, 1923 summer
Flavor tests of formulas #961-#962, 1930 June
Analysis of market for pilots and students, 1929 Dec.
Comparative analysis of American Kroger and A&P systems, 1925
The future of the chain store, 1925
Special analysis of distribution of Airloom blankets, 1929 Aug.
Interviews with buyers in N.Y. department stores, 1929 June
Investigation in department stores in cities of 25,000 or over, 1931 May
Trend of sales of Chesebrough products (5 years), 1936 Aug.
Drug and variety store business in 94 metropolitan districts, 1937 Apr.
Colgate-Palmolive survey, 1937 Apr.
Survey on uses, frequency and remedies of Vaseline, 1937 Apr.
Office investigation on eye makeup, 1937 June
Investigation on use of Vaseline for the hands, 1937 Oct.
Survey on use of remedies for dry scalp, 1938 Mar.
Dealer survey on recognition of radio program (See reel #283 for 1926 investigation), 1938 Mar.
Results of bread tests, 1934 Sept.
Consumer and dealer survey on bread and other bakery products in Baltimore and place, 1936 July
Consumer and dealer survey on bread and other bakery products in Newark, 1936 Aug.
Comparison of consumer surveys--Baltimore vs. Newark, 1936 Sept.
Sale and use of dry mustard--Chicago, 1924 June
Office investigation use of mustard in homes, 1924 July
Dealer investigation 7 cities, 1924 July
Investigation among jobbers (Nationwide), 1924 July
Investigation among druggists in N.Y., 1924 Dec.
Dealer interviews, 1925 Sept.
Grocers investigation Albany and Schenectady, 1927 Mar.
Dealer investigation--Newark, 1927 Apr.
Grocer markets, 1928 Aug.
Consumer investigation, 1928 Sept.
Dealer investigation New York, 1928 Sept.
Mail investigation, 1924 Sept.
Office investigation on bath salts, 1928 Oct.
Hardness of water in U.S., 1928 Nov.
Analysis of spice imports, 1929 Oct.
Colman's mustard copy platform, 1930
Pyrex pre examination in N.Y., 1925 Apr.
Office investigation refrigerator dishes, 1925 Aug.
Nursing bottles--Minnesota (baby bottles investigation), 1925 Aug.
Pyrex nursing bottles investigation and try outs Pennsylvania and Mass., N.Y., Ill., 1925 Sept.
Pyrex nursing bottles investigation and try outs--White Plains, 1925 Oct.
Mail investigation on nursing bottles, 1925 Nov.
Mail investigation on baking dishes, 1925 Oct.
Pyrex consumer and dealer investigation Poughkeepsie, 1925 Aug.
Pyrex consumer investigation Jamaica, Long Island, 1925 June
Pyrex consumer investigation, 1925 Aug.
Pyrex consumer investigation, 1925 Sept.
Population and no of stores in 205 jobbing areas, 1925 Feb.
Ultra-violet glass in hospitals--Report, 1928 Aug.
Pyrex investigation, 1926 Aug.
Pyrex nursing bottles--doctor's questionnaires, 1939 Sept.
Pyrex nursing bottles investigation among doctors, 1926 Dec.
Pyrex nursing bottles doctor's questionnaires, 1925 May
Pyrex nursing bottles questionnaires to doctors, 1929 Dec.
Pyrex ovenware investigation, 1930 Jan.
Report of labeling products similar to Pyrex, 1930 Apr.
Consumer investigation on chinaware, 1930 Dec.
Pyrex investigation, 1930 Nov.
Estimate of total ovenware business in U.S., 1931 Sept.
Facts of price reduction policy, 1932 Mar.
Investigation of kitchenware sales--N.Y. department stores, 1933 June
Experience with price maintenance, 1934 Aug.
Competitive investigation on Pyrex, 1934 Oct.
Consumer investigation on Pyrex, 1935 Jan.
Plan for nationwide consumer investigation of Pyrex, 1935 Oct.
Market for the Ladies Home Journal, 1933 Dec.
Attitude toward the Ladies Home Journal, 1934 Oct.
McCall's promotion piece--Office investigation, 1936 Sept.
Ladies Home Journal promotion piece--Office investigation, 1937 Mar.
Report on shopping for Cutex, 1923 Apr.
Department stores handling toilet articles and drug sundries (US and Canada), 1923
Drug trade information, 1923 Dec.
Investigation on manicure sticks, 1923
Report on 3 weeks demonstration at A&S building, 1921 Sept.
Memo on investigation at Gimbel's on Cutex, 1921 Apr.
Memo on investigation at Macy's on Cutex, 1921 June
Memo on investigation on trip on Cutex, 1921 May
Cutex powder polis container, 1921 Apr.
Drug trade and relationship to advertised merchandise, 1922 Dec.
Expenditure for furniture and house furnishings and expenditure for misc., items purchased by average working men's family in one year, 1922 Nov.
Notes on shopping for a cuticle cream, 1923 Aug.
Reports on 2 weeks sales experience at Bloomingdale's and other stores, 1923 Dec.
Reports on Cutex demonstrations, 1921 Aug.
Reports on visit to stores, 1923 Dec.
Reports on interviews, 1923 July
Reports on meeting on Cutex, 1923 May
Question of liquid polish, 1921
Investigation of Cutex nail polishes, 1921 Mar.
Report on Cutex liquid polish, 1920 Dec.
Report of conference, 1921 Apr.
Office investigation nail white, 1920 May
Charts, 1919-1921
Cutex mail investigation, 1923 May
Cutex complaints, 1922 Dec.
Cutex history, 1916 May
Memos, [1919-1921]
Cutex investigation, 1925 May
Report on manicures, 1923
Cutex mail investigation, 1925
Vanity case report, 1927 July
Suggestions, 1928 Apr.
Memos, 1926
Investigation, 1925-1928
Reel 39
Investigation, 1933 Feb.-May
Investigation, 1930-1933
Investigation, 1930-1929
Investigation, 1930-1935
Investigation, 1929-1934
Investigation, 1932-1936
Investigation (See also reel #196 for Dec. 28 consumer and dealer report on women's galoshes), 1928-1932
Reel 45
Investigation, 1936 Mar.-May
Investigation, 1936-1938
Investigation, 1928-1931
Investigation, 1934
Basic problems of fire insurance, 1931-1932
Investigation, 1922-1933
Investigation (continued from reel 45), 1933-1936
Reel 46
Investigation, 1927-1933
Nemo corsets, 1924-1934
Macaroni, 1926
Investigation, 1924-1935
Investigation, 1929-1930
Investigation, 1921-1925
Investigation, 1921-1925
Investigation (continued from reel 46), 1925-1932
Reel 47
Consumer investigation in Danbury, Conn. and Oshkosh, Wis. (See reel #251 for a few more investigation), 1925 July
Mail investigation, 1925 Aug.
Dealer investigation N.Y. City (Lux), 1926 Feb.
consumer investigation Oshkosh, etc., 1926 July
Mail investigations, 1926 July
Lux consumer investigation--Mail, 1926 Aug.
Lux consumer investigation--Mail, 1927 Aug.
Lux consumer investigation--Mail, 1927 Oct.
Lux toilet soap, 1927 Jan.
Lux, 1927 June
Lux consumer investigation and mail, 1928 Aug.
Lux consumer investigation and mail, 1928 Oct.
Lux consumer investigation and mail, 1929 Feb.
Office investigation Lux, 1929 May
Office report--Lux, 1929 Aug.
Lux investigation, 1929 Sept.
Lux investigation, 1929 Oct.
Lux investigation, 1931 July
Office investigation--Skin--Soap, 1932 Jan.
Consumer--What type garment wash, 1932 Mar.
Soaps--Department stores, 1932 Mar.
Soaps--for shampoos, 1932 Apr.
Hosiery data and cotton wear, 1932 May
Test of copy appeal--House-to-house, 1932 June
Lux Flakes pre-Investigation, 1932 June
Store investigation Lux Flakes and soap prices, 1932 July
Office investigation Lux, 1932 Sept.
Knit goods Vogue report, 1932 Nov.
Stocking prices, 1932 Dec.
Various reports, 1932 Nov.
Various reports, 1933 Jan.
General data--Lux toilet soaps, 1923 or 1925
Mail investigation care of skin, 1923 June
Dealer investigation, 1926 Jan.
Store reports, 1926 July
Mail investigation, 1926 July
Consumer investigation, 1926 July
Lux Flakes--Lux toilet soap, 1930 Apr.
Mail--Lux toilet soap, 1926 Aug.
Mail--Lux toilet soap, 1927 May
Comments on Lux toilet soap, 1927 Aug.
Investigation Lux toilet soap, 1927 Nov.
Investigation (wrapper) Lux toilet soap, 1927 Oct.
Investigation dealer--Lux toilet soap, 1928 Feb.
Investigation mail--Lux toilet soap, 1929 June
Investigation N.Y.--Lux toilet soap, 1930 Jan.
Investigation N.Y.--Lux toilet soap, 1930 Jan.
Sale of Lux in Butler stores, 1926 July
Lux toilet soap test campaign, 1931 Mar.
Lux toilet soap dealer investigation, 1931 Dec.
Lux toilet soap consumer survey, 1932 Aug.
Lux toilet soap consumer survey, 1932 Oct.
Whispering campaigns, 1933 Feb.
Consumer choice of odor--Lux toilet soap and Camay, 1933 Apr.
Consumer investigation soap, 1934 Apr.
Investigation (See reel #251 for a few more investigation), 1933 Sept.
Media study--Soap and flakes (See reel #251 for a few more investigation), 1934 Aug.
Office investigation complexion care, 1935 Jan.
Analysis of consumer investigation, 1934 Apr.
Office test--Removal of cosmetics, 1935 July
Lux sales compares with index and pot
Markets--Analysis, 1936 Oct.
Urban vs. rural, 1936 Sept.
Lux Flakes--Advertising experience, 1936 June
Office investigation 4 Lux toilet soaps, 1936 June
Office investigation--Designs, 1936 July
Office investigation--Copy appeal test, 1937 Jan.
Office investigation--Wrapper preference, 1937 Apr.
Investigation, 1923-1937
Investigation, 1923-1930
Investigation, 1925 Oct.
Investigation, 1927-1929
Media analysis, 1932 Oct.-1934 Jan.
Pan cake flour, 1924-1928
Investigation, 1924-1930
Investigation, 1930
Reel 49
Investigation, 1924-1927
Investigation, 1930
Investigation, 1931
Investigation, 1931, 1934
Investigation, 1930-1934
Investigation, 1923-1935
Investigation, 1928
Newspaper circulation study, 1929
London--21 tests made by staff of Fassett and Johnson of Jell-O and Bird's jelly, 1923 Mar.
London--Jell-O investigation made by London Office, 1923 Mar.
Corduroy material investigation, 1923 Oct.
Informal report on wash all machine in Rome and Utica, 1924 Jan.
Washer all-consumer investigation, 1924 Feb.
Report of office investigation on shoes, 1924 Mar.
Dealer investigation on shoes, 1924 Mar.
Heinz cider vinegar, 1924 June
Office investigation on greeting cards, 1924 July
Red wine vinegar, 1924 July
Office investigation on fountain pens--N.Y. and San Francisco and Chicago, 1924 Nov.
Office investigation on cake prepared flour, 1924 Nov.
Grocery dealers interviewed for Reckitt's Bluing, 1925 June
Office investigation on cigars, 1925 June
Bluing investigation (Office in Chicago), 1925 July
Office investigation of Woolworth (business) stores, 1925 Aug.
Office investigation of George Washington coffee, 1925 Sept.
Canisters--Dealer investigation in Manhattan and Brooklyn, New Haven, New Rochelle and White Plains, 1925 Oct.
Canister--Consumer field investigation, 1925 Oct.
Office investigation of Woolworth stores, 1925 Oct.
Canister report from Chicago Office, 1925 Nov.
Office investigation of Van Camp--Libby, McNeil and Libby, Heinz, Campbell Soup Company and Beechnut (Dealer report attached, 1925 Dec.
Office investigation--Grocery stores, 1925 Dec.
Dealer investigation--Van Heusen non-slip shoulder strap, 1925 Aug.
Office test of perfume, 1927 Apr.
Office investigation--Pale Moon, 1927 Aug.
Office investigation--Calsodent and O-Don-Tex toothbrush, 1927 Sept.
Preliminary report on Campbell's soups--Wholesale grocers, 1927 Nov.
Wholesale--Retail grocers and delicatessen dealers interviews--Tea balls, 1927 Nov.
Marketing aspects of Johns Manville, Inc., 1927 Apr.
Canadian dealer investigation on radios and radio tubes, 1927 Apr.
Office investigation--Smoking test--Cigarettes, 1927 Apr.
Woolworth stores survey--No of retail food outlet Indiana grocery store volume including delicatessen shops--no of chain grocery stores, 1928 Oct.
Smoking investigation among 80 men in New York Office, 1928 Oct.
Shoe polish business in Canada, 1928 Oct.
Consumer cigarette investigation in 6 large cities, 1928 Oct.
Consumer and dealer investigation on electrical appliances, 1928 Oct.
Radio investigation among consumers and dealers, 1931 Jan.
Office investigation La Grande prepared flour, 1931 May
Office investigation biscuits, 1931 May
Preliminary survey on baby garments, 1931 June
Chocolate candy bar distribution among 304 grocery stores in N.Y., 1931 July
Investigation among 66 women--re: consumers reaction to detachable hell lift, 1931 July
Office investigation razor and razor blades among men and women, 1931 Aug.
Report on popularity of transatlantic steamship lines, 1931 Sept.
Office investigation on electrical appliances, 1931 Sept.
Dealer survey on chocolate pudding in N.Y. City and Middleton, N.Y., 1931 July
Kitchen test on Vi-Tone, 1931 Oct.
Spotless town cleaner, 1931 Oct.
Plan for development of new business in drug and toilet goods field, 1931 July
Office investigation on Cunard Steamship Lines, 1932 Jan.
Report on A.C. Lawrence Leather Company, 1932 Feb.
Investigation to determine most popular restaurant among 56 people in New York Office, 1932 Feb.
Prin. types of arch-supporting shoes, 1932 Mar.
Market for storage batteries, 1932 Mar.
Normacol--Laxative, 1932 Apr.
Interviews with travel agencies in N.Y. City on Pacific Ocean travel, 1932 Apr.
Limited investigation of 5c soups, 1932 Apr.
Information American representatives in England regarding English companies, 1932 Apr.
Investigation on ginger ale, 1932 May
Magazine survey in Rochester N.Y. (Good House Keeping), 1932 Apr.
Smoking test of 15c and 10c cigarettes, 1932 Oct.
Savings account survey, 1932 Aug.
Popular types--Shade and brands of rouge and lipstick, 1932 Aug.
Ice cream data, 1932 Oct.
Office investigation Durham Duplex razors, 1932 Oct.
Blindfold test to show preference for different brands of 10c cigarettes, 1932 Nov.
Effect of price reductions on sales of nationally advertised brands, 1932 Dec.
Office investigation Windolene, 1932 Dec.
Test of Jaxonette shampoo cloth, 1933 Jan.
Report on fresh dates, 1933 Jan.
Memorandum on alternative methods of distribution for Carling's ale within U.S., 1933 Apr.
Preliminary survey of household cleanser market, 1933 Apr.
Home use of household deodorants, 1933 May
Preliminary investigations among consumers in N.Y. and Providence, 1933 Mar.
Coca-Cola office and consumer survey, 1933 June
Consumer investigation of market for bluing and allied products, 1933 July
Office investigation--Sugar, 1933 July
Investigation of market for Scalptone, 1933 July
Pre investigation of Coca-Cola--Consumption of boys 10 to 18 years, 1933 July
Limited investigation of Coca-Cola in Charleston and Gaffney S.C., 1933 Aug.
Household cleanser test, 1933 Sept.
Import and export figures on sardines, 1933 Sept.
Analysis of attitude of state departments of education and natural health organizations toward Coca-Cola, 1933 Sept.
Consumer survey in 4 cities toward Coca-Cola, 1933 Sept.
JWT office test with free Coca-Cola, 1933 Sept.
Consumer investigation on remedies used for indigestion and other common ailments, 1933 Sept.
The domestic oil burner industry, 1933 Sept.
Analysis of Coca-Cola 1933 media, 1933 Nov.
Test of consumer attitude toward health properties of Coca-Cola, 1933 Nov.
The Coca-Cola problem (Continued on reel #51), 1933 Nov.
Test of Robinsons Patent Barley--Barley water (Continued on reel #51), 1933 Dec.
Consumer investigation on soda crackers (Continued on reel #51), 1934 Jan.
Comparative analysis--JWT and McCann-Erickson (Continued on reel #51), 1934 Feb.
Investigation on Phillip's soup (Continued on reel #51), 1934 Feb.
Coca-Cola problem, 1933 Nov.
Reel 51
Test of Robinson's Patent Barley--Barley water, 1933 Dec.
Consumer investigation on soda crackers, 1934 Jan.
Comparative analysis--JWT and McCann-Erickson, 1934 Feb.
Investigation on Phillip's soup, 1934 Feb.
Limited dealer investigation of bake lining market in Westchester County, 1934 June
Investigation among 40 auto dealers to determine attitude toward national advertising, 1934 June
Expansion of Coca-Cola sales, 1934 June
Office investigation--Chevrolet, 1934 June
Consumer asked to name passenger cars made by General Motors, 1934 July
US market for Intourists, Inc., 1934 July
Case study of trends in fruit consumption, 1934 July
Root beer survey and consumer survey of drinking habits--Non-intoxicating beverages and beers, 1934 Mar.
Current brand trends in consumption of cigarettes, 1934 Mar.
Trend of sale and distribution in rubber sundries, 1932 Apr.
General information on sugar, 1932 Apr.
Limited investigation with Plymouth, Ford and Chevrolet dealers, 1932 Feb.
Expansion of Coca-Cola sales, 1934 Sept.
Coca-Cola tests, 1934 Oct.
Suggested areas and newspaper costs for tests of 2 types of copy, 1934 Oct.
Coca-Cola versus Pepsi-Cola test, 1934 Nov.
Consumer investigation of headache remedies, 1934 Nov.
Limited investigation of parent's attitude toward safety of automobiles, 1934 Nov.
Cigarette smell tests (Blind), 1935 Jan.
Office investigation on what people consider leading automobile company, 1935 Feb.
Office investigation on milk bath, 1935 Apr.
Can you tell the brand of cigarettes by taste?, 1935 June
Study of Old Gold market problem, 1935 June
Indication of Frigidaire position in consumer preference, 1935 July
Supplementary information secured from Frigidaire, 1935 Aug.
Preliminary tabulation of refrigerator survey, 1935 Sept.
Final report on refrigerator survey, 1935 Sept.
Investigation among pipe smokers--also information on snuff, tobacco, Inc., 1935 Sept.
Test among 72 men of new Enders razor (See Durham Duplex)(See also reel #220), 1935 Oct.
Study of market potentialities for Spry (Rubbing alcohol), 1935 Dec.
Market and media study for Woolworth, 1936 Jan.
Relative popularity of fruits--Juices and fruit dishes, 1936 Aug.
Basic facts on anthracite coal industry, 1936 July
Total assets and earnings of Artloom and Bigelow-Sanford companies, 1936 Apr.
Investigation in department stores and specialty shops on advertised brands of stockings, 1936 May
Investigation of mentholated cigarettes, 1936 May
Investigation in Macy's on iceboxes, 1936 July
Office investigation--Graham crackers and toasted breads, 1936 July
Medicine cabinet survey--St. Louis Office, 1936 Sept.
Consumer and dealer survey on spray alcohol--Conducted by Bay Rubbing Apprentice Group, 1937 Jan.
Office check on suggested Lucidin car card--Conducted by Bay Rubbing Apprentice Group, 1937 Mar.
Test of Vip-Vi-Tone, Ovaltine and Toddy, 1936 Oct.
Preliminary discussion of findings--Universal Pictures Corporation, 1936 Dec.
Kitchen test on Tendra, 1937 Jan.
Consumer lettuce survey in N.Y., 1937 Jan.
US Playing Card Company, 1937 Jan.
Reel 52
Leading insurance companies other than life, 1937 Feb.
Travel--Office investigation, 1937 May
McCall's magazine readers--Survey of food eaters, 1937 June
Hair preparation tonics, 1937 July
House paints--N. Dakota, 1935
FW Woolworth Company--N.J. survey, 1937 Aug.
House paint (outside) dealer, 1937 Oct.
Canned salmon industry, 1937 Oct.
New York market survey--NYU Bureau for Newspaper Ad Managers Assn., 1937 Oct.
New England confectionery candy, 1938 May
Norfolk Va. (vacation) office investigation, 1928 Aug.
Permatit--Analysis of population, etc., 1931 Feb.
Permatit--Estimated market for water softening units, 1932 Sept.
Electrical refrigerators and oil burners--Sales and advertising, 1921-1931
Royal types vs. copper engravings--Study, 1929 Oct.
Viyelia yarn, 1932 Aug.
Peters chocolate (Nestlé's cocoa)--Various investigations, 1924-1932
JC Penney Company--Various investigations, 1937 Mar.-May
Pennsylvania RR, 1931 May-1932 Nov.
Three leading railroads--Newspaper and magazine advertising, 1931 Nov.
Shampoos, 1932 Aug.
3 leading RR--Newspaper and magazine advertising, 1932 June, Aug.
Passenger transportation--Investigation public attitude, 1932 Jan.-Mar., Nov.
Travel survey, N.J. Pa. RR, 1933 Jan.
Pa. RR--Office investigation executives--Newspaper and magazine advertising, 1926 June
Leading RRs--Analysis, 1930 July
Peace dale knitting, yarn investigation, 1923 Sept.
Peace dale knitting, questionnaire, 1924 May
Penick and Ford--Molasses and maple syrup investigation, 1928-1933
Oils (Salad and cooking) investigations New Orleans, etc., 1924 Apr.
Panama Pacific, ad income, 1935 July
Panama Pacific, Hungarian travel, 1935 Aug.
Panama Pacific, advertising plan, 1935 Dec.
Odorono--Various investigations, 1934 Aug.-Nov.
Chocolate products and how made--W. K. Wallbridge (Vice--Pres.), 1934
Lamont-Corliss and Company--Croquettes, 1925 Aug.-Dec.
Peter's milk chocolate--Conference, 1919 June, 1925
Peter's milk chocolate--Investigation, 1922 July
Pond's extract Company--Various investigations, 1927 June-Nov.
Pond's extract Company--Various investigations, 1928 Dec.-1930
Pond's extract Company--Various investigations, 1933
Office test of ambrosia, 1933 Mar.
Reel 53
Office investigation on new soapless oil shampoo, 1933 Mar.
Vegetable oil cream, 1933 Apr.
Test on two liquefying creams, 1933 Apr.
Pond's cream and powder, 1933 Apr.
Office test on rubber hair bands, 1933 Apr.
Pond's Vanishing Cream, 1933 May
Office test on Pond's powder jars, 1933 June
Investigation on new Pond's cream jars--Provident and Hartford, 1933 June
Plan for investigation--Canceled, 1933 Oct.
Test of Pond's Vanishing Cream as a night cream, 1933 Oct.
Pond's creams and powder distribution and display in variety stores, 1933 Nov.
Pond's face powder in N.Y. market, 1933 Nov.
Office test on texture of 3 face powders, 1930 Aug.
Investigation in Rochester and Binghamton, N.Y. to determine consumer and dealer reactions to new Pond's jars, 1930 Aug.
Sup report on new Pond's jars at Wilmington, 1930 Sept.
Test on Pond's face powder A and B, 1930 Oct.
Comp of Pond's cold cream formula--10A and 10B, 1931 Jan.
Consumer investigation on other uses of Pond's cleansing tissues, 1931 Jan.
Comparison of Pond's and Elizabeth Arden's face powder, 1931 Jan.
Compana's Italian balm with other hand lotions, 1931 Jan.
Test of texture and staying qualities of Pond's face powder, 1931 Feb.
Office test of 2 types of Pond's cleansing tissue, 1931 Jan.
Pond's powder test, 1931 Feb.
Pond's powder test (comp to 1st test), 1931 Feb.
Analysis of Pond's radio requests, 1931 Mar.
Pond's face powder, 1931 Apr.
Pond's labels, 1931 May
Pond's face powder, 1931 May
Pond's hankies, 1931 June
Pond's face powder (Odor), 1931 June
Pond's powder tissues, 1931 June
Pond's lipstick tissues, 1931 June
Test of #5 Chanel perfume combined with odor Pond's Vanishing Cream, 1931 June
Pond's face powder, 1931 July
Pond's skin lotion, 1931 July
Memorandum of Pond's cleansing tissues, 1931 Sept.
Pond's Vanishing Cream test--J and B, 1931 Oct.
Pond's hankies--H2 and H3, 1931 Oct.
Office test on Pond's powders, 1931 Oct.
Pond's investigation on skin care, 1931 Nov.
Pond's hankies vs. tissue office test, 1931 Nov.
Liquefying cream C, 1931 Nov.
Pond's new cleansing tissues, 1931 Nov.
Consumer reactions to Pond's radio broadcast, 1931 Oct.
Pond's powder and cream, 1932 Jan.-Oct.
Investigation on depilatories for Pond's, 1932 Oct.
Face powders in N.Y., 1933 May
Misc. investigation, 1926 Sept.-1929 Aug.
Memorandums and investigations, 1926
Investigation, 1927, 1928, 1929
Investigation, 1932 Oct.-Dec.
Investigation, 1933 Feb.-Nov.
Investigation, 1933 Dec.-1934 Sept.
Investigation, 1934 Oct.-Dec.
Investigation, 1935 Feb.-July
Investigation, 1935 Oct.-1936 Aug.
Investigation, 1936 Aug.-1937 Feb.
Investigation, 1923-1928
Comparison of retail trading areas of cities, Crowell Pub. and J. Walter Thompson Company, 1928 Jan.
Rural and small town investigation Indiana, 1924
Investigation, 1926 Oct.
Many investigations, 1926-1931
Reel 54
HexylResorcinol--Hexedent tooth paste--Inpactic pills, undated
Acidophilus products--Investigations, 1929-1932
Pharmaceutical and drug manufacturers sales agents investigations, 1932-1935
Beds and mattresses (See also reel #53), 1929-1932
Beds and mattresses (See also reel #53), 1927-1929
Beef, 1932-1933
Furniture, 1933-1937
Analysis of oil industry, 1931 Nov.
Facts about the residential building market (Made for Mr. Resor), 1931 Oct.
Analysis of the dairy business in the U.S. with special reference to milk and ice cream, 1932 Jan.
Trends in the advertising agency business, 1931 Nov.
Office investigation on baked beans, 1931 Nov.
Crackers and biscuits--Investigation--Feeding family, 1931 July-Aug.
Crackers and biscuits--Investigation--Advertising expenditures, 1931 Aug.-Nov.
Cigarette consumption survey, 1931 Oct.
Market for peanuts and how to expand it, 1931 Sept., 1932 May
Investigations on soup, 1931 June-Sept.
Rural investigation in Illinois, 1923
Rural investigation in Putnam County, N.Y., 1923
Agricultural areas of U.S., 1926
Small town and rural investigation (Mail), 1923
A few general facts about the copper industry, 1932 Feb.
Limited automobile consumer survey, 1932 Feb.
Preliminary survey of electrical appliance market--Rochester, 1932 Feb.
Facts relating to proposed ad campaign re Hawaiian pineapple packers, 1932 Mar.
Typical clients of JWT, 1932 Apr.
Analysis of low price cars, 1932 Apr.
Limited investigation among Plymouth and Ford 8 owners, 1932 July
Trends in advertising agency business 11/1/31 to 1/1/33, 1933 Feb.
Popularity of radio programs (Preliminary report), 1933 Feb.
Special radio investigation, 1933 Mar.
Fleischmann's Yeast for Health, 1922
Fleischmann's Yeast for Health, 1922-1925
Reel 55
Fleischmann's Company--Pure dry yeast investigations, 1923-1925
Fleischmann's Yeast for Health, 1926 Jan.-1927 May
Fleischmann's Company investigations, 1927 July-Dec.
Fleischmann's Company investigations, 1928 June-Nov.
Fleischmann's Company investigations, 1928
Fleischmann's Company--Stocks investigation (Cleveland, Ohio, Delineator home institute), 1929 Apr.
Fleischmann's yeast--Tastyeast--Yeast from tablets, etc., 1929 May-1930 July
Fleischmann's reports, 1930 May-1931 May
Fleischmann's test campaign (Jan. through May), 1931 July
Analysis of pound yeast sales in N.Y. (Nov.: Chicago, Cleveland, Philadelphia), 1931 Oct.
Yeast tests, 1931 Dec.
Newspaper tests, 1932 Jan.
Charts of pound and foil yeast sales, 1932 Feb.
Combined analysis of pound yeast sales, 1932 Aug.
Investigation on home baking habits, 1932 July
Farm paper test--Yeast for Health, 1932 Sept.
Conducted by European doctors--Pre-test of yeast, 1933 Jan.
Investigations, 1933 Aug.-1934 July
Investigations, 1934 July
Foil--Dry and for health, 1934 July-Dec.
Reel 56
Irradiated dry yeast for dogs, 1934 Dec.
Foil--New XR yeast, 1934 Nov.
Foil--Yeast for bread--Skin, 1935 Aug.
For health--1936 ad plans, 1936 Jan.
Yeast--Adolescents survey for health, 1936
Radio--Pound Yeast for Health--for bakers 1937 plan, 1936 Nov.
For health, 1937
Vitamin concentration--Foil For dogs, 1937 Feb.-May
Test program of Rudy Vallee in Canada, 1937 June
Foil For health--Vilaxin yeast taste test, 1937 July-Aug.
Foil, 1937 Oct.-Nov.
Test program of Rudy Vallee in Canada, 1937 Nov.
Vitamins--Life begins at 40 letter study, 1937 Nov.
Ad recommendations, 1938 plan, 1937 Dec.
Investigation of dancers (?) for Arthur Murray dance bk., 1938 Jan.
For health--Radio--For dogs--Net income, 1938 Feb.-Apr.
Prize contest letters (For health), 1923 and 1927
Survey, 1929 Sept.
Investigations, 1929 Oct.-Nov.
Investigations, etc., 1930 Apr.-1930 Dec.
Investigation, 1931 May-1931 Dec.
Investigation, 1931 Dec.-1932 Aug.
Investigation, 1933 Feb.-1934 Feb.
Investigation, 1934 Mar.-1934 Oct.
Tests, 1934 Dec.-1935 Aug.
Reel 57
Imports of Yuban coffee, 1935 Sept.
Tests and surveys, 1935 Sept-Dec.
Radio check of Major Bowe's Program--Rochester, Syracuse, 1936 Feb.
Radio check of Major Bowe's Program--Ottawa, Canada, 1936 Apr.
Consumer survey in Dallas, 1936 Mar.
Plan for nation wide investigation, 1934 May
Investigations and one on liquor drinking habits, 1934 June-Aug.
Analysis of sales of whiskey by types and summary of ad expenses, 1935 Mar.
Nation wide consumer investigation on whiskey and gin, 1935 June
Plan for nation wide investigation of makers of whiskey and gin, 1935 Mar.
US consumption--Production and stocks of whiskey, 1935 Feb.
Some facts concerning liquor sales, 1935 Feb.
Syracuse investigation, 1935 Dec.
Newspaper check, 1936 Aug.
Survey of use of Fleischmann's sloe and dry gin, 1936 Aug.
Liquor service survey, 1936 Sept.
Whiskey consumption, 1936 Sept.
Midas criterion annual consumption, 1936 Oct.
Gin drinking habits, 1936 Nov.
Survey on a smooth gin cocktail, 1936 Dec.
Suggested cities for copy testing, 1936 Dec.
Dealers liquor survey, 1937 Oct.
Data on run down condition, 1935
Data on indigestion, 1935
Data on constipation, 1935
1932 ad expenses of Royal baking powder, Calumet, Royal gelatin, Jell-O, Chase & Sanborn coffee and Maxwell House coffee, 1933 Feb.
Circulation analysis of two Oklahoma papers, 1933 Mar.
Analysis of f's yeast and Chase & Sanborn dated coffee sales, 1933 June
Newspaper cities with and without beer, 1933 Apr.
Newspaper cities with and without beer 4 months 1933, 1933 Sept.
Consumer flavor preferences, 1933 June
Investigation of mint sauce market in Chicago and N.Y., 1933 June
Facts on rotogravure advertising, 1934 Jan.
Investigation of Family Circle circulation--Wash, D.C., 1934 Feb.
Office investigation Stephen's canned orange juice, 1934 Mar.
Analysis of route men's time in Boston agency, 1934 Apr.
Market for tapioca, 1934 May
Analysis of effect of proposed new coffee package on truck loading capacity, 1934 May
Office test--Vinegar rinse shampoo, 1934 July
2nd office test--Vinegar Verbena hair Rinso, 1934 Sept.
Information on yeast foam tablets, 1934 Sept.
Results of dealer investigation by radio station WLW, 1934 Sept.
Recommendations on additional radio stations, 1934 Sept.
Advertising and net profits of manufacturers of packaged foods, 1934 Sept.
Interviews with pediatricians on vitamin D milk, 1934 Oct.
Report of federal housing administration meeting, 1934 Oct.
General foods ad expenses--1st four months 1933-1944, 1934 Nov.
Java and mocha coffee, 1934 Dec.
Wholesale prices of fruits and groceries, 1934 Dec.
Partial list of ad expenditures, 1934 Dec.
Cost of living index for each division of Standard Brands Inc., 1935 Jan.
Display check in Rochester and Syracuse, 1935 Feb.
Survey on most serious complaints against service in restaurants, 1935 Sept.
Test of comic strip advertising in Buffalo and Atlanta, 1932 May
Various investigations, 1923 Oct.-1926 June
Investigation N.Y., 1926 Mar.-1925 June
Royal baking powder investigation (mail) on gelatin, 1925 Nov.
Investigation on molded gelatin, 1925 Dec.
Investigation on Royal fruit flavored gelatin--N.Y., 1926 Oct.
Investigation among grocery dealers in N.Y., 1926 Nov.
Dealer and jobber investigation on marshmallow whips, 1926 Mar.
Various investigations, 1925 Apr., 1926 June-Nov.
Various investigations, 1927 Feb.-1929 Mar.
Various investigations, 1929 July-1930 June
Various investigations, 1928 Feb.-1931 May
Test, 1930 Dec.
Various investigations, 1932 Mar.-1933 Sept.
Reel 58
Various investigations, 1934 Apr.-1937 Jan.
Various investigations, 1937 June-1938 Feb.
Various investigations, 1931 Apr.-1933 May
Various investigations, 1933 May-Sept.
Various investigations, 1934 May-1935 Aug.
Various investigations, 1935 Sept.-1936 Aug.
General information on market for summer drink preparations and ice cream mixes, 1937 Feb.
Various tests, 1937 Feb.-1938 Jan.
Analysis of per capita sales and plans for special sales effort, 1938 Jan.
Analysis of possible increase if below average agencies were bought up to their division per capita average, 1938 Feb.
Questions of Jell-O break even point, 1938 Feb.
Analysis of sales and expenditures, 1938, 1938 Feb.
Test of RD and salads recipe bks. in Fort Worth agency during 1937 Nov., 1938 Mar.
Test of RD recipe bk. in twin cities agency July-Sept. 1937, 1938 Apr.
Results of Irving Caesar's appearance at Lancaster high school, 1938 June
Per capita sales--By agencies--First 5 months 1938, 1938 June
Cities used on Royal 1937 and canceled for 1938, 1st 6 months total sales, 1938 July
Analysis of popularity of flavors based on box tops sent in, 1938 July
Market possibilities for lemon pie filling, 1938 Aug.
Analysis of sales in cities where radio was canceled--6 and 8 months, 1938 Aug.
RD shipments by quarters, 1937-1938, 1938 Nov.
RD sales--1st 9 months 1938, 1938 Nov.
Ad expenditures, 1938 Dec.
Analysis of sales in cities where radio was cancelled--12 months, 1939 Feb.
Retail gelatin sales in N.Y. City, 1939 Feb.
RD sales in summer months, 1939 May
Consumer test of tapioca pudding, 1939 May
Trend of RD sales--10 months before and after changing Rudy Vallee program to 1/2 hr. 8/38, 1939 June
I love a mystery--Radio test--5 months, 1939 July
New improved tapioca pudding--Consumer test, 1939 Aug.
Knox's unflavored gelatin vs. Gelatin for Energy campaign--opinion on sales of grocers and wholesales, 1939 Sept.
Sales trends for total 1st 8 months--1939 vs. 1938, 1939 Oct.
R. Bud strawberry vs. regular R. strawberry G.--Test, 1939 Oct.
8 months Royal sales and per capita sales, 1939 Nov.
Test of experimental banana pudding, 1940 Jan.
Test of 2 experimental Bud gelatins BD and #28, 1940 Jan.
Estimated ad cost for 1940, 1940 Jan.
Test of experimental baked spiced pudding, 1940 Feb.
Test of 2 experimental granulated gelatin--BD and #28, 1940 Feb.
Summary of results of store demonstration, Boston, Wash., Phil, 1930 Apr.
Radio program investigation, consumer and dealer, 1930 May
General data on Coca-Malt products, 1930 May
Summary of investigation in N.Y. among grocery jobbers and chain store HQ--How a change in name and package revitalized a product, 1930 May
General data on rice in U.S. with spec information on comet rice Company, 1930 June
Pineapple business in U.S., 1930 June
Analysis of stockholders' letters, 1930 June
Trade investigation in Canada, 1930 June
Potential sales of chocolate bars through grocery stores, 1931 Oct.
Report on program reception over stations WFI and WLIT, 1931 Nov.
Standard Brands investigation in Canada, 1929 Dec.-1930 Feb.
Standard Brands Ltd.--Trade investigation in Canada, 1930 July
Report on chocolate puddings, 1930 Aug.
Test of chocolate puddings (See also reel #57 last document), 1930 Oct.
Study of foreign prepared desserts made for Standard Brands Inc., 1930 Oct.
Analysis of distribution of Standard Brands products among selected dealers, 1931 Jan.
Standard Brands Inc.--Jams and jellies in Canada, 1931 Jan.
List of companies presented for consideration, 1931 Feb.
Market for perishable and non--Perishable salad dressing, 1931 Feb.
Consumer flour sales report, 1931 Apr.
Why ad costs do not uniformly follow sales--Population or buying power, 1931 Oct.
Analysis of available data on Vi-Tone, 1932 Jan.
Frosted foods study, 1933 Jan.
Retail prices of Maxwell House coffee in N.Y. City on Jan.5, 1933, 1933 Jan.
Stanford, Conn. analysis of markets, 1932 Apr.
Study of market for cranberries in U.S., 1933 Dec.
Retail price of bread in Westchester County, 1934 Jan.
Atlanta and Birmingham--Data on food and coffee, 1932 Apr.
Analysis of value of food products sold in U.S. in 1929, 1932 Mar.
Analysis of Stanford, Conn.--Investigation, 1932 Apr.
Analysis of Houston Chronicle and Houston press, 1934 Jan.
Analysis of potato chip market in Cleveland, 1932 Aug.
Kitchen test of 6 mayonnaise recipes, 1932 Aug.
Study of market possibilities for peanuts, 1932 Sept.
Frozen foods, 1932 Nov.
Yardstick for sales expenses, 1932 Nov.
Royal desserts, Seal Brand coffee--Sales in large cities, 1932 Dec.
Price policies of food manufacturers, 1932 Dec.
Data pertaining to baking industry--Bread and bread products, 1935 Jan.
Contest letters--analysis, 1928 May
Reel 59
Various investigations, 1928-1930
Various investigations, 1928-1929
Magazine survey among women in Rochester--Good Housekeeping, 1931 Apr.
Man investigation conducted by Needlecraft magazine, 1931 May
Various investigations, 1930 May-1932 Apr.
Canadian grocery investigation, 1930 May
Investigation of market for dog food, 1930 July
Investigation on packaged meats, 1930 July
Investigation on premium ham and bacon cut-outs, 1931 Mar.
Report on A.C. Lawrence Leather Company, 1931 Feb.
Report on jobber position with retail meat trade in N.Y., 1931 Apr.
Substitution practices among meat dealers in N.Y., 1931 May
Investigation of distribution and brand consciousness of smoked meats--Baltimore, 1931 May
Facts bearing on Swift and Company problem, 1932 Apr.
Various investigations, 1931 May-Sept.
Mt. Risco and White Plains investigations, 1927 Aug.
Facial mud packs--Dealer investigation, N.Y., 1922 Dec.
Toilet articles--Mail investigation, 1923 Feb.
Analysis of women interviewed in Topeka, Kansas, 1923 Sept.
Supplementary report on toilet article investigation, 1923 Feb.
Preliminary report on toilet creams investigation, 1923 Mar.
Danya office investigation, 1923 July
Findings from 2 weeks investigation Bloomingdales toilet goods department, 1923 Nov.
Reports from 2 weeks selling experience Lord and Taylor's toilet goods department, 1923 Dec.
Test of skin food and depilatory, 1926 Mar.
F.W. Woolworth 5 and 10c--Advertised cosmetics and toilet goods sold, 1927 May
Are toilet goods and drug manufacturers underestimating their most important selling jobs?, 1928
Survey to determine most profitable part of market, 1937 Apr.
Memorandum on radio mail investigation, 1937 June
Analysis of audiences attending theatres accepting motion picture attendance in Cleveland--Conducted by Curtis Pub. Company, 1938 Apr.
Radio station motion picture ad in large urban centers (1937 Aug.), 1937 Oct.
Market survey, 1937 Mar.
Office test on champagne, 1934 Jan.
Memo--Different in sizes of cakes in country especially California, 1936 Dec.
Baker's vs. brewer's yeast, 1938 Dec.
Various tests and investigations, 1937, 1939
Various investigations Cutex, 1928-1931
Cutex display investigation--Boston, 1930 Dec.
Cutex advertising nail make up, 1931 May
New Cutex set, 1931 July
Office test--3 nail polish removers, 1931 Aug.
Office test--3 nail polish removers on 3 brands polish, 1931 Sept.
Memo on Cutex hand cream, 1931 Oct.
Opinion of odor of hand cream #358, c-2, 1931 Oct.
Office test--Cutex hand creams f-104-H and f-104-G, 1932 Jan.
Trend of Cutex sales--in U.S. and England, 1927-1931, 1932 Feb.
Report of Cutex investigation in England and Scotland, 1932 Apr.
Cutex display in variety stores, 1932 June
Consumer and dealer investigation on all manicure preparations, 1932 Sept.
Various investigations on Cutex, 1932-1934
Various investigations on lipstick, 1934 Aug.
Various investigations on Cutex (through page 4), 1934 Oct.
Cutex investigation (Commences with page 5), 1924 Oct.
Reel 60
Various tests--Cutex, 1934-1936 Jan.
Various tests--Cutex, 1936
Cutex lipstick test of formula, R-124-B, 1936 Sept.
Consumer investigation on all manicure preparations, 1937 Jan.
Total U.S. Cutex sales, 1937 Mar.
Cutex polish test A and B, 1937 May
Manicure set--Mail investigation, 1937 July
Investigation on beauty parlors, 1937 Sept.
Trade survey of shaving preparation market, 1933 June
Solicitation material for Williams, 1934 Mar.
Consumer test of Williams Glider, brushless shave cream, 1934 May
Liggett sales of brushless shave cream, 1935 June
Office investigation William's razor, 1936 Apr.
Reports on shaving cream, 1936 July
Dealer investigation on shaving cream, 1936 Apr.
Total production of shaving cream and soap, 1936 May-June
Shaving soap survey, 1936 June
Odor test, Williams and Yardley shaving bowls, 1936 June
Investigation Aqua Velva mirror display, 1936 June
Various investigations, 1936 June-Oct.
Importance of chain grocery stores as outlets for Wrigley's chewing gum (3 pp.), 1932 May
General information rural and small town investigation, soap chips, Lux etc., Rinso, toilet articles, drug and medicines, foods, clothing (Beginning with page #106 through page #286), 1924
History of Widlar Company and products (Food), 1929 Dec.
Rochester, N.Y. and Pittsburgh, Pa., 1931
New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington, D.C. and Columbus, Ohio, 1931
Atlanta, Ga., Cincinnati, Birmingham, Indianapolis, New Orleans and Kansas City, Mo., 1931
Dallas, Milwaukee, Fort Worth, Detroit and nations report, 1931
Consumer reactions to paper cups in 4 cities, 1931
Account history and data, 1913-1921
Reel 195
Report by JWT, 1921 Apr. 30
Ariosa coffee, 1913-1919
Yuban coffee, 1913-1923
Data, undated
Paper report, brewer, 1919 Feb. 1
Suggested advertising plan, circa 1936
Investigation among home owners, 1928 Mar.
Questionnaires among home owners, 1928 May 9
Report of interviews with contractors, 1929 Aug.
Consumer and dealer investigations on fisheries, 1929 Sept.
Investigation on Nordic fish steaks in Syracuse, N.Y., 1938 Jan.
Dealers and consumers investigation, 1919 Dec.
Field investigation, 1921 May-June
Notes on safety razor market, 1921 June
Order of newspaper ads, undated
Advertising plan for War Emergency Council of the baking industry, 1918 Mar. 6
Outline of a campaign for Bakers of America, undated
Advertising plan 1923-1927, 1928
Account history, undated
Jobbers' answers to questionnaires, 1922 Sept.
Rural dealers in Iowa/Illinois/Kentucky, 1928 Apr.
Memos, undated
Consumer investigation, 1930 Jan.
Data, 1927 Nov. 22
History of Company, 1937 Jan. 7
History of educator biscuit (controlled by Burry), undated
Proposed trademark, 1937 June 8
Radio commercials, 1938 July
Radio WRC program, 1938 June
Radio WRC program, 1938 Aug.
Letter closing account (from Mr. Burry), 1938 Dec. 7
Trademarks and photographs, undated
Sales figures, 1935-1937
History of Company, undated
Delineator and Everybody's Advertising, undated
What we are selling, patterns, 1924 Feb. 28
Pattern investigation, 1922 Oct.
Office pattern investigation, 1922
Users investigation, 1922 July 10-15
Pattern investigation by mail, 1923 Nov.
Memos, 1927 May 31
Sales figures, 1928 June
Infants clothing campaign, 1928 fall
Knit underwear investigation, 1925 Sept.
Infants underwear investigation, 1929 Jan.
Department store investigation (see also reel 38), 1930 Nov.
consumer investigation, 1930 Feb.
Teachers' college tests to determine comparative results made with and without Certo, 1926
Reports of store demonstrations, 1925
Interviews, 1925
Mail investigation, 1925 May-July
Consumer field investigation, 1925 Sept.
Consumer survey, East, 1929 June
Consumer survey, West, 1929 July
Data Steuben glassware (See also reel 38), 1925-1928
Investigations, 1934 Jan.-Mar.
Mail investigation, 1936 Dec.
Enders razor test, 1937 Apr.
Shaving habit survey, 1938 Jan.
Consumer mail investigation, 1925 Sept.
Test made by U.S. Testing Co. re: sheets washed 25 times, 1926 fall
Tests made by U.S. Testing Co. re: sheets washed 50 times, 1926 fall
Reel 196
Tests on sheets, 1925-1928
Plan for market survey, undated
Survey, 1938 Jan. 6
Summary, 1938 Aug. 26
Report by JWT, 1928 Dec. 4
Testimonials, 1936-1937
Stox, Vergex, 1926 Mar. 25
Office investigation of vegetable stews, 1927 Sept. 25
Consumer and dealer investigations, 1930 Feb.
Goodrich heavy footwear investigation pre-report, 1928 June
Report on consumer and dealer investigation, women's galoshes, 1928 Dec.
Analysis of footwear sales, by states, 1930 June
Goodrich tire investigation, consumer report, undated
Summary of 4 retail dealer surveys, 1932 June
Market for storage batteries, 1932 Mar.
Plan for analysis of rubber sundries business, 1932 May
Preliminary outline of Goodrich sundries problem, 1932 June
Log of the Silver Fleet campaign, 1929 Nov. 12
Investigation among New York motorists on Silvertown tires, 1930
Dealer report, statistical data, trends in living conditions, 1929 Oct.
Analysis of 1928 silverware sales by retail shopping areas, 1929 June
Consumer recognition of brand names in silver, 1929 Oct.
Sales analysis (Gorham), 1930 Feb.
Investigation, undated
Field investigation, Hellmann's mayonnaise, 1926 Nov.
Hellmann's mayonnaise, questionnaire by mail, 1926 Dec.
Blue Ribbon mayonnaise, recipe leaflet, 1927
Blue Ribbon mayonnaise, salad ideas, 1927
Organization, 1933 May
Analysis of milk division sales, 1933 June
Market investigation, 1930 Jan.
Consumer investigation, Woodbury soap & Jergens lotion, 1929 Aug.
Woodbury's facial soap, trade investigation, 1929 Sept.
Conclusions drawn from consumer and trade, 1929 Sept.
Investigation and recommendations, 1929 Sept.
Conclusions drawn from investigations, 1929 July-Sept.
Supplemental sales and advertising analysis, 1929 Oct.
Jergens lotion sales analysis 1928-1930, 1930 Apr.
Jergens lotion sales figures, 1931 Apr.
Jergens lotion sales analysis, 1932 June
Nationwide investigation among consumers on use of hand lotion and competing products, 1933 June
Analysis of Jergens lotion sales 1932, 1933 May
Analysis of Jergens lotion sales in cities of 100,000 and over, 1933, 1934 Mar.
Investigation of consumers sending for samples of Jergens lotion, 1934 May
Dealer survey on hand lotions in Montreal and Toronto, 1934 July
Investigation for market of baby talcum powder, 1924 Oct.
Consumer investigation of baby talcum powder, 1925 July
Investigation of consumers, dealers, hospitals, physicians, of baby talcum powder, 1926 Oct.
Two investigations, East and Midwest, 1921
Investigation on Karagheusian and Herati rugs, 1926 Mar.
Sales for Herati and other Wiltons, 1926 Feb.
Three investigations on circulation figures, 1926 Apr.
Agreement (unsigned), undated
Proposed letter to Sunshine Biscuit Co., 1929 Mar. 28
Survey, 1929 May 14
Proposed plan for Kari-Keen investigation, 1929 May
Kari-Keen questionnaire and factory interview, undated
Kari-Keen report on consumer and dealer investigation, 1929 June
Peter's chocolate investigation, New York, N.Y., 1922 Apr.
Peter's chocolate investigation, Buffalo, N.Y., 1922 Apr.
Investigation into typical chocolate milk consumer demands with special reference Peter's, 1922 July
Barker's Hasty Lunch cocoa, Fall River, 1926 Oct.
Consumer investigation made by Lehn & Fink, 1928 Mar.
Pertussin (Seecke & Kade), 1931 Jan. 29
Bre'r Rabbit molasses/Duff's prepared molasses (Penick & Ford) (see also reel 52): kitchen test on ginger bread, 1932 Mar. 10
J&J Colman (USA) Ltd. office investigation on bathing habits (see also reel 38), 1938 Mar.
Tints and dyes (Diamond or Tintex), 1937 Nov.
Preliminary work on lipstick, 1934-1935
Cincinnati Office, 1934
Summary of findings on daily use among 1428 women, 1934
Letter to Vice President of Northam-Warren, 1934 Dec. 31
Report on tests on Cutex, 1935 Jan. 35
Report on analgesic effect of Bromo-Seltzer (see also reel 37), 1935 Apr.
Consumer and dealer survey on sauerkraut, 1937 Nov.
Mail survey, R.T. French (mustard) (see also reel 39), 1937 Dec.
Survey of antiseptic market, 1937 Aug.
Report of first Lifebuoy consumer investigation, 1919 Aug.
Reel 197
Report of second Lifebuoy consumer investigation, 1919 Oct. 28
Report of third Lifebuoy consumer investigation, 1919 Nov.
Report of New York Office investigation, 1919 Dec.
Portfolio ads (see also 35mm microfilm reel 16), 1923-1929
Consumer report, towels and dealers, 1929 Sept.
Lumber investigation, architects, undated
Office investigation on Cutex lipstick, 1934 Oct.
Office test, crème polish remover, 1935 Apr.
Memos and letters, Cutex crème polish, 1935
Office test, Cutex, nail aid, 1935 Sept.
Office test, Cutex, nail beautifier, 1935 Dec.
Investigation on Cutex suntan polish, undated
Preliminary summary of cream deodorant test, 1935 Feb.
Odorono cream test, 1935 June
Cream deodorant test, 1935 Oct.
Consumer and retail investigation, 1920 June
Special report on advertising in 1922, 1923 Aug.
Report, 1923 May 4
Report on yarns in stores, 1926 Sept.
Consumer investigation, 1923 June
Dealer or jobber investigation, 1923 June
Consumer investigation, 1926 Feb.
Bre'r Rabbit molasses test with children, 1933 Aug.
Consumer investigation, 1928 July
Portfolio ads (see also 35mm microfilm reels 19, 20), 1928-1929
Excursion advertising, 1931 Apr. 28
Preliminary test, public attitudes, 1932 Aug.
Consumer, dealer, jobber field investigations, 1925 Oct.
Field investigation on hair tonics, 1925 Dec.
Field investigation on toilet waters, 1925 Dec.
Nutritional value of canned pineapple, undated
Comparison price trend, 1931 July-1933 Feb., 1933 Mar.
Distributors' holdings of canned pineapple and punches, 1933 Aug.
Report, 1933-1934, 1934 Jan. 1
Survey of canned pineapple, 1934 Jan.
Report for year ending 1934 June 1 and recommendations, 1934 July
Analysis of 1926-1927 and 1933-1934, 1934 Aug.
Pineapple advertising 1934-1935, 1934 Aug.
Additional returns to relation between canned pineapple and pineapple juices, 1935 July
Preliminary investigation on certain aspects of the postal telegraph service, 1929
Dealer and consumer investigation, 1924 Jan. 31
Dealer and consumer investigation, 1924 Jan.
Data book, 1923-1924
Data book, 1926-1937
Data book, 1928-1937
Dealer and consumer investigation, 1929 Sept.
Study of price levels, 1932
Mail investigation, furniture dealers, 1938 May-June
Sales figures, 1924-1927
Consumer investigation, 1928 Apr.
Letter from JWT giving facilities for nationwide research, 1929 Mar. 28
Data book, 1926
Reel 198
Survey, 1938
Investigation for Union Tobacco Co., 1928 Dec.
Sales analysis, 1928-1929, 1929 June
Proposed plan for advertising (by JWT), 1917 Aug. 10
Appeals, by JWT, 1917 Nov. 19
Letter from N.Y. division of advertising, 1918 Jan. 22
Plan to advertise Liberty Loans (by JWT), 1918 Mar. 7
Alcorub, 1924 Dec. 6
Dealer and consumer investigation, 1924 Dec.
Hospital and athletic director investigations, 1925 June
Pyro distributors, 1926 Oct.
Study of markets for Pyro, 1927 May
Anti-freeze investigation, 1928 Nov.
Dealer report , 1929 Dec.
Consumer investigation, 1930 Jan.
Lumberman's boots, 1916
Artics, 1916
Rubbers, 1916
Rubber footwear distribution, undated
Keds, production charts for 1918 Aug. through 1919 Aug., 1919
Regent Keds, production charts for period ending 1919 Dec. 1, 1919
Rubber footwear, consumer investigation, 1919
Canvas rubber-soled shoes, dealer and consumer, 1919
Canvas rubber-soled shoes and footwear, 1920
Mississippi delta market, 1921 Feb.
Canvas rubber-soled shoes, 1921
Dealer and consumer investigation, 1925 May
Investigation,, 1925 Apr.-May
Sales etc., 1925 Oct.
Analysis of sales, 1925 Oct.
Consumer investigation, 1930 Dec.
Glore silk underwear, 1923 June
Stacomb investigation, 1923 Dec.
Check of newspapers for position of advertising, 1924 Feb.
Dealer and consumer investigation, 1924 Feb.
Sloan's liniment sales and advertising, 1924
Sloan's liniment sales and advertising, 1924 fall-1925 spring
Sloan's liniment sales and advertising, 1925-1926
Sloan's liniment consumer and dealer investigation, 1926 May 17
Investigations, 1928 Feb.
Field investigations, consumer comments, 1926 Oct.
Sales to large customers, 1928-1930
Reel 220
Report on N.Y. market for orchids and gardenias, 1928-1930
Sales analysis and figures, 1938 Oct.
Bromo-Seltzer copy test by consumer jury, 1938 Dec.
Choice of well-known speakers, 1939 Feb.
Dealer survey in N.Y. metropolitan area on reaction to Bromo-Seltzer publicity, 1939 Mar.
Sales of Bromo-Seltzer and competitive products--Nielsen projects, 1939 Apr.
Analysis of newspaper coverage of Bromo-Seltzer seizure in Atlanta, Ga., 1939 Apr.
Nationwide dealer survey (remedies recommended), 1939 June
Nielsen drug index on sales of Bromo-Seltzer and aspirin products, 1940 May
1935 drug store sales--Drug jobbing areas (cont. in reel 221), 1940 July
A talk on market survey opportunities for the small baker--before Potomac State Baker's Convention, 1939 Jan.
Tests made on buns sent over from Rice's bakery, 1939 Feb.-1939 May
Test of apple cake, 1939 Sept.
Second series of tests on buns, 1940 Feb.
Flour and bread consumption trends , 1940 June
Report #1: general findings and recommendations, 1940 Oct.
Report #2: interviews with Dwin wholesalers, 1940 Oct.
Report #3: interviews with potential distributors, 1940 Oct.
Office investigation on razors, 1932 Jan.
Reel 221
shaving cream test, 1932 Aug.
Durham-Duplex razor test, 1933 Mar.
Survey of consumer buying habits and preferences for shaving preparations, 1933 May
Durham-Duplex razor test, 1934 Jan.
Durham-Duplex razor investigation, 1934 Mar.
Test of new Durham-Derby razors, 1934 Oct.
Test among 72 men of new enders razors, 1935 Oct.
Consumer investigation on shaving habits, 1936 Feb.
Mail investigation among Ender's razor users, 1936 May
Enders razor test (mail survey), 1936 Dec.
Enders razor test (office survey), 1937 Apr.
Test of new style Durham razor, 1937 Nov.
Nationwide postcard shaving habit survey among men who have written for Durham razors, 1938 Jan.
Guarantees against price declines by manufacturers, 1936 Feb.
Drug chain and variety store sales, 1937 July
Trend of sales of toilet goods departments in variety chains (first 9 months of 1937), 1937 Nov.
Drug store sales in 13 leading areas, 1937 Nov.
Leading sales of leading drug chains, 1938 Jan.
National advertising revenue, 1938 Feb.
Number of customers entering drug stores and variety stores during the year, 1939 Mar.
Markets according to urban or rural characteristics, 1938 Oct.
List of 106 organizations which employ a large amount of women, 1938 Nov.
Wholesale drug sales (radio) (first 9 months of 1937), 1938 Nov.
Comparison of two different types of letters tested, 1938 Dec.
Easy Washing Machine Corp. mail survey, 1938 Apr.
Misc. information on U.S. metropolitan markets--analysis of drug stores' federal income tax, total white families, 1939 Jan.
Estimated weekly costs of network programs produced and leading agencies of 1943, 1943 June
Advertising expenditures of 35 proprietary medicines, 1936 May
Division of appropriation by media, 1936 May
Magazine advertising effectiveness, 1940 July
Memo to Mr. Jaccaci re: interviews with department store executives, 1940 July
House-to-house survey on magazine influence, 1940 Aug.
Department store survey on magazine influence, 1940 Aug.
Comments on the G. surveys with particular reference to the Albany house-to-house survey, 1940 Sept.
Plan for nationwide consumer survey, 1941 Jan.
Charts of physicians giving injections, 1941 Mar.
Office survey on colds, 1941 Apr.
Consumer survey on colds, 1941 Apr.
Sales percent of total seltzer aspirin products, 1941 Mar.
Report #4: interviews with Dwin retailers, 1940 Oct.
Report #5: reports on confidential opinions of Dwin salesmen, 1940 Oct.
Pre-investigation of the market for canopies in N.Y.--supplementary previous report on awnings, 1933 Feb.
Investigation of 100 home owners, 1933 Dec.
Trade survey and public attitude toward Johns-Manville cedar grain asbestos siding shingles, 1935 Sept.
Plan for increasing profits from Johns-Manville buildings materials, 1935 Sept.
Consumption (by countries) of sweet vermouth, 1939 Feb.
Estimated seasonal sales of soft drinks, 1939 Mar.
Notes of meeting on M&R sweet and dry vermouth, 1939 June
Italian populations by states in leading cities, 1939 Sept.
Total vermouth sales in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Washington, 1939 Sept.
Taste test, 1939 Sept.
Investigation among bars and restaurants on serving of Italian vermouth, 1939 Sept.
Investigation among Chicago bars on serving of Italian vermouth, 1939 Sept.
Consumer survey in 5 cities, 1939 Sept.
Price and distribution survey in 20 cities, 1939 Sept.
M&R sales in cases, 1940 Mar.
Count Rossi vermouth glasses--dealer survey in 4 cities, 1940 May
Survey among purchasers of count Rossi vermouth glasses, 1940 May
Number of count Rossi vermouth glass orders received from Jan. 1, 1940 to May 31, 1940, 1940 June
Survey of vermouth sales in package stores in N.Y. , 1940 June
Survey of vermouth sales in bars and restaurants in N.Y., 1940 June
Taste test--Italian vs. Argentinian vermouth, 1941 Feb.
Dealer survey on attitude toward imported and domestic vermouth, 1941 Feb.
Sales in 1938 and 1939 , 1941 Oct.
Plan for price survey of domestic vermouth, 1941 Oct.
Dealer and consumer vermouth survey--Boston and Chicago, 1941 Sept.
Survey among package stores and cars in N.Y. City, 1941 July
Dealer and consumer survey in N.Y. City, 1941 Sept.
Revery vermouth survey--dealer, 1941 Dec.
Test of 4 samples of cream deodorant (K.L.M.N.), 1935 Jan.
Two Odorono deodorant powders (present Odorono vs. F.723), 1935 Jan.
Office test among 37 women on two deodorant creams, 1935 Feb.
Deodorant cream tried for texture, 1935 Mar.
Comparison of 1934 and 1935 sales of Odorono, 1935 Mar.
Office test on powder deodorant, 1935 Apr.
Odorono cream test (C.99.A and C.105.B), 1935 June
New deodorant cream test, 1935 Aug.
Instant Odorono (F.899.A), 1935 Sept.
Cream deodorant test (R.7.A. and R.7.B.), 1935 Oct.
Second period of test creams (5.7A and 5.7B), 1935 Nov.
Cream deodorant test #669, 1935 Dec.
Charts for meeting, 1935 Nov.
Test on Odorono Ice, 1936 Apr.
Survey on use of body deodorants by men, 1936 Oct.
Summary of various surveys made by publications, 1936 Dec.
Investigation in the Red Cross drug and department stores in Miami, Fla., 1937 Feb.
Odorono cream deodorant and perspiration check, 1935 Aug.
Cream deodorant test (F.871.B and f.871.A), 1935 Aug.
Report of dealer investigation made by Mr. W. Resor, 1933 Oct.
Coverage of states by trade magazine schedule, 1934 Feb.
Advertising test in Buffalo and Hartford, 1934 Apr.
Analysis of sales in stores carrying 2-ounce sizes, 1934 Apr.
Study of Pertussin in the South, 1934 Apr.
Pertussin trade survey in San Francisco, 1934 Oct.
Sales position of Pertussin among leading cough syrups, 1935 Apr.
Mail investigation to determine repeat purchases of Pertussin, 1935 May
Pertussin dealer investigation on price of Pertussin, 1935 Dec.
Mail investigation to determine repeat purchases of Pertussin, 1936 Apr.
Trend of sales and relations to advertising and sample distribution , 1938 Mar.
Analysis of cough remedy sales in drug stores in the East, 1938 Aug.
Sales and advertising season (1937-38 vs. 1936-37), 1938 Oct.
Dealer investigation in N.Y. City on cough remedies, 1939 Feb.
Survey on preference for Pertussin advertisement, 1940 Sept.
Pertussin dealer survey in N.Y. City, 1941 Mar.
Analysis of sales, 1933 June
Planter's Nut and Chocolate Co.--Outline of information needed, 1933 May
Planter's Peanuts distribution check in Royal Scarlet stores in Queens and Nassau counties, 1934 Apr.
Analysis of circulation and advertising expenditures for Jan.-Mar. 1934, 1934 Apr.
Report covering 6 of the busiest districts in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Chicago , 1934 May
Sales of salted goods (first 4 months of 1933 and 1934), 1934 May
Consumer investigation on digestibility of peanuts, 1932 Jan.
Sales per m. population (first 10 months of 1934), 1935 Jan.
Package test for Planter's Peanuts, 1935 Jan.
Distribution and display check in 15 stores, 1935 Feb.
Requests for premiums, 1935 Apr.
Charts of Planter's distribution in Hartford , 1935 June
Check of distribution and sales position of Planter's and competitive peanuts in Washington, Buffalo, Hartford, and Nashville, 1935 Aug.
Investigation in Terre Haute, Ind., 1935 Nov.
Results of test advertising and detailing in 6 cities and analysis of drug confectionary and tobacco stores business in 18 metropolitan markets, 1937 Apr.
Color comics--sales trend (Feb.-1935 Oct.), 1935 Nov.-Dec.
Planter's sales--Glassine vs. bags, 1935 Dec.
Planter's sales (1935), 1936 June
Greater Boston market, 1938 Feb.
Results in Planter's advertising test cities, 1938 Aug.
Planter's Peanuts postcard survey--Wilkes-Barre, 1941 Apr.
Office survey on peanuts, 1941 Apr.
Survey in subway stations, 1941 Apr.
Consumer survey on ideas for entertainment, 1941 May
Subway Union news stands check, 1941 Sept.
Postcard survey on Planter's Cocktail Peanuts (Dec. 1, 1942), 1942 Jan.
Test of Pond's powder (#54 and #79), 1934 Oct.
Dealer investigation of the shaving cream market, 1934 Nov.
Consumer blind test of Pond's cold cream vs. Lady Esther, 1934 Nov.
Division of Pond's sales by outlets (all products), 1934 Nov.
Pond's powder test on perfume, 1935 Jan.
Pond's powder test on texture, 1935 Jan.
Test of five face powders (L-0, l-2, l-3, l-4, l-5), 1935 Feb.
Test of two face powders (8 and 9), 1935 Feb.
Office test on Pond's cold cream, 1935 Feb.
Report on Pond's new suntan powder, 1935 Mar.
Office test on Pond's cold cream (#5 and #9), 1935 Aug.
Office investigation on depilatories, 1935 Nov.
Test on new formula of cold cream and Vanishing Cream, 1936 Jan.
Net earnings compared to advertising expenditures of 3 leading tobacco manufacturers (1930-34), 1935 Sept.
Earnings of Canadian companies--Hudson, Loblaw, and Eaton, 1935 Sept.
Study of U.S. market for yerba mate, 1935 Nov.
Peanut butter--volume, gross margin, etc., 1935 Nov.
Memo to Mr. Baillie regarding Diastafor, 1936 May
Advertising analysis by bakery products and grocery products, 1936 June
Comparison of federal relief expenditures with federal income tax revenue by states, 1936 June
Analysis of 1936 advertising costs by divisions, 1936 June
Advertising expenditures of General Foods, Procter & Gamble, 1936 July
Summary of information on Junket, 1936 July
Report on metabolized vitamin D milk sales promotion questions, 1936 July
Advertising analysis for 1936, 1936
Analysis of average monthly salaries of standard brand employees by regions and divisions, 1936 Dec.
Analysis of advertising expenditures by divisions--all products (first 6 months of 1937), 1937 June
Audit bureau sales reports, 1941
Rochester--lather creams, 1941
Rochester--brushless creams, 1941
Rochester--lotion, 1941
Providence--lather creams, 1941
Providence--brushless creams, 1941
Providence--lotion, 1941
Indianapolis--lather creams, 1941
Indianapolis--brushless creams, 1941
Indianapolis--lotion, 1941
Atlanta--lather creams, 1941
Atlanta--brushless creams, 1941
Atlanta--lotion, 1941
Dealer investigation on price of Guinness stout and Bass ale, 1937 Oct.
Effect of local advertising on sales of Guinness, 1937 Oct.
Dealer investigation on price of Guinness stout and Bass ale in San Francisco, 1937 Nov.
Survey of Guinness distribution and prices in N.Y. City, 1938 Jan.
Analysis of doctors' comments on bulletins, 1938 July
Reel 222
Dealer telephone survey in Chicago, 1938 July
Consumer mail survey, 1939 May
Sales check of Guinness in 14 retail outlets (May-1939 Sept.), 1939 Oct.
Woodbury consumer investigation in N.Y. City--Pittsfield and Cincinnati, 1930 Jan.
Report of 10 women who have used the new Woodbury facial soap, 1930 Mar.
Report of 10 women who have used the new Woodbury formula, 1930 Mar.
Combined report on new formula, 1930 Apr.
Jergens lotion sales analysis, 1928-30, 1930 Apr.
Woodbury soap and Jergens lotion coupon analysis, 1930 Apr.
Analysis of Woodbury's facial soap coupon returns by size of city, 1930 Apr.
Analysis of Jergens lotion coupon returns, 1930 June
Reactions to Woodbury radio program, 1931 Nov.
Jergens bath tablet--office test, 1931 Dec.
Propaganda , 1930
Study of press treatment--British trade fair, 1931
Study of press attitude toward U.S., 1931
All America cables report, 1929 June
Drug investigation (Argentina), 1929 June
Drug investigations (Buenos Aires, exhibit C), 1929
Report of recommendations and investigation (Frigidaire), 1929
Survey and analysis of the Argentine market, produced by the J. Walter Thompson Company for General Motors Argentina (advertising division, general sales department, General Motors export division), 1929
General Motors Argentina--Report of investigation and recommendations for advertising--Buenos Aires Office, 1929
Volume I--Report on the city of Buenos Aires (survey made at the request of General Motors Argentina, S.A.), 1929
Volume II--Report on the city of Rosario, 1929
Volume III--Report on the city of La Plata, 1929
Volume IV--Report on the city of Mendoza, 1929
Goodrich recommendations, 1929 Oct.-1930 Jan.
Plan of institutional advertising--the Great Central Argentine Railway, 1931 Nov.
Report on Horlicks malted milk, 1929
Analysis of questionnaires referring to milk consumed by householders in Buenos Aires, dated Sept. 24, 1930, Henry Martin and Co., Avenida Roque Saenz Pena 570, B.A., 1929
Study of coupon returns, Kelito contest for Noel and Cia., 1929
Analisis de cupones del concurso de chocolatines Kelito, 1929
Memorandum Noel and Cia. Ltd. advertising recommendations for advertising, 1929
Noel and Cia. report of investigation and recommendations for advertising, 1929
Investigation on quince jam in packages, 1929
Face creams, 1935
Face powders, 1935
Investigation on pyorrhea--Buenos Aires, 1935
Royal baking powder investigation B.A., 1930 Oct. 18
Royal baking powder consumer investigation--Argentina, 1931
Analysis of questionnaires regarding Royal baking powder--Henry Martin and Co. B.A., 1930 Dec. 11
Royal fruit gelatin test--analysis of questionnaires attached--Henry Martin and Co., 1931 Feb. 19
Analysis of questionnaires referring to smokers of cigars and cigarettes--Henry Martin and Co. (see also reel 232 for Scott's Emulsion investigation of 1936), 1930 Oct. 3
Proposed investigation for Australian Women's Weekly , 1933
Woman and woman's weekly reader survey, 1935 Nov.
Australian Women's Weekly investigation--Conducted for Sydney Newspapers Ltd., 1933 Aug.
Broadcasting stations investigation--A survey of telephone users' preferences, 1934
Sydney broadcasting stations--Telephone investigation, 1935 Mar.
Confidential report--An inquiry into the influence of wireless programmes on school children--Sydney, Australia, 1935 Feb. 4
Market research report--Radio in Australia, undated
Bushell's tea investigation--Adelaide, 1930 Dec.
Report on Australia (written on cover in blue pencil--Caldwell--Burnet Corp.), 1918
Flit--Advertising and merchandising plan, 1930-1931
Folder marked: General Motors Sydney Office containing: 1. report. General Motors radio publicity programme. H.R. wearing media manager, 2. schedules marked (by memo attached) General Motors--Don Bradman radio publicity scheme, 1930
General Motors Australia Pty. Ltd.--Non-car owner investigation--Australia, undated
General Motors investigation--Car owner and car dealer summaries, undated
General Motors Australia Pty. Ltd.--G.M.C. truck investigation Australia, undated
General Motors Australia Pty. Ltd.--Competitive car owner investigation--Australia, undated
General Motors Australia Pty. Ltd.--Competitive truck owner investigation--Australia, undated
Car owner investigation--Queensland--Country Downs, undated
General Motors Australia Pty. Ltd.--Buick investigation--Australia, undated
Reel 223
Buick plan 1931--General Motors (Australia) Pty. Ltd., undated
General Motors Australia Pty. Ltd.--Cadillac and LaSalle investigation--Australia, undated
General Motors Australia Pty. Ltd.--Chevrolet investigation--Australia, undated
General Motors Australia Pty. Ltd.--Chevrolet truck investigation--Australia, undated
Chevrolet and Ford owner report--Victoria, undated
General Motors Australia Pty. Ltd.--Oakland investigation--Australia, undated
General Motors Australia Pty. Ltd.--Oldsmobile investigation--Australia, undated
General Motors Australia Pty. Ltd.--Pontiac investigation--Australia, undated
General Motors Australia Pty. Ltd.--Vauxhall investigation--Australia, undated
General Motors Australia Pty. Ltd.--Vauxhall programme, 1931
Milk food drinks investigation--Australia, 1937 Nov.
Jantzen investigation--Australia, undated
Johnson outboard motors--Report on information obtained from Johnson agents in Australia, 1930
Junket investigation--New South Wales, 1932 Oct.
Proposed investigation--Junket tablets, etc., 1932 Oct.
Cheese investigation--New South Wales, 1936 Nov.
Cheese investigation--Victoria, 1937 Feb.
Kraft Walker Cheese Co. Pty. Ltd. advertising plan , 1931
Lux investigation, undated
Lux toilet soap investigation, undated
Report on Pond's creams for Australia, 1930 Aug. 8
Radio--Owner investigation--Sydney (Pond's creams), 1932 Aug.
Pond's cream investigation--Australia, 1929 Nov. 20
Pond's Extract Co. International Ltd. advertising recommendations, 1931-1932
Pond's investigation--Dealers, 1931 Jan. 29
New South Wales Egg Marketing Board--Advertising programme for sunrise eggs, 1932
Daily telegraph reader survey, 1936 Mar.
Daily telegraph investigation--Sydney N.S.W., 1932 Aug.
Age of accumulation survey, 1937 Nov.
Supplementary commodity survey, 1937 Dec.
Sydney morning newspapers reader survey, 1936 Feb.
Towel investigation--New South Wales, 1936 Dec.
Vegemite investigation--Victoria, 1937 Feb.
Wine industry in Australia, 1932 May
Wrigley investigation amongst Sydney school children, 1936 Aug.
Market statistics for Australia, 1931 Sept.
Australia and New Zealand basic statistics, 1933
Investigation of Buick advertising Bisset Hall, newspapers, and periodicals, 1929 Sept. 1
Motor car study, dealers, Belgium, 1927 Aug.
Motor car study, owners, Belgium, 1927 Aug.
Commercial vehicle study, owners, Belgium, 1927 Aug.
Commercial vehicle study, dealers, Belgium, 1927 Aug.
Investigation made for Blue Star Line, 1931
Investigation for Lehn and Fink, Brazil, 1931 May
Pond's extract Company, international, Ltd., investigation of the face cream market in Brazil, 1934 July
Preliminary report on Royal baking powder from Sao Paulo Office, undated
Survey of the Canadian market for household ammonia, 1931 Jan.
Facts on Canadian media, 1930 Dec.
Consumer survey cameras, 1933 Dec.
Confidential Canadian doctors' campaign, permission granted to publish testimonials (Guinness), 1931
Reel 224
Survey of newspaper reading habits of adolescents, 1938 July
Pond's Extract Co. of Canada, Ltd., dealer investigation on price--Cutting situation, 1931 Feb.
Standard Brands Limited, survey of the baking powder market in 4 Canadian cities, 1933 June
Report on a questionnaire to housewives regarding baking powder, 1934 Oct.
Standard Brands Limited, survey among Gillex users in Montreal and Toronto, 1933 Nov.
Standard Brands Limited, survey on yeast-cakes in rural Canada, 1934 Aug.
Data re free port of Copenhagen, 1921 Jan. 13
Commercial vehicle study, dealers, Denmark, undated
Commercial vehicle study, owners, Denmark, undated
Motor car study, owners, Denmark, 1927 Sept.
Motor car study. dealers, Denmark, 1927 Aug.
Report of investigation on wireless, dealers, Denmark, 1928 Feb.
Report of investigation on wireless, consumers, Denmark, 1928 Jan.
Danish and Norwegian media, Copenhagen, 1931 Sept. 15
Report on the market in Egypt for tea, coffee, yeast, baking powder, and gelatin, 1930 May
Horlick's malted milk, Alexandria, 1928
Motor car study (Owners--Dealers), commercial vehicle study (Dealers), 1927 Aug.
Motor car study, owners, Finland, 1927 Aug.
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Gillette investigation, dealers, 1930 Apr.
Enquete Goodrich, 1930 Jan.
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Commercial vehicle study, dealers, Germany, 1927 Sept.
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Commercial vehicle study, owners, Germany, 1927 Sept.
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Commercial vehicle study, potential Chevrolet truck owners, Berlin, 1929 Aug.
Memorandum on Pond's in Germany: 1. recommendations for fall, 1932, 2. review of Pond's, 1929 to data, 3. sales figures, etc.,. 1929 to date, 1929-1932
Investigation on skin care: consumers--Germany, 1932 May, analysis and tabulation of findings, 1932 May
Investigation on skin care: consumers--Germany, 1932 May, detailed reports of interviews with consumers, 1932 May
Folder marked: Pond's investigation, Germany, 1932
The German press, 1929 Feb.
Analysis of the market possibilities of Royal baking powder in Germany, 1930 Jan.
German milline rates, 1929
Folder: cheese, 1925-1927
Report of Cutex investigation in England and Scotland, 1932 Feb.-Mar.
Cutex advertising plan in England, 1927
General Motors Ltd. investigation, car dealers, Great Britain, 1927 June
1927-1928 advertising plan, Chevrolet commercial vehicle, Great Britain, 1927-1928
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Commercial vehicle study, owners, United Kingdom, 1927 July
Commercial vehicle study, dealers, England, Scotland, and Wales, 1927 June
Short summary on Harpic, 1933 June
Reel 225
Short summary of results of national investigation into the consumption of herrings, 1934 June
Report of investigation on Jantzen bathing suits, consumers, London, 1930 July
Folder: Jell-O, British market, 1922-1924
Folder: Libby, McNeil, and Libby, Ltd. (contains five reports), 1933
Review of some distribution problems, Marconiphone, 1930 Feb.
Folder: Melereon hair dye, London, 1939 Apr. 27
Report of investigation amongst women on use of depilatories and razors, 1929-1931
Report of investigation on Odorono, women, London, exhibit D, 1929 Sept.
Pond's test campaigns, 1932 Apr.
Information on Australian, English, and American creams, 1932
Folder: Pond's Extract Co., London Office data, etc., 1931
Summary of six months progress with Pond's Extract Co., 1932
Results of investigation on face creams (with special reference to Princess Marguerite all-purpose cream), 1937 July
Report of investigation on beauty treatments with special reference to face creams, Great Britain, 1934 Nov.
Investigation for O'Sullivan's rubber heels in Great Britain, undated
Report of investigation on stok consumers, Nottingham and Sheffield, 1931 May
Report on consumer investigation on soup consumption, 1926
Appraisal of opportunity to market new brand of tea in United Kingdom, undated
Report of the International Tea Committee (printed in London), 1933 July 1-1934 Mar. 31
Report of investigation on tea, London, 1928 Oct.