Guide to the Nestia V. Lloyd Diaries, 1923-1925


Three annual diaries (1923-1925) kept by Nestia V. Lloyd, a young woman (b. 1902) living with her parents in London and Wales.

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Nestia V. Lloyd diaries
Lloyd, Nestia V., b. 1902
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David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library
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Collection consists of three bound diaries kept by Nestia V. Lloyd for the years 1923, 1924, and 1925. The early pages of the diaries include printed matter such as calendars, tips intended for women in the home (regarding cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene and health, fashion), London theaters (including Lloyd's notes about which shows she saw at which theaters), and notes. Lloyd used the diaries regularly and discussed her personal activities, gifts sent and received for various occasions, financial expenses and housekeeping, her work and schooling, her travels and activities through London and Wales, and family news.

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Contents of the Collection

Volume 1, 1923

The first volume of Lloyd's diary, which chronicles 1923, documents her life within the domicile. Each day, she writes about performing a variety of chores, from dusting entire rooms to washing all the silver in the house. Similarly, she accompanies her mother as she shops daily throughout London. Two of the destinations that they frequent are Kensington and West. Most of the purchases that they make revolve around food and are often times the ingredients for that night's dinner. Throughout the diary, Lloyd also indicates that she maintains a few correspondences over the year. She frequently writes to her friends Ellie Wills and Sytha. She also maintains a constant communication with a man named Russell. They talk on the telephone often, and she has him over for dinner a few times over the year. In April, Lloyd wrote about the Royal Wedding that took place between Prince Albert and Lady Elizabeth. In school, Lloyd is studying both French and Italian. Based on her accounts of each class, French is easier for her to learn, and there are times where she exclaims how well she is picking it up versus how poorly she is understanding Italian. Every week, Lloyd attends church with her mother, and sometimes her Auntie May accompanies them.

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Volume 2, 1924

The second volume of Lloyd's diary, which chronicles her 1924 year, indicates both a continued presence in the home but also her increasing independence. While she still goes shopping with her mother frequently, Lloyd also begins to do things without her mother's guidance and help. For example, midway through the year (around July), she began to go on daily walks with her sister to Colwyn Bay (Wales) without the company of her mom. Lloyd also picks up both the piano and the violin in her free time, and she becomes an avid reader. On many occasions, she would stay in bed until it was time for dinner because she was so invested in whatever book she was reading at the time. Lloyd also continued the dance lessons that she began the year before. She also appeared to increase her commitment to dance, as she began practicing multiple times per week without fail.

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Volume 3, 1925

The third volume of Lloyd's diary, which chronicles her 1925 year, again indicates her continued presence within the home as shown by the various chores that she performs daily. However, Lloyd also begins to learn how to type. On one particular day, she is ecstatic after passing one of her typing tests with flying colors after achieving a words-per-minute score of 33. On top of that, Lloyd begins attending weekly lectures about being ladylike; she learns about manners and how to carry herself. She continues to dance and play both the piano and violin, though does so less frequently and with less enthusiasm as she did in 1924.

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Historical Note

Nestia V. Lloyd (b. 1902) was an unmarried woman who lived with her parents in London and near Colwyn Bay in Wales during the years 1923, 1924, and 1925.

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The Nestia V. Lloyd Diaries were received by the David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library as a purchase from Lisa Unger Baskin in 2015.

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