Guide to the Ottoman Empire Maps Collection, 1869-1920


Collection consists of published maps produced in the late Ottoman Empire, specifically Anatolia, documenting Ottoman or Anatolia geographic and political borders in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Maps have been acquired individually and description has been provided in Turkish by the dealer.

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Ottoman Empire maps collection
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Collection consists of maps individually acquired documenting geographic regions and political borders of the Ottoman Empire, specifically Turkey, including a map produced following the re-establishment of the constitutional monarchy of the Ottoman Empire in 1908. Another map stamped 38/10/18 (Islamic calendar date of 1920 October 18) has manuscript notations and was used by the Turkish military during the Greco-Turkish War. Maps date from the late Ottoman Empire period. Each map is numbered and described individually in Turkish.


Maps are listed chronologically by date of publication.

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Contents of the Collection

Karadağ ve civarının haritası / A Map of Montenegro and its vicinity, 1869

Description provided by the dealer: "1869 senesi Avusturya Devleti Askeri Coğrafya Cemiyeti tarafından hazırlanan Karadağ ve Civarını gösteren haritaya Erkan-ı Harbiye Zabitanı tarafından 1852 Karadağ Muharebesi haritaları tahkik edilerek 1875 yılında hazırlanmıştır. Orjinal deri kabında Osmanlı İmparatorluğunda Maden Haritacılık Dairesinin Kurulmasından önce hazırlanan çok nadir haritalar içerisinde kabul edilen 24 parça beze monte edilen harita, 105x110 cm. Arnavutluk ve İşkodra'yı coğrafi ve idari açıdan ele almaktadır. 1852 yılında Osmanlı ordusunun Karadağ üzerine icra olunan askeri taarruz inkişaf suretiyle ahz olunmuş haritalar birleştirilerek tanzim ve tertip olunan bir kıta haritasıdır."

Description as translated by library staff: This map was prepared in 1875 by the soldiers of Erkan-ı Harbiye by examining a map of Montenegro and its surroundings which was prepared by the Austrian State Military Geography Society in 1869 and by examining also the maps of the Battle of 1852 in Montenegro. This map was in its original leather cover and was prepared before the establishment of the Maden Haritacılık Dairesi and is known to be a very rare map, it was assembled in 24 pieces of cloth and measures 105x110 cm. It shows Albania and Shkodër (Shkodra) from the geographical and administrative point of view. This is a battalion map which was prepared by combining maps which were obtained during the attack of the Ottoman army in 1852 in Montenegro.

Volume 1
Item RL.11740-M-003
Anadolu-i şahane'nin Hudut Harekatinin Haritasi / Map of the border operation of the imperial Anatolia, 1321, 1903

Description as provided by the dealer: "Drawn by Kolagasi Refik and published by Topcu Ali Riza Bey. Shows border with Armenia and Russia. Scale 1:840000. Size Hasan. Cloth backed. Some staining."

Title as translated by Google: "Map of Anadolu Sahane's Operation of Borders."

Oversize-folder 1
Item RL.11740-M-001
İstanbul Planı, 2. Meşrutiyet, 1324, 1906

Description as provided by the dealer: "Bab-ı Ali caddesinde Tefeyyüz Kütüphanesi ve Matbaası tarafından neşren olunmuştur. Meşrutiyetin ilani dolayısıyla çıkarılan Türk Bayraklarıyla hazırlanmış özel harita."

Description as translated by library staff: "This was published by Tefeyyüz library and printing house on Bab-ı Ali street. Special map with the Turkish flags printed for the announcement of the constitutional monarchy."

Oversize-folder 2
Item RL.11740-M-002
"Istanbul," Turkish military map used during war with Greece, 1916, stamped 38/10/18 (July 5, 1920)

Caption as provided by the dealer: Erkan-ı Harbiye-ı Umumiyye matbaasinda tab olunmuştur.

Caption as translated by library staff: This book was printed at the Ottoman Military College printing house.

Map used by the Turkish military during war with Greece. Stamped with two crescent moons, indicating it is secret and confidential (3 crescents indicates top secret). Stamped 38/10/18, presumably meaning July 5, 1920, according to the Islamic calendar. Manuscript notations for locations of army units and front line. Map originally produced in 1332 (1916). Size: 58x90cm. Scale: 1:1000000 km.

Oversize-folder 3
Item RL.11740-M-004

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The Ottoman Empire Maps Collection was received by the David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library as individual purchases in 2018.

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