Guide to the Louis Dupree Papers, 1943 - 1989, undated


Louis Dupree was a scholar, educator, and consultant on the refugees, politics, and archaeology of Afghanistan and Pakistan. He served as a Senior Research Associate for the Program in Islamic and Arabian Development Studies at Duke University during the late 1980s. The Louis Dupree Papers contain correspondence, notes, clippings, conference programs, drafts, manuscripts, speeches, newsletters, interview transcripts, research materials, teaching materials, a scrapbook, photographs, grant applications, memorabilia, student papers, a dissertation, and other materials related to the personal life and professional career of archaeologist, activist, and scholar Louis Dupree. Major subjects include Louis Dupree, Nancy Hatch Dupree, the Duke University Program in Islamic and Arabian Development Studies, Ralph Braibanti, Afghanistan, Afghan refugees, Afghanistan-Pakistan relations, Pakistan, the United States Army 11th Airborne, the United States Army 187th Airborne, and the United States Military Academy at West Point. English.

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Record Group
Louis Dupree papers
1943-1989 and undated
Dupree, Louis, 1925-
4.5 Linear Feet, 3000 Items
David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Collection Overview

The Louis Dupree papers contain correspondence, notes, clippings, conference programs, drafts, manuscripts, speeches, newsletters, interview transcripts, research materials, teaching materials, a scrapbook, photographs, grant applications, memorabilia, student papers, a dissertation, and other materials related to the personal life and professional career of archaeologist, activist, and scholar Louis Dupree.

Major subjects include Louis Dupree, Nancy Hatch Dupree, the Duke University Program in Islamic and Arabian Development Studies, Ralph Braibanti, Afghanistan, Afghan refugees, Afghanistan-Pakistan relations, Pakistan, the United States Army 11th Airborne, the United States Army 187th Airborne, and the United States Military Academy at West Point. Materials range in date from 1943 to 1989. The bulk of the material is from 1980 to 1989, as Dupree had destroyed much of his correspondence and papers, because, according to Nancy Hatch Dupree, he thought they were nobody's business.

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Contents of the Collection

Professional and Personal Correspondence, 1961-1989

Primarily professional correspondence from the last decade of Dupree's life. Dupree often developed friendships with his professional associates, so much of the professional correspondence contains personal information and vice versa. Dupree also filed notes, clippings, and other materials related to the correspondent in the same folder as the correspondence.

Arranged alphabetically by correspondent except for two folders, one of miscellaneous correspondence and one of various letters of reference for Dupree, filed at the end of the series.

Ahmed, Akbar S., 1981-1985
Box 1
Folder 1
al-Masry, Abdullah, 1987
Box 1
Folder 2
Ali, S. Hadi Raza, 1988
Box 1
Folder 3
Ansary, Mir Tamim, 1985
Box 1
Folder 4
Bethell, Nicholas, 1980-1982
Box 1
Folder 5
Carrell, Laurent F., 1986
Box 1
Folder 6
Davis, Richard, 1977-1988
Box 1
Folder 7
Dudley-Rowley, Marilyn, 1984-1987
Box 1
Folder 8
Elmi, Sayed M. Y., 1986
Box 1
Folder 9
Emadi, Hafizulla, 1986-1989
Box 1
Folder 10
Esposito, John L., 1981
Box 1
Folder 11
Fairservis, Walter A., 1985-1988
Box 1
Folder 12
Farhadi, A. G. Ravan, 1984-1985
Box 1
Folder 13
Fischer, Klaus, 1985-1988
Box 1
Folder 14
Fox, Miguel Jose Hagerty, 1982-1985
Box 1
Folder 15
Froz, Wahid, 1985
Box 1
Folder 16
Gankovsky, Yuri, 1988
Box 1
Folder 17
Goodwin, Peter, 1980-1988
Box 1
Folder 18
Gowlett, John A. J., 1984
Box 1
Folder 19
Hart, David M., 1985-1987
Box 1
Folder 20
Heath, Jennifer, 1988
Box 1
Folder 21
Heritage Foundation, 1985-1988
Box 1
Folder 22
Indiana University: Archives of Folk and Primitive Music, 1961-1972, undated
Box 1
Folder 23
Indiana University Archives of Traditional Music, 1987
Box 1
Folder 24
Jacobson, Jerome, 1988
Box 1
Folder 25
Jan Alam, undated
Box 1
Folder 26
Keegan, John, 1985
Box 1
Folder 27
Kellogg, William W., 1985
Box 1
Folder 28
Khalevinski, Igor, 1986
Box 1
Folder 29
Khalilzad, Zalmay, 1984
Box 1
Folder 30
Khan, Rana Zaffarullah, 1985
Box 1
Folder 31
Khanazov, Anatoly M., 1987
Box 1
Folder 32
Lageman, Tye, 1985-1988
Box 1
Folder 33
Levy, Jack S., 1985
Box 1
Folder 34
Mataxis, Ted, 1986-1988
Box 1
Folder 35
Miskingatz, 1981
Box 1
Folder 36
Muslim, The (newspaper), 1987
Box 1
Folder 37
Naby, Eden, 1987
Box 1
Folder 38
Nagler, Michael N., 1984
Box 1
Folder 39
Narain, A. K., 1985
Box 1
Folder 40
Niazi, 1987
Box 1
Folder 41
Non-Aligned Third World, 1986
Box 1
Folder 42
Olesen, Asta, 1986
Box 1
Folder 43
Oleson, Lynn, 1985
Box 1
Folder 44
Pennsylvania State University, 1987
Box 1
Folder 45
Richter, William L., 1987
Box 1
Folder 46
Rigsbee, Arnold, 1986
Box 1
Folder 47
Rubin, Barnett R., 1987-1988
Box 1
Folder 48
Saudi Arabia, 1985-1987
Box 1
Folder 49
Scarborough, Jared, 1986
Box 1
Folder 50
Solecki, Rose M., 1986
Box 1
Folder 51
Thomas, Lowell, 1981
Box 1
Folder 52
University of Michigan, 1988
Box 1
Folder 53
Veggeberg, Kermit R., 1986-1987
Box 1
Folder 54
Walsh, Lawrence, 1986
Box 1
Folder 55
Weller, Richard, 1984
Box 1
Folder 56
Whitteridge, Gordon, 1986
Box 1
Folder 57
Who's Who, 1986
Box 1
Folder 58
Williams, Stephen, 1987
Box 1
Folder 59
Yousaf, Shaheer, 1986
Box 1
Folder 60
Zia ul-Haq and Government of Pakistan, 1977-1987
Box 1
Folder 61
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1980-1989
Box 1
Folder 62
Letters of recommendation regarding Louis Dupree, 1984-1988
Box 1
Folder 63

Correspondence with Afghan and Pakistani refugees and students, 1980-1989, undated

Conditions Governing Access note

The series entitled “Correspondence with Afghan and Pakistani refugees and students” is restricted. This series contains sensitive information. Patrons must sign a waiver concerning privacy rights.

Box 1
Folder 64-76

2. Conferences, Seminars, and Workshops, 1981-1989, undated

Conference programs and schedules, correspondence relating to Dupree's attendance at various conferences and seminars, draft and published versions of presentations given at conferences, and Dupree's working notes for presentations.

Arranged alphabetically.

Afghanistan: A Threatened Culture, 1985
Box 1
Folder 77
Afghanistan Relief Committee, 1987
Box 1
Folder 78
Australian National University: Soviet Withdrawal from Afghanistan, 1988
Box 1
Folder 79
Boston University: Center for Defense Journalism, 1988-1989
Box 1
Folder 80
Bundestag: Six Years of War and Occupation in Afghanistan, 1986
Box 1
Folder 81
Center for Strategic and International Studies: Pakistan and Southwest Asia Security Conference, 1982
Box 1
Folder 82
Center for Strategic and International Studies: War in Afghanistan and the Plight of the Afghan Family, 1986
Box 1
Folder 83
Box 1
Folder 84
Columbia University: Pakistan in the 1980s, 1987
Box 1
Folder 85
Columbia University: Approaches to Islam in Central and Inner Asian Studies, 1988
Box 1
Folder 86
Defense Intelligence College: Afghanistan and Soviet Strategies for the Muslim World, 1987
Box 1
Folder 87
Duke University Islamic and Arabian Development Studies: Refugees in the Islamic World, 1987
Box 1
Folder 88
Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Afghanistan: The Way Forward, 1986
Box 1
Folder 89
Foreign Policy Research Institute, 1986
Box 1
Folder 90
Harvard, 1983-1985
Box 1
Folder 91
Harvard: Islam and Politics in the Contemporary Muslim World, 1985
Box 1
Folder 92
International Medical Corps, 1986
Box 1
Folder 93
International Parliamentary Group for Human Rights in the Soviet Union, 1987
Box 1
Folder 94
International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX), 1987
Box 1
Folder 95
MEI, undated
Box 1
Folder 96
MESA, 1986
Box 1
Folder 97
Middle East Studies Association, 1986
Box 1
Folder 98
New York Conference on Asian Studies, 1987
Box 1
Folder 99
Orkand Corporation: Afghan Refugees Conference, 1988
Box 2
Folder 100
Oslo: Second International Afghanistan Hearing, 1986
Box 2
Folder 101
Oxford, 1986
Box 2
Folder 102
Princeton Center of International Studies: Conference on Inner Asia, 1989
Box 2
Folder 103
SASASAAS: Southern Atlantic States Association for Asian and African Studies, 1989
Box 2
Folder 104
Box 2
Folder 105
University of Miami: US-Soviet Rivalry in Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf, 1987
Box 2
Folder 106
University of North Carolina: Afghanistan: Implications and Ramifications of Soviet Withdrawal, 1988
Box 2
Folder 107
University of South Carolina: Institute of International Studies, 1985
Box 2
Folder 108
University of Texas at Austin, 1989
Box 2
Folder 109
University of Wisconsin: Identity Problems in Central Asia, 1983
Box 2
Folder 110
University of Wisconsin: Conference on South Asia, 1985
Box 2
Folder 111
University of Wisconsin: Conference on South Asia, 1986
Box 2
Folder 112
University of Wisconsin: South Asian Archaeology, 1986
Box 2
Folder 113
U.S. Department of State, 1981, 1986-1987
Box 2
Folder 114
Villanova, 1986
Box 2
Folder 115
World Affairs Council, 1988
Box 2
Folder 116
York University: The Global Crisis in Refugee Migration, 1988-1989
Box 2
Folder 117

3. Organizations and Committees, 1964-1989, undated

Primarily correspondence, clippings, notes, memos, minutes, newsletters, and other materials related to organizations and committees to which Dupree belonged or in which he had an interest. Includes some writings by Dupree and his testimony before the Congressional Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Congressional Task Force on Afghanistan. Also includes notes by Dupree concerning his possible appointment as the US ambassador to Bangladesh.

Arranged alphabetically.

Afghanistan Action Committees, 1985-1986
Box 2
Folder 118
Afghanistan Documentary Movie Project, 1988-1989
Box 2
Folder 119
American Council for the Study of Islamic Societies, 1986-1987
Box 2
Folder 120
American School of Archaeology in Pakistan, 1984-1985
Box 2
Folder 121
Bangladesh, Ambassador to, undated
Box 2
Folder 122
CASCON, 1986
Box 2
Folder 123
Comitato aiuto profughi Afgani (Italian Refugee Committee), 1988
Box 2
Folder 124
Committee for a Free Afghanistan, 1986-1987
Box 2
Folder 125
Congress of the United States: Committee on Foreign Affairs: Subcommittee on Asian and Pacific Affairs, 1988
Box 2
Folder 126
Congressional Task Force on Afghanistan: Hearing on Effective Public Diplomacy, 1985
Box 2
Folder 127
Corning Museum of Glass, 1978-1981
Box 2
Folder 128
Esso, 1964-1973, undated
Box 2
Folder 129
Federation for American Afghan Action, 1983-1985
Box 2
Folder 130
Intergovernmental Committee for Migration, 1987
Box 2
Folder 131
International Bank for Reconstruction Development, undated
Box 2
Folder 132
Mule Pool, 1987
Box 2
Folder 133
National Committee for Human Rights in Afghanistan, 1987-1988, undated
Box 2
Folder 134
National Security Archive, 1988, undated
Box 2
Folder 135
North Carolina Afghan Refugee Fund, 1987
Box 2
Folder 136
Universities Field Staff International, undated
Box 2
Folder 137
Writers Union of Free Afghanistan, undated
Box 2
Folder 138

4. Writings and Research, 1947-1989, undated

Notes, drafts, and typescripts of articles and books written by Dupree, plus other research materials.


Arranged chronologically

Princeton University Press: Afghan Interviews, 1955-1956, undated

Transcripts of interviews with Afghans, used as research material in Dupree's book Afghanistan.

Box 2
Folder 139
Princeton University Press, 1961-1981

Correspondence, notes about typos and other corrections and revisions, research notes, contracts, clippings, and other materials related to the publication of Afghanistan.

Box 2
Folder 140
AF Forum, undated

Typescripts of Review: Rambo III by Dupree and The Afghan Kirghiz in Turkey by Nancy Hatch Dupree.

Box 2
Folder 141
Afghanistan 1989: A Turning Point in History?, undated
Box 2
Folder 142
Afghanistan 2000 AD: The Worst Possible Scenario, 1983
Box 2
Folder 143
Afghanistan: The Revolution is Now!, 1989
Box 2
Folder 144
Archaeology Clippings and Notes, 1964-1986, undated
Box 2
Folder 145
Australian Relief Committee for Afghan Refugees: Calendar, 1989

Translations of captions to calendar illustrations by Dupree.

Box 2
Folder 146
Babrak, 1985

Letter regarding Dupree's entry for Babrak Karmal in the 1987 Encyclopedia of World Biography, plus a copy of the article.

Box 2
Folder 147
Badwan Ethnography, undated
Box 2
Folder 148
Bernard-Bathtub: Report on Talks with Agha Mohammad Rahmani and Mohammad Azam: 4 August 1975

Typescript regarding a bronze sarcophagus and related items found in Kandahar.

Box 2
Folder 149
Christian Science Monitor, clippings and letters, 1980-1988
Box 2
Folder 150
Comments on Afghanistan's Political Future, undated
Box 2
Folder 151
Commonweal, 1987-1988
Box 2
Folder 152
Drafts, undated
Box 2
Folder 153
Economist, letter, 1987
Box 2
Folder 154
Experiment in Democracy, 1947
Box 2
Folder 155
Folklore, undated
Box 2
Folder 156
Fossil Man, circa 1970
Box 2
Folder 157
Freedom Medicine, 1988

Handwritten notes for a talk entitled What is Anthropology?

Box 2
Folder 158
From Whence Cometh Pasta?, 1983
Box 2
Folder 159
Modest Proposal: With Apologies to Jonathan Swift, 1988
Box 2
Folder 160
Mujahidin, 1988
Box 2
Folder 161
Nation, undated
Box 2
Folder 162
New York Times,, letters, 1984-1988
Box 2
Folder 163
Norwegian article, 1987

Xerox of article (in Norwegian) regarding Dupree and Nancy Hatch Dupree.

Box 2
Folder 164
North Carolina Newspapers, letters and clippings, 1986-1988
Box 2
Folder 165
Pacific News Service, 1986

Typescript and handwritten draft of short article by Dupree regarding Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Box 2
Folder 166
Poetry, 1988
Box 2
Folder 167
Police photos of P. M. Maiwandwal's “suicide by hanging” , 1973

Warning: Graphic Material

Black and white photographs. Note by Nancy Hatch Dupree: “Police photos of P. M. Maiwandwal's 'suicide by hanging' on 20 October 1973. L. D. persuaded the government not to release them as 'proof' of suicide, bec. he found them unconvincing. To my knowledge they were never published or released.”

Box 2
Folder 168
Refuge: Canada's Periodical on Refugees, 1988

Correspondence regarding Dupree's role as guest editor of the journal.

Box 2
Folder 169
Research Notes on Political Parties in Pakistan, 1979, and Afghanistan, 1983, Notes, 1987
Box 2
Folder 170
The Role of the Geneva Talks, undated
Box 2
Folder 171
Swedish Committee for Afghanistan: Round-Table Discussion on the Present Situation in Afghanistan, undated
Box 2
Folder 172
Village Interview Transcripts, 1964

Typed transcript of an interview with an Indian villager, plus appendices and handwritten notes.

Box 2
Folder 173
Voice of America, 1987

Handwritten draft by Dupree for a Voice of America program marking the anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Box 2
Folder 174
Wall Street Journal, letter and clippings, 1987-1988
Box 2
Folder 175
Washington Post, letter, 1988
Box 2
Folder 176

Dupree Interview Transcripts, 1978, 1980

Arranged chronologically

Transcript of Tapes: Prison Experience, 1978

Note by Nancy Hatch Dupree: “Transcript of tapes made by Louis Dupree in Peshawar immediately following his imprisonment in Kabul, December 1978” .

Box 2
Folder 177
Afghanistan: A Conversation with Dr. Louis Dupree, 1980
Box 2
Folder 178

Fellowships and Grants 1983-1989,

Arranged alphabetically

American Institute of Pakistani Studies, 1983-1989

Correspondence, application, proposal, notes, and other materials related to the Duprees' study of Afghan refugees in Pakistan.

Box 3
Folder 179
Ford Foundation Grant: The First Russo-Afghan War, 1983-1988, undated

Correspondence, proposal, and other materials related to Dupree's unfinished book, The First Russo-Afghan War (1979-???): Afghan Cultural Responses to the Soviet Occupation.

Box 3
Folder 180
Ford Foundation Grant: The Modernization of Inner Asia, 1985-1987

Grant proposal to the Ford Foundation for funding for the book The Modernization of Inner Asia. Annotations by Dupree.

Box 3
Folder 181
Ford Foundation Grant: Refugees and General, 1982-1984, undated

Correspondence, proposal, tentative outline of book, notes, and other materials related to the Duprees' study of Afghan refugees in Pakistan.

Box 3
Folder 182
Fulbright Scholar Award, 1988-1989

Correspondence, application, and other materials related to the Duprees' study of Afghan refugees in Pakistan.

Box 3
Folder 183

Reviews, 1986-1988

Materials related to Dupree serving as an advisor and reviewer on journal articles, books, and a master's thesis. Includes correspondence, notes, and abstracts and drafts of articles and books under consideration.

Arranged alphabetically

Central Asia Survey: Sultana Afroz 1988
Box 3
Folder 184
Foreign Policy Association: Pakistan and Afghanistan: Storm Over Southwest Asia, Great Decisions, 1986
Box 3
Folder 185
International Center for Dynamics of Development: Dana D. Reynolds, 1988
Box 3
Folder 186
International Migration Review: Factors in the Residential Choices of Self-Settled Afghan Refugees in Peshawar, Pakistan, 1987
Box 3
Folder 187
National Council of the Churches of Christ, Afghanistan primer, 1987
Box 3
Folder 188
Nemec, Margaret: Thesis and Independent Study, 1987-1988
Box 3
Folder 189
New York Times: A Reporter at Large: The Catastrophe, 1987
Box 3
Folder 190
Northwestern University Press: Report on Afghanistan by Jeri Laber, 1986
Box 3
Folder 191
Orkand Corporation: The Soviets in Afghanistan: Adapting, Reappraising, and Settling In, 1986
Box 3
Folder 192
Oxford University Press, 1987

Correspondence, comments by Dupree on a manuscript by Barnett Rubin entitled The Struggle for the Afghan State: Communist Coup d'Etat and Islamic Revolution. Correspondence and comments by Dupree on a manuscript by Michael Karasz entitled Strewn Along Shores.

Box 3
Folder 193
Peshawar University references, 1987
Box 3
Folder 194
Rubin, Barnett: Lineages of the State in Afghanistan, 1988
Box 3
Folder 195
Western Political Quarterly: President Carter and the Invasion of Afghanistan, 1986
Box 3
Folder 196

Two bound volumes of Dupree's Ph.D. dissertation, Harvard University Dept. of Anthropology: Shamshir Ghar: Historic Cave Site in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan, 1954

Box 3
Folder 197-198

5. Teaching and university materials, 1977-1989, undated

Correspondence, syllabi, reading lists, notes, student papers, and other materials related to Dupree's teaching career.

Arranged alphabetically

Courses, 1977-1989, undated
Box 3
Folder 199
Duke University, 1987-1989
Box 3
Folder 200
Duke University: Activities Reports, 1985-1988
Box 3
Folder 201
Duke University: Anthropology 180.1, 1985
Box 3
Folder 202
Duke University: Political Science 235S, 1988
Box 3
Folder 203
Duke University: University Research Council, 1988
Box 3
Folder 204
Institute for Asian Studies Brochure, 1985
Box 3
Folder 205
PSU: Central Asia, 1985
Box 3
Folder 206
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Anthropology 120, 1987
Box 3
Folder 207
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Anthropology 137, 1988
Box 3
Folder 208
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: PPS 195.01 Regional Ethnic Conflicts, 1989
Box 3
Folder 209
West Point, 1984-1985
Box 3
Folder 210
11th Airborne, 1982-1985, undated

Correspondence, notes, clippings, maps, and other materials related to Dupree's service in the 11th Airborne Division.

Box 3
Folder 211
187th Airborne, 1985-1987, undated

Correspondence, clippings, and other materials related to Dupree's service in the 187th Airborne Division.

Box 3
Folder 212
Army, 1985-1988, undated

Correspondence, copies of Dupree's discharge records, and other materials related to Dupree's U. S. Army service.

Box 3
Folder 213
Cadet Midshipman Log and Scrapbook, 1943-44

Scrapbook kept by Dupree during his 1943-1944 armed forces service. Includes journal entries, verse, clippings, photographs, and other memorabilia.

Box 3
Folder 214

Family 1981-1988,

Arranged alphabetically

Dupree Family Album 1984

Correspondence regarding The Dupree Family Album and a copy of The Name and Family of Dupre(e) from the Roots Research Bureau.

Box 3
Folder 215
Greenville, N.C. 1981-1988

Clipping about the Duprees from the Greenville Daily Reflector, Greenville High School reunion program, letters, and other personal materials.

Box 3
Folder 216

Historical Note

Louis Dupree was born in Greenville, North Carolina in 1925. He attended Greenville High School until about 1943, enlisting in the armed forces before earning his diploma. He served in World War II, first as a merchant seaman, then as an officer in the 11th Airborne Division in the Philippines campaign and occupation of Japan. Dupree received the Mariner's Medal, Merchant Marine Combat Bar, Combat Infantry Badge, Purple Heart, and Bronze Star.

During 1947 to 1955, Dupree earned his bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degrees in Anthropology from Harvard. He began research in Central and South Asia in 1949. In the United States, Dupree taught and conducted research at Air University, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, from 1953 to 1957. In 1957, he accepted a teaching appointment in the Anthropology Department at Pennsylvania State University. Dupree taught as a Visiting Professor at Kabul University (Afghanistan), Princeton University, and the United States Military Academy at West Point.

From 1959 to 1983, Dupree was a representative of the American Universities Field Staff (AUFS) in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He spent two years researching and writing under the AUFS program, returning to the United States every third year to lecture at the twelve universities sponsoring AUFS. Dupree was also director of several archaeological surveys and excavations in Afghanistan from 1959 to1983, sponsored by American institutions such as the American Museum of Natural History, the National Science Foundation, the American Philosophical Society, and the National Endowment for the Humanities. His excavation on upper Paleolithic sites at Aq Kupruk in northern Afghanistan won international acclaim.

In 1966, Dupree married Nancy Hatch in Afghanistan, whom he had met while she was writing a guidebook of the Bamiyan area of Afghanistan. The Duprees continued to intermittently live and work in Afghanistan.

While on AUFS business in Kabul, Afghanistan just prior to the 1978 Soviet Invasion, Dupree was imprisoned by Afghans and their Soviet advisors. He was interrogated at length about United States intelligence operations and his interactions with Afghans. He was ultimately released through the intervention of Afghan friends. The account of his imprisonment appears as a six-part series, Red Flag over the Hindu Kush in American University Field Staff Reports (1980).

As other nations became interested in the plight of Afghanistan, the Duprees were called upon to advise the parliaments or foreign ministries of Germany, France, Sweden, Norway, England, Austria, Pakistan, and to the United Nations High Commission on Refugees. Dupree frequently corresponded with Pakistan's president, General Mohammed Zia Ul-Haq. In the United States, Dupree acted as a consultant to the State Department, United States Agency for International Development (U.S. AID), the Peace Corps, Esso Pakistan Fertilizer Company, United Nations Development Programs, UNESCO, Helsinki Watch, Amnesty International, the World Bank, and other organizations.

In 1985, after teaching for one year at West Point Military Academy and another year at Princeton University, he joined the Program in Islamic and Arabian Development Studies at Duke University as a Senior Research Associate. He held concurrent appointments at Duke University as Visiting Professor of Anthropology, Political Science, and Public Policy Studies. He also taught at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the departments of Anthropology and Political Science.

The Islamic and Arabian Development Studies Program operated at Duke from 1977 to 1989 under the direction of Professor Ralph Braibanti. It funded the acquisition of library materials that supported its mission, facilitating the accession to the Duke libraries of two major Middle Eastern collections: the Joseph J. Malone Collection on Arabian Affairs and the Louis and Nancy Hatch Dupree Collection on Islamic Inner Asia. The Dupree Collection consists of about 5,000 items, 200 of which are located in the David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library. Reflecting the careers and interests of their donors, the materials in the collection focus on the anthropology, art, archaeology, folklore, linguistics, and history of Afghanistan. There are also significant holdings on Islam, the Central Asian Republics, and South Asia.

A social activist, Dupree was Honorary Director and one of the founders of the Afghan Relief Committee. The beneficiaries of the Afghan Relief Committee were primarily Doctors Without Borders, Freedom Medical of Washington, D.C., Aide Medicale International, and Sainte Sud of Marseilles. Dupree was involved with the Afghanistan Action Committee at Duke University and corresponded with members of many other humanitarian assistance organizations.

Dupree and Nancy Hatch Dupree spent years researching and living in Afghanistan and planned to retire there. Together they researched and planned to write a book on Afghan refugees in Pakistan. By 1987, their collaborative work earned them a joint award, the International Rescue Committee's Bronze Medal for Service to Afghanistan Refugees. In 1988, the Duprees returned to Pakistan as Joint Fulbright Senior Scholars. Louis Dupree authored many books and over 200 articles. His articles appeared in various publications such as American Anthropologist, the Middle East Journal, the Economist, the New York Times, the Nation, Evergreen Review, and the Khyber Mail.

Some of the books authored by Dupree include: Afghanistan (1973), Physical Anthropology of Afghanistan (1970), Changing Patterns of Social Structure in Afghanistan (1970), Deh Morasi Ghundai: a Chalcolithic Site in South-Central Afghanistan (1963), and The Desert Survival Field Test (1956).

Louis Dupree died in 1989 at the age of 63. Nancy Hatch Dupree continued her work with Afghan refugees.

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  • Maheshwary, Avinash C. A Catalog of the Louis and Nancy H. Dupree Collection: Afghanistan, Anthropology, Archaeology, Islamic Central Asia, Ethnology, Military History, South Asia and Related Subjects. Durham, North Carolina: Duke University, 1994 (Duke University Libraries)
  • Louis Dupree: Curriculum Vitae, 1925-1989. Peshawar, Pakistan: University of Peshawar, 1992 (Duke University Libraries)

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The Louis Dupree Papers was received by the University Archives as a gift in 1989.

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