Guide to the Sports Information Office Records, 1932-ongoing


The Sports Information Office provides information about Duke athletics to the media. They also facilitate press interviews with Duke athletes and coaches. The collection contains press releases, photographs, audio reels, and other material pertaining to sports at Duke University. The date ranges from 1932-ongoing.

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Record Group
Sports Information Office records
Duke University. Sports Information Office
283.5 Linear Feet
David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library
Material in English

Collection Overview

This collection includes press releases, photographs, clippings, scrapbooks, plaques, audio reels and other material pertaining to sports at Duke University. Topics range from individual sports (badminton, boxing, high school basketball) and the coaching school to freshmen sports. For ease of patron use, individual collections have been created for the bulk of sport-specific information. For example, there is a separate finding aid for both men and women's basketball, football, and baseball. Please see the list of Related Collections below for a comprehensive list. The collection ranges in date from 1932-ongoing.

Accessions after 2012 have been added as separate series. These accessions include materials on the Men's Basketball Championships in 1991, 1992, 2001, 2010, and 2015, as well as many other materials covering athletics at Duke.

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Contents of the Collection

1. General Files, 1932-1991

6 boxes

This series includes general files created by the Sports Information Office. It includes largely press releases but also clippings and files on high school basketball.

Badminton Championships Program, Cameron Indoor Stadium, April 1942
Box 1
Badminton National championships, 1942
Box 1
Boxing, 1932-1936
Box 1
Boxing, 1937-1940
Box 1
Charlotte Feature on Simons, Muse, and Chapman, 1946
Box 1
Coaching School, 1932-1935
Box 1
Coaching School, 1936-1940
Box 1
Composite spring Sports Schedules and Releases, 1956-1973 (17 folders)
Box 1
Director: Correspondence, circa 1942-1943
Box 1
Football: General Stories, early 1940s
Box 1
Freshmen Sports, 1933-1935
Box 2
Freshmen Sports, 1936-1939
Box 2
Freshmen Sports, 1948-1951
Box 2
Faculty Softball, 1933, 1949, undated
Box 2
Intramurals, 1932-1947
Box 2A
Register and Press Releases, 1933-1935
Box 2A
Register and Press Releases, 1936-1939
Box 2A
Register and Press Releases, 1939-1943
Box 3
Register and Press Releases, 1946-1949
Box 3
Spring Sports/Press Releases, 1950
Box 3
Spring Sports/Press Releases, 1954
Box 3
Spring Sports/Press Releases, 1955
Box 3
Press Releases, 1973 May-Dec.
Box 3
Press Releases, 1974 Jan.-Dec.
Box 3
Press Releases, 1975 Jan.-Dec.
Box 3
Press Releases, 1976 Jan.-Dec.
Box 3
Press Releases, 1977 Jan.-Dec.
Box 3
Press Releases, 1978 Jan.-June
Box 3
Press Releases, 1978 July-Dec.
Box 4
Press Releases, 1979 Jan.-June
Box 4
Press Releases, 1979 July-Dec.
Box 4
Press Releases, 1980 Jan.-June
Box 4
Press Releases, 1980 July-Dec.
Box 4
Press Releases, 1981 Jan.-June
Box 4
Press Releases, 1981 July-Dec.
Box 4
Press Releases, 1982 Jan.-Dec.
Box 4
Press Releases, 1983
Box 4
Press Releases, 1984
Box 4
Press Releases, 1985
Box 4
Press Releases, 1986
Box 4
Press Releases, 1987
Box 4
Press Releases, 1988
Box 5
Press Releases, 1989
Box 5
Press Releases, 1990
Box 5
Press Releases, 1991
Box 5
Southern High School Basketball Tournament, 1939-1946
Box 5
Southern High School, N.C. State High School Basketball Tournaments, circa 1940s
Box 5
A Story of Glory, Ted Mann: Notes, correspondence, clippings (2 folders)
Box 5
A Story of Glory, Final Manuscript (3 folders)
Box 6
Summer School Sports, 1935; undated
Box 6
Summaries and Miscellaneous, 1932-1934
Box 6
Track-Lacrosse-Crew, pre-1980
Box 6
Women's Athletics, 1973-1976
Box 6
Women's Schedules and Intercollegiates, pre-1980
Box 6

2. Memorabilia and Oversize Material (including oversize photographs), 1937-1995

5 boxes

This series contains oversize photograhs (some of which are mounted), oversize printed material, plaques, and scrapbooks.

Hall of Fame Bowl Plaque, 1995
Box 7
Color photograph from The Herald Sun of "The Shot," Basketball, 1992
Box 7
Final Four Minneapolis Pins (2), 1992
Box 7
Lacrosse, vol. 9, no. 2 (Jack Persons article), 1985 April
Box 7
Signed broadside of Ben Bennett's ACC Record, circa 1983
Box 7
Facsimile of basketball team caricatures, undated
Box 7
NCAA Basketball Media information, 1986
Box 7
World Top 20 Poll plaque, 1979 Dec. 17
Box 7
Ed Koffenberger, All-American, unmounted image, 1947
Box 8
Mounted images of the following All-American basketball players:
Ed Koffenberger (1946, 1947)
Box 8
Dick Groat (1951, 1952)
Box 8
Jeff Mullins (1964)
Box 8
Jack Marin (1966)
Box 8
Bob Verga (1966, 1967)
Box 8
Mike Lewis (1968)
Box 8
All-American certificates for baseball players:
Dick Groat (1952)
Box 8
William Werber, Jr. (1952, 1954)
Box 8
Albert Spangler (1954)
Box 8
Oversize images of All-American football players and superlatives
Woody Lipscomb (1937)
Box 8
Dan Hill, Jr. (1938)
Box 8
Pat Preston (1943)
Box 8
Bill Millner (1943, 1946)
Box 8
Billy Cox (1950)
Box 8
Jack Kistler (1951)
Box 8
Red Smith (1951)
Box 8
Dwight Bumgarner (1960)
Box 8
Jean Berry (1962
Box 8
Jean Berry (1962) and Jay Wilkinson (1963)
Box 8
Bob Matheson (1966)
Box 8
AACBC District 3 Champs plaque, 1961
Box 9 (Heavy box)
Art Gregory, Order of the Ahepa Athletic Hall of Fame plaque, 1981
Box 9 (Heavy box)
Eddie Cameron resolution, 1972
Box 9 (Heavy box)
Big Four Basketball Tournament Champs plaque, 1979-1980
Box 9 (Heavy box)
Stanley Schneider and Leonard Merl plaque, early 1980s
Box 9 (Heavy box)
Rose Bowl Scrapbook, 1942
Box 10
Scrapbook - Football, 1970; Basketball, 1970-1971
Box 11
Box 12
Men's Swimming
Box 12
Women's Swimming
Box 12
Men's Tennis
Box 12
Box 12
Women's Lacrosse
Box 13
Men's Soccer
Box 14
Men's Golf
Box 15
Track and Field (Men and Women)
Box 15
Women's Soccer
Box 15
Box 15
Box 16
Women's Tennis
Box 16
Box 16
Field Hockey
Box 16
Men's Lacrosse
Box 16
Box 17
Women's Golf
Box 17

4. Sound Recordings, 1982-1985, undated

5 boxes

This series contains radio station broadcasts of Duke University football and basketball games recorded on 1/4 tape on 10-inch reels. Not all reels are labeled and not all distinguish between football and basketball.

Unlabeled, 1982 July 19
Box 18
Duke/Tennessee, 1982 Sept. 4
Box 18
Duke/Navy, 1982 Sept. 19 (2 reels)
Box 18
Duke/Clemson, 1982 Oct. 16
Box 18
Duke/UNC, 1982 Nov. (2 reels)
Box 18
Duke/ECU, 1982 Nov. 27
Box 18
Duke/Appalachian State, 1982 Nov. 30
Box 18
Duke/Colorado, 1982 Dec. 2
Box 18
Duke/Virginia, 1982 Dec. 8
Box 18
Duke/New Hampshire, 1982 Dec. 29
Box 18
Duke/Wagner, 1983 Jan. 5
Box 18
Duke/Lasalle, 1983 Jan. 8
Box 18
Duke/Louisville, 1983 Jan. 12
Box 19
Duke/Maryland, 1983 Jan. 15
Box 19
Duke/Wake Forest, 1983 Jan. 19
Box 19
Duke/UNC, 1983 Jan. 22
Box 19
Duke/NC State, 1983 Jan. 26
Box 19
Duke/William & Mary, 1983 Feb. 2
Box 19
Duke/Georgia Tech, 1983 Feb. 9
Box 19
Duke/Stetson, 1983 Feb. 16
Box 19
Duke/Wake Forest, 1983 Feb. 19
Box 19
Duke/Maryland, 1983 Feb. 21
Box 19
Duke/NC State, 1983 Feb. 23
Box 19
Unlabeled, 1983 Feb. 26
Box 19
Duke/Clemson, 1983 March 2
Box 19
Duke/UNC, 1983 March 5 (2 reels)
Box 20
ACC Tournament: First half of NC State/Wake Forest, 1983 March 11
Box 20
ACC Tournament: Second half of NC State/Wake Forest; part of Duke/Virginia, 1983 March 11
Box 20
ACC Tournament: End of Duke/Virginia; all of Maryland/Georgia Tech, 1983 March 11
Box 20
Duke/Indiana, 1984 Sept. 8 (2 reels)
Box 20
Duke/Army, 1984 Sept. 29
Box 20
Duke/Virginia, 1984 Oct. 6
Box 20
Duke/Virginia Tech, 1984 Oct. 13
Box 20
Duke/Clemson, 1984 Oct. 20
Box 20
Duke/Maryland, 1984 Oct. 27
Box 20
Duke/Georgia Tech, 1984 Nov. 3
Box 20
Duke/Athletes in Action, 1984 Nov. 14
Box 21
Duke/NCSU (football), 1984 Nov. 17
Box 21
Duke/UNC (football), 1984 Nov. 24
Box 21
Duke/St. Louis, 1984 Nov. 26
Box 21
Duke/William & Mary, 1984 Nov. 28
Box 21
Duke/Appalachian State, 1984 Dec. 5
Box 21
Duke/Virginia, 1984 Dec. 8
Box 21
Duke/Davidson, 1984 Dec. 17
Box 21
Duke/Southwestern, 1984 Dec. 19
Box 21
Duke/Univ. of Alabama-Birmingham, 1984 Dec. 28
Box 21
Duke/Southern California, 1984 Dec. 29
Box 21
Duke/Virginia, 1985 Jan. 5
Box 21
Duke/Wake Forest, 1985, Nov. 10
Box 21
Duke/Wake Forest, undated
Box 22
Georgia Tech/Virginia, undated
Box 22
UNC/NC State, undated
Box 22
Virginia/NC State, undated
Box 22
Unlabeled, undated
Box 22
Unlabeled, undated
Box 22
Unlabeled, undated
Box 22
Unlabeled, undated
Box 22
Unlabeled, undated
Box 22
Unlabeled, undated
Box 22
Unlabeled, undated
Box 22
Unlabeled, undated
Box 22
Duke/Colorado, reel 2, undated
Box 22

5. UA2013-0034, 1967-2013

This accession contains a large amount of material covering several decades and multiple sports, and includes clippings and other materials related to the 1991, 1992, and 2001 Men's Basketball Championships, as well as many individual player files. A more detailed inventory of some boxes is available.

Men's Lacrosse, Wrestling, Men's Soccer, Men's Baseball, 2001-2013
Box UA2013-0034.1
Women's Golf, Women's Soccer, Women's Basketball, 2007-2012
Box UA2013-0034.2
Wrestling, Swimming and Diving, Men's Soccer, Women's Field Hockey, 2001-2002
Box UA2013-0034.3
Swimming and Diving, Men's Baseball, Men's Football, 2000-2011
Box UA2013-0034.4
Negatives and Prints, Men's Basketball, 1990-1992
Box UA2013-0034.5
Women's Basketball, Women's Soccer, Women's Golf, 2008-2012
Box UA2013-0034.6
Women's Basketball, Track and Field, Cross Country, 1998-2013
Box UA2013-0034.7
Track and Field, Cross Country, Men's Lacrosse, Wrestling, 2001-2003
Box UA2013-0034.8
Wrestling Media Guides, 1967-2008
Box UA2013-0034.9
Wrestling, 1990-1997
Box UA2013-0034.10
Wrestling, 2003-2007
Box UA2013-0034.11
Wrestling Harvey History
Box UA2013-0034.12
Wrestling Harvey History
Box UA2013-0034.13
Wrestling Harvey History
Box UA2013-0034.14
Football photos, Wrestling Harvey History
Box UA2013-0034.15
Wrestling Score Books
Box UA2013-0034.16
Wrestling, Cross Country, Track and Field, Football, 1985-2008
Box UA2013-0034.17
Football yearbook, Women's Basketball photos
Box UA2013-0034.18
Duke Weekly - Bound, 2002-2008
Box UA2013-0034.19
Photos, various, unlabled
Box UA2013-0034.20
Cross Country, Football, Basketball, Unfoldered assorted
Box UA2013-0034.21
Assorted Files, Baseball, Men's Lacrosse, Basketball, 1991-2013
Box UA2013-0034.22
Swimming and Diving, Men's Basketball, Unfoldered Assorted, 1991-2013
Box UA2013-0034.23
Men's Basketball, 2012
Box UA2013-0034.24
Women's Basketball, 2013
Box UA2013-0034.25
Men's Basketball, 2013
Box UA2013-0034.26
Blue Devil Weekly, 1996-2001
Box UA2013-0034.27
Blue Devil Weekly, 1993-1996
Box UA2013-0034.28
Individual player files and photos, Women's Basketball clippings, games, 2012
Box UA2013-0034.29
Women's Basketball, Women's Tennis, 2010-2012
Box UA2013-0034.30
Rowing, Volleyball, Baseball, Fencing, 2006-2009
Box UA2013-0034.31
Football, 2011
Box UA2013-0034.32
Football, 2011-2012
Box UA2013-0034.33
Football, 1996-2012
Box UA2013-0034.34
Football, 1987-1996
Box UA2013-0034.35
Football, 1986-2007
Box UA2013-0034.36
Football, 2007
Box UA2013-0034.37
Football, 2006-2007
Box UA2013-0034.38
Football, 2005-2006
Box UA2013-0034.39
Football, 2005
Box UA2013-0034.40
Football, 2005
Box UA2013-0034.41
Football, 2004
Box UA2013-0034.42
Football, 2004
Box UA2013-0034.43
Baseball, 2002-2003
Box UA2013-0034.44
Baseball, Football, 2001-2012
Box UA2013-0034.45
Football, 2009-2012
Box UA2013-0034.46
Football, 2010
Box UA2013-0034.47
Football, 2008-2010
Box UA2013-0034.48
Football, 2008
Box UA2013-0034.49
Football, 2008-2009
Box UA2013-0034.50
Football, 2009
Box UA2013-0034.51
Football, Baseball, 2004-2009
Box UA2013-0034.52
Field Hockey, 2004-2011
Box UA2013-0034.53
Field Hockey, Golf, 2003-2012
Box UA2013-0034.54
Men's Golf, 2003-2009
Box UA2013-0034.55
Men's Golf, Women's Golf, 2001-2010
Box UA2013-0034.56
Women's Golf, 2003-2004
Box UA2013-0034.57
Women's Golf, 2001-2003
Box UA2013-0034.58
Men's Lacrosse, 2010-2013
Box UA2013-0034.59
Men's Lacrosse, 2009-2010
Box UA2013-0034.60
Men's Lacrosse, 2007-2008
Box UA2013-0034.61
Men's Lacrosse, 2006
Box UA2013-0034.62
Men's Lacrosse, Women's Lacrosse, 2003-2012
Box UA2013-0034.63
Women's Lacrosse, 2006-2010
Box UA2013-0034.64
Men's Lacrosse, Women's Lacrosse, 2003-2007
Box UA2013-0034.65
Men's Lacrosse, Field Hockey, 2006-2007
Box UA2013-0034.66
Women's Rowing, Women's and Men's rowing, Field Hockey, 2002-2008
Box UA2013-0034.67
Rowing, Men's Soccer, 2000-2012
Box UA2013-0034.68
Football, 2003-2004
Box UA2013-0034.69
Football, 2003-2004
Box UA2013-0034.70
Football, Men's Soccer, 2003-2010
Box UA2013-0034.71
Men's Soccer, 2006-2009
Box UA2013-0034.72
Men's Soccer, Women's Soccer, 2003-2008
Box UA2013-0034.73
Women's Soccer, 2002-2005
Box UA2013-0034.74
Women's Soccer, Swimming and Diving, 2001-2012
Box UA2013-0034.75
Swimming and Diving, 2004-2007
Box UA2013-0034.76
Swimming and Diving, Men's Tennis, 2002-2012
Box UA2013-0034.77
Men's Tennis, 2003-2010
Box UA2013-0034.78
Men's Tennis, Women's Tennis, 2002-2012
Box UA2013-0034.79
Women's Tennis, 2002-2007
Box UA2013-0034.80
Women's Tennis, Track and Field, 2003-2010
Box UA2013-0034.81
Track and Field, Cross Country, 2003-2007
Box UA2013-0034.82
Cross Country, Track and Field, 2005-2006
Box UA2013-0034.83
Track and Field, Volleyball, 2002-2005
Box UA2013-0034.84
Volleyball, Wrestling, 2002-2013
Box UA2013-0034.85
Volleyball, Wrestling, 2002-2013
Box UA2013-0034.86
Volleyball, Hall of Fame, 1987-2006
Box UA2013-0034.87
Hall of Fame, Letter, 1965-2007
Box UA2013-0034.88
Hall of Fame, Letter, Historical Files, 1970-2002
Box UA2013-0034.89
Historical Files, Basketball, Football, 1965-2002
Box UA2013-0034.90
Historical Files, Track, Football, ?-1996
Box UA2013-0034.91
Historical Files, Football, Lacrosse, Golf, 1990-2001
Box UA2013-0034.92
Historical Files, Track, Band, Mascot, Cheerleaders, World War II, ?-1998
Box UA2013-0034.93
Historical Miscellaneous Files, 1990-2012
Box UA2013-0034.94
Historical Miscellaneous Files, Women's Basketball, ?-2004
Box UA2013-0034.95
Women's Basketball, 2002-2004
Box UA2013-0034.96
Women's Basketball, 2002-2004
Box UA2013-0034.97
Women's Basketball, 2003-2004
Box UA2013-0034.98
Women's Basketball, 2002-2003
Box UA2013-0034.99
Women's Basketball, 2002-2003
Box UA2013-0034.100
Women's Basketball, 1990-2005
Box UA2013-0034.101
Women's Basketball, 2000-2005
Box UA2013-0034.102
Women's Basketball, 1986-2000
Box UA2013-0034.103
Women's Basketball, 2006-2007
Box UA2013-0034.104
Women's Basketball, 2006-2007
Box UA2013-0034.105
Women's Basketball, 2004-2007
Box UA2013-0034.106
Women's Basketball, 2004-2005
Box UA2013-0034.107
Women's Basketball, 2004-2006
Box UA2013-0034.108
Women's Basketball, 2005-2006
Box UA2013-0034.109
Women's Basketball, 2005-2006
Box UA2013-0034.110
Women's Basketball, 2007-2008
Box UA2013-0034.111
Women's Basketball, 2007-2008
Box UA2013-0034.112
Women's Basketball, 2007-2009
Box UA2013-0034.113
Women's Basketball, 2008-2009
Box UA2013-0034.114
Women's Basketball, 2009-2011
Box UA2013-0034.115
Women's Basketball, 2010-2011
Box UA2013-0034.116
Women's Basketball, Player Files Ab-Al
Box UA2013-0034.117
Player Files Al-Ay
Box UA2013-0034.118
Player Files Ay-Ba
Box UA2013-0034.119
Player Files Ba-Be
Box UA2013-0034.120
Player Files Be-Be
Box UA2013-0034.121
Player Files Be-Bl
Box UA2013-0034.122
Player Files Bl-Bo
Box UA2013-0034.123
Player Files Bo-Br
Box UA2013-0034.124
Player Files Br-Bu
Box UA2013-0034.125
Player Files Bu-Bu
Box UA2013-0034.126
Player Files Ca-Ca
Box UA2013-0034.127
Player Files Ca-Ch
Box UA2013-0034.128
Player Files Ch-Cl
Box UA2013-0034.129
Player Files Cl-Co
Box UA2013-0034.130
Player Files Co-Cu
Box UA2013-0034.131
Player Files Cu-Da
Box UA2013-0034.132
Player Files Da-Da
Box UA2013-0034.133
Player Files Da-Di
Box UA2013-0034.134
Player Files Di-Du
Box UA2013-0034.135
Player Files Du-Dy
Box UA2013-0034.136
Player Files Ea-Fa
Box UA2013-0034.137
Player Files Fa-Fi
Box UA2013-0034.138
Player Files Fi-Fo
Box UA2013-0034.139
Player Files Fr-Ga
Box UA2013-0034.140
Player Files Ga-Go
Box UA2013-0034.141
Player Files Go-Gr
Box UA2013-0034.142
Player Files Gr-Ha
Box UA2013-0034.143
Player Files Ha-Ha
Box UA2013-0034.144
Player Files Ha-He
Box UA2013-0034.145
Player Files He-Hi
Box UA2013-0034.146
Player Files Hi-Ho
Box UA2013-0034.147
Player Files Ho-Hu
Box UA2013-0034.148
Player Files Hu-Ja
Box UA2013-0034.149
Player Files Ja-Jo
Box UA2013-0034.150
Player Files Jo-Ke
Box UA2013-0034.151
Player Files Ke-Ko
Box UA2013-0034.152
Player Files Ko-La
Box UA2013-0034.153
Player Files La-La
Box UA2013-0034.154
Player Files La-Li
Box UA2013-0034.155
Player Files Li-Ma
Box UA2013-0034.156
Player Files Ma-Ma
Box UA2013-0034.157
Player Files Ma-Mc
Box UA2013-0034.158
Player Files Mc-Mc
Box UA2013-0034.159
Player Files Mc-Mi
Box UA2013-0034.160
Player Files Mi-Mo
Box UA2013-0034.161
Player Files Mo-Ne
Box UA2013-0034.162
Player Files Ne-No
Box UA2013-0034.163
Player Files No-Pa
Box UA2013-0034.164
Player Files Pa-Pa
Box UA2013-0034.165
Player Files Pa-Pl
Box UA2013-0034.166
Player Files Pl-Ra
Box UA2013-0034.167
Player Files Ra-Re
Box UA2013-0034.168
Player Files Re-Ro
Box UA2013-0034.169
Player Files Ro-Sa
Box UA2013-0034.170
Player Files Sa-Sc
Box UA2013-0034.171
Player Files Sc-Si
Box UA2013-0034.172
Player Files Si-Sm
Box UA2013-0034.173
Player Files Sm-So
Box UA2013-0034.174
Player Files So-St
Box UA2013-0034.175
Player Files St-Te
Box UA2013-0034.176
Player Files Te-To
Box UA2013-0034.177
Player Files To-Va
Box UA2013-0034.178
Player Files Va-Wa
Box UA2013-0034.179
Player Files Wa-Wa
Box UA2013-0034.180
Player Files Wa-We
Box UA2013-0034.181
Player Files We-Wi
Box UA2013-0034.182
Player Files Wi-Wi
Box UA2013-0034.183
Player Files Wi-Wy
Box UA2013-0034.184
Player Files Ya-Za
Box UA2013-0034.185
Football Slides
Box UA2013-0034.186
Basketball Photos
Box UA2013-0034.187
Basketball Clippings, Krzyzewski
Box UA2013-0034.188
Men's Basketball, 2010-2011
Box UA2013-0034.189
Men's Basketball, 2010-2011
Box UA2013-0034.190
Men's Basketball, 2009-2011
Box UA2013-0034.191
Men's Basketball, 2010-2012
Box UA2013-0034.192
Men's Basketball, 2011-2012
Box UA2013-0034.193
Men's Basketball, 2009-2011
Box UA2013-0034.194
Men's Basketball, 2007-2010
Box UA2013-0034.195
Men's Basketball, 2007-2008
Box UA2013-0034.196
Men's Basketball, 2009-2010
Box UA2013-0034.197
Men's Basketball, 2008-2010
Box UA2013-0034.198
Men's Basketball, 2005-2009
Box UA2013-0034.199
Men's Basketball, 2005-2006
Box UA2013-0034.200
Men's Basketball, 2005-2006
Box UA2013-0034.201
Men's Basketball, 2006
Box UA2013-0034.202
Men's Basketball, 1995-2006
Box UA2013-0034.203
Men's Basketball, 1980-2002
Box UA2013-0034.204
Men's Basketball, 1984-2004
Box UA2013-0034.205
Men's Basketball, 2003-2004
Box UA2013-0034.206
Men's Basketball, 2003-2008
Box UA2013-0034.207
Men's Basketball, 2007-2008
Box UA2013-0034.208
Men's Basketball, 2007-2008
Box UA2013-0034.209
Men's Basketball, 2008-2009
Box UA2013-0034.210
Men's Basketball, 2008-2009
Box UA2013-0034.211
Men's Basketball, 2004-2009
Box UA2013-0034.212
Men's Basketball, 2004-2005
Box UA2013-0034.213
Men's Basketball, 2004-2005
Box UA2013-0034.214
Men's Basketball, 2004-2005
Box UA2013-0034.215
Men's Basketball, 2008-2009
Box UA2013-0034.216
Devilirum, Basketball, Fencing, Tennis, 1980-1995
Box UA2013-0034.217
Wrestling, Men's Basketball, 2003-2004
Box UA2013-0034.218
Basketball, 2003-2004
Box UA2013-0034.219
Basketball, Print Photos
Box UA2013-0034.220
Optical Storage Media, Digital Storage Media
Box UA2013-0034.221
Optical Storage Media, Misc. Player Files
Box UA2013-0034.222
Women's Lacrosse, Field Hockey, 2007-2009
Box UA2013-0034.223
Optical Media, Misc. Files, 1995-2005
Box UA2013-0034.224
Women's Basketball, 2009-2010
Box UA2013-0034.225
Swimming Oversize Photographs
Box UA2013-0034.226
Clippings Book, Poster
Box UA2013-0034.227
Player Files, misc
Box UA2013-0034.228
Player Files, misc
Box UA2013-0034.229

6. UA2014-0056, 2010-2014

This accession contains clippings and individual files from the 2013-2014 athletic seasons for several sports, as well as some earlier materials. A more detailed inventory for several boxes is available.

2013-2014 Wrestling, 2014 Women's Golf, Women's Soccer, 2012-2013 Volleyball, Player Files (Football, Swimming Diving), 2012-2014
Box UA2014-0056.1 (230)
2014 Baseball, 2013-2014 Men's Tennis, 2014 Men's Golf, 2014 Men's Lacrosse, Player Files (Volleyball, Men's Golf, Field Hockey, Men's Tennis, Football), 2013-20104
Box UA2014-0056.2 (231)
2013 Baseball, 2013 Football, Track/Cross-Country Clippings 2011-2013, 2013 Field Hockey, Player Files (Rowing), 2011-2013
Box UA2014-0056.3 (232)
2013-2014 Swimming Diving, 2013-2014 Rowing, Player Files (Rowing, Men's Soccer, Wrestling, Field Hockey, Women's Lacrosse, Men's Basketball, Swimming Diving, Women's Fencing), 2013-2014
Box UA2014-0056.4 (233)
Women's Fencing Clippings 2008-2011, 2013 Football, Women's Basketball Clippings 2013-2014, Player Files (Women's Fencing, Swimming Diving, Women's Basketball, Women's Soccer), 2013-2014
Box UA2014-0056.5 (234)
Men's Basketball Clippings 2013-2014, Women's Tennis 2013-2014, Player Files (Men's Lacrosse, Men's Fencing, Men's Basketball, Rowing, Women's Fencing), 2013-2014
Box UA2014-0056.6 (235)
Mike Kryyzewski 2013-2014, Men's Basketball Clippings 2011, Player Files (Men's Fencing, Track/Cross Country, Football, Women's Tennis, Women's Fencing), 2011, 2013-2014
Box UA2014-0056.7 (236)
Men's Basketball Recruits, Men's Basketball Clippings 2010-2012, Player Files (Women's Fencing, Men's Soccer, Men's Golf), 2010-2012
Box UA2014-0056.8 (237)
Women's Fencing Clippings 2011-2012, 2013-2014 Fencing, Men's Gold 2013-2014, Player Files (Baseball, Men's Golf, Men's Basketball, Women's Tennis, Men's Soccer, Wrestling, Men's Basketball), 2011-2014
Box UA2014-0056.9 (238)
2013 Men's Lacrosse, 2013
Box UA2014-0056.10 (239)

7. UA2015-0051, 1963-2015

This accession includes materials on the 2010 and 2014 Men's basketball Championships, 1970s and 1980s Track and Field materials and scrapbooks, 2014-2015 season clippings and files from several sports, and earlier materials. A more detailed inventory for some boxes is available.

Boxes in this series were numbered to continue the numbers from the first part of the collection (series 1-4), and start with Box UA2015-0051.24. There are no boxes UA2015-0051.1-23.

2013-14 Women's Basketball Game Files, 2014 Track Field, 2014 Women's Lacrosse, 2013 Cross Country, 2013-2014
Box UA.2015-0051.24
Coach Cutcliffe, Duke Football, Player Files (Football), 2014
Box UA.2015-0051.25
2013-14 Women's Basketball Game Files, 2013-2014
Box UA.2015-0051.26
2013-14 Men's Basketball Game Files, 2013-2014
Box UA.2015-0051.27
2013-14 Men's Basketball Game Files, 2013-2014
Box UA.2015-0051.28
Football Game Programs
Box UA.2015-0051.29
Basketball Newspaper Clippings
Box UA.2015-0051.30
Coach K 900th and 1000th win newspaper clippings
Box UA.2015-0051.31
Duke Men's Basketball 2014 National Championship newspaper clippings, memorabilia, magazines, etc.
Box UA.2015-0051.32
2014-15 Men's Basketball Clippings, Player Files, 2014-2015
Box UA.2015-0051.33
2014-15 Men's Basketball Game Files, 2014-2015
Box UA.2015-0051.34
2014-15 Men's Basketball Game Files, 2014-2015
Box UA.2015-0051.35
2014-15 Men's Basketball Game Files, 2014-2015
Box UA.2015-0051.36
2014 Field Hockey, 2015 Rowing, 2015 Men's Tennis, Player Files (Swimming Diving, Men's Tennis), 2014-2015
Box UA.2015-0051.37
2014-15 M/W Swimming and Diving, 2015 Women's Lacrosse, 2014 Women's Soccer, 2014-15 Women's Basketball, 2015 Women's Golf, Player Files (Women's Basketball, Women's Soccer), 2014-2015
Box UA.2015-0051.38
2014-15 Women's Basketball Game Files, 2014-2015
Box UA.2015-0051.39
2014 Men's Soccer, 2014-15 Men's Lacrosse, Player Files (Men's Lacrosse), 2014-2015
Box UA.2015-0051.40
Men's Basketball Recruits, 2014-15 Cross Country Track and Field Clippings, 2014-15 Fencing Clippings, Player Files (Women's Basketball, Baseball, Women's Lacrosse), Former Duke Staff, 2014-2015
Box UA.2015-0051.41
2013 Football Game Files, 2013
Box UA.2015-0051.42
2014-15 Women's Basketball Game Files (Feb-March), 2013 Football Game Files (Oct-Nov), 2014-2015
Box UA.2015-0051.43
Football Play by Play (2013), 2013
Box UA.2015-0051.44
International Track Programs (From Al Buehler's Office, circa 1973-74), Athlete Photos, Athlete Post Grad Newspaper Clippings (circa 2013), Duke Football Clippings from News and Observer, Game Programs, Ticket Stubs, and Buttons (80s), NCAA Track and Field Championship Newspaper Clippings, 1990, 1988-89 Invitational Results
Box UA.2015-0051.45
Track Results, 1989, USA Russia Track Meet '74-Miscellaneous Documents, 1963 Cross Country Results, ITA Meet Operations Documents '75, 1983 Invitational Schedule, Football Clippings (80s), Men's Soccer Player Files (2015-16)
Box UA.2015-0051.46
2010 Men's Basketball Championship newspapers and magazines, 2010
Box UA.2015-0051.47
Martin Luther King Jr. International Freedom Games 1973 scrapbook, 1973
Box UA.2015-0051.48
Pan Africa USA International Track Meet 1971 scrapbook, 1971
Box UA.2015-0051.49
Posters from Al Buehler's office, 1956-1999
Oversize-folder 1

Historical Note

The Sports Information Office provides information about Duke athletics to the media. They also facilitate press interviews with Duke athletes and coaches. For many years, the Sports Information Office has maintained records, photographs and other material about Duke athletic teams.

Related Material

Baseball Records, Duke University Archives, David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University. Cross Country and Track and Field Records, Duke University Archives, David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University. Fencing Records, Duke University Archives, David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University. Field Hockey Records, Duke University Archives, David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University. Football Records, Duke University Archives, David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University. Golf Records, Duke University Archives, David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University. Gymnastics Records, Duke University Archives, David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University. Lacrosse Records, Duke University Archives, David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University. Men's Basketball Records, Duke University Archives, David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University. Rowing Records, Duke University Archives, David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University. Soccer Records, Duke University Archives, David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University. Swimming and Diving Team Records, Duke University Archives, David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University. Tennis Records, Duke University Archives, David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University. Volleyball Records, Duke University Archives, David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University. Women's Basketball Records, Duke University Archives, David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University. Wrestling Records, Duke University Archives, David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University.

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The Sports Information Office records were received by the University Archives as a transfer over time.

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Processed by Archives Staff, January 2010

Encoded by Kimberly Sims, January 2010

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