Research Guide

Subject Headings

The documentation for the Guido Mazzoni Pamphlet Collection contains a description for each of the thirty-one subject areas, which are treated as sub-collections of the Pamphlet Collection. Please note that these subject areas are only conceptual classifications; the pamphlets are not physically grouped together by subject area. Each subject heading description has its own web page.

Each subject area description follows a standard format which includes:

  • the number of electronic records in the item-level database;
  • the range of publication dates;
  • the predominant formats;
  • a sampling of the important individual and corporate names associated with each area, usually in the Italian form (subjects -- as opposed to authors -- are marked with an "S", while "A" and "S" means there the individual is sometimes the author, at other times the subject, of the pamphlets);
  • the important sub-topics treated within each subject area;
  • what is not included in the subject area and where one might find it;
  • where one might look for related materials.

Because they can suggest keywords and topics, the subject headings descriptions are especially useful as a guide to searching the electronic item-level database.

To read about each of these thirty-one subject areas, click on the headings listed below:

Locations/Access Points

  1. Cardfile in the David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University
    • "Per Nozze" items given full cataloging (approximately 600 items)
    • Mixed in with monograph cards
    • Listed in order of main entry
    • Retain Mazzoni's accession numbers
  2. Duke Libraries Online catalog
    • Circa 1200 "per nozze" pamphlets
    • 32 collection-level MARC records are available on-line; these records use Library of Congress subject headings to describe the Mazzoni Pamphlet Collection as a whole and the 31 broad subject and genre sub-collections that characterize the Pamphlet Collection. The records include a textual pointer to the Mazzoni Pamphlets item-level database in the Rubenstein Library.
  3. Perkins Reference stacks
    • Photocopies of 19th- and 20th-century hand-written index cards
    • Entries under author, title, subject headings
    • No entries under "Per Nozze"
  4. Mazzoni Pamphlets Database
    • Allows searches by dates, authors, other names, short titles, subject heading, keywords, in any combination
  5. Access points for the Per Nozze subcollection

Call Numbers

Marked on front cover with Mazzoni's original accession numbers. Call numbers consist of a capital letter (A-G), an Arabic numeral, and a Roman numeral, and so are distinguishable from all other Rubenstein Library formats for call numbers:

  • A.13.XV (pamphlet no. 15 of group A, section 13)
  • B.132.III
  • E.94.XXXI