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This is a small group of 147 records, consisting mainly of pamphlets, many of them illustrated, having to do with the design and construction of particular monuments or buildings.

The dates range from 1795 to 1942.

Of primary importance are pamphlets on Renaissance palaces and on the architecture of churches. One group of items has to do with the construction of the new Biblioteca Nazionale in Florence during the 1930's; there are several architects' proposals in this group.

Important individuals represented are: Giuseppe Giusti, Adolfo Venturi, Giuseppe Boffito, Luca Beltrami, Raffaello (S), Alvise Cornari (S), Fra Giovanni Giocondo (S), Giuseppe Poggi (S), Battista Covo (S), Jacobo Sansovino (S), Giovanni di Lapo (S), Giuseppe Segusini (S), and Antonio Averlino, "Il Filarete" (S).

There are numerous areas of overlap in connection with this group. Only items strictly having to do with architectural subjects are included in it; for example, for descriptions of buildings that focus more on the history or on the art inside, one should look under "Art, Italian," or "Italy -- History." One can also try "Italy -- Description and Travel" for tourist-oriented publications such as guides to towns or palaces. Some related pamphlets may also be found in the "Italy -- Politics and Government" sub-collection if the focus is on a government project, particularly if it is propagandistic. For monuments erected in honor of particular individuals, look under "Biography" and use that person's name if. Pamphlets related to monuments erected in honor of historical events will be found under "Italy -- History," or "World War, 1914-1918", and so on.