Dante Alighieri, 1265-1321

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This very large group of 2,234 records represents pamphlets, newspapers, clippings, periodicals, manuscripts (mostly student theses)and many "per nozze" items (pamphlets published in honor of a wedding). Several of the items have pull-out charts of the Inferno, Purgatory, and Paradise, or of the Alighieri family tree.

Dates range from 1797 to 1943.

The importance of these materials to the field of Dante studies is of no surprise, since Mazzoni was a Dante scholar and President of the Societa` Dantesca. With the exception of book-length works, virtually everything written on the subject in Italian during the nineteenth century can be found here, including lesser-known authors. One can also find the texts of Mazzoni's Lectura Dantis, a lecture series which he founded and participated in. There are a number of periodicals (for example, Il Giornale Dantesco) and unique issues commemorating the poet's birth date. Of interest also are the unusual and often beautifully illustrated items which announce the publication of luxury editions of Dante texts, particularly the Divine Comedy. Rare and aesthetically beautiful Dante studies "per nozze/" can also be found.

Important individuals represented in this classification are: members of the Alighieri family (S), Guido Mazzoni, Flaminio Pellegrini, Giuseppe Chiarini, Michele Barbi, Giuseppe Gerola, Francesco D'Ovidio, Enrico Proto, Orazio Bacci, Angelo Solerto, Giovanni Boccaccio (S), Beatrice Portinari (S), and the Societa` Dantesca (S).

Because of the importance of the Dante materials in the Mazzoni Pamphlet Collection, any item connected in any way with Dante or Dante studies will be found under this heading. That includes works which may treat other authors such as Boccaccio or Cavalcanti, but whose main focus is on Dante. It also includes biographies of Dante, of course, or of his family.

Dante articles marked by Mazzoni in newspapers will be located under the "Dante" heading as well, even though there may be other articles of interest in the newspaper; these other articles may be cross-referenced through personal names in the "Other Names" field.

Related materials may be found in the Mazzoni Collection monographs, and in other Special Collections materials, most notably the Bellaman Collection of Dante Materials.