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1,104 records make up this very broad sub-collection. The formats represented include pamphlets, catalogs, newspapers, clippings, and broadsides. Some items include maps and illustrations.

Dates range from 1633 to 1942.

Some of this material is important for its analysis of the Napoleonic era in other countries -- for example, France and Austria. Other subjects include the early history of Crete, of Greece, and Africa. Historical events of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance in Europe are also an important focus. The academic discipline of historiography is also represented in this category. One unusual item is a dealer's catalog of autographs, an item which proved to have more interest to a history scholar, thus its classification under "History" rather than "Biography." Also included in this subject area is any item concerning non-Italian art; one may search for these items by typing "art" in the first note field.

Important individuals represented include: Benedetto Croce, Gabriele Rosa, Adolfo Mussafia, Alberto Lumbroso, Niccolo` Tommaseo, Cesare Cantu`, Gemma Scipione, Vittorio Alfieri, Carlo Cipolla, Guido Mazzoni, Vincenzo Monti, Cicero, Alessandro Manzoni, Charles DeJob, Napoleon Bonaparte (S), Napoleon III (S), Charles V (S), Charles of Anjou (S), Henri IV (S), the Hapsburgs (S), and Stalin (S).

Not found under "History" are items that have to do with the history of any other subject heading: thus, a history of French education would be located under "Education."