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With 3,309 records, this is one of the largest of the sub-collections. Formats include small volumes, pamphlets, newspapers, clippings, periodicals issues, and manuscripts (mostly student theses).

Dates in this sub-collection range from 1632 to 1942. There are four seventeenth- century imprints, and many hundreds from the eighteenth century.

This subject heading covers works of Italian fiction, and includes works having to do with the history and criticism of Italian fiction. Its scope is enormous, but the major focus is on medieval, Renaissance, and nineteenth-century Italian literature, with particular emphasis on the latter. Some twentieth-century writers are represented, however, including some of the Scapigliati and the Futurists.

Some of the items take the form of short stories or serialized novellas found in periodicals. If Mazzoni specifically marked these items, they will have their own electronic record rather than the record of the periodical (though its volume and date will be noted in the record). If Mazzoni did not specifically mark these items, the author's name will appear in the "Other Names" field, and the record will have as its title the that of the periodical.

Individual authors and criticism of their works represented in this sub- collection are: Guido Mazzoni, Virgilio Malvezzi, Baldassar Scaramelli, Alessandro Manzoni (S), Luigi Pirandello (A and S), Grazia Deledda, Giovanni Boccaccio (A and S), Francesco Petrarca (A and S), and Melchiorre Cesarotti (A and S).

Not included are works by Italian authors originally written in other languages (Latin or French, for example), historical narratives or any non-fiction (try the historical subject headings), poetry, or drama.

Numerous works by related authors, as well as other volumes of literary criticism from the library of Mazzoni, can be found in the Special Collections Library. Many of these titles can be located in the Duke Libraries On-line Catalog.