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A group numbering 1,845 electronic records, the Italian periodicals sub-collection contains many runs of serials, most of them incomplete, but some of them extensive nonetheless. Formats include variety magazines, newspapers, and many literary and academic journals. There are numerous illustrations in this group, including photographs, caricatures, political cartoons, and advertising.

Dates range from 1792 to 1943.

Most of the periodicals were kept for specific articles having to do with some aspect of Guido Mazzoni's interests, mainly literary subjects. However, one can run across much more material located in the same periodicals. Particularly valuable are the hundreds of popular periodicals such as La Lettura, Il Secolo XX, and Panorama. Other important periodicals include newspapers, some of which are important nineteenth-century political papers of the Unification period; some contain writings by Carducci and other important writers of this generation. Nineteenth-century titles include Don Chisciotte and La Fanfulla della Domenica. Later newspapers have extensive coverage of political events such as the socialist congresses in the first decade of the twentieth century, early Fascist movements, and the World Wars. Finally, this sub-collection includes quite a few works discussing the history of journalism in Italy.

Individuals represented include: Luigi Piccioni, Ruggero Bonghi, Giovanni Pascoli, Giosue` Carducci, Guido Mazzoni, Grazia Deledda, Ada Negri, Neera, Pirandello, and Benito Mussolini (S).

This heading does not include foreign-language periodicals or Italian periodicals with a specific subject that can be covered under another subject heading such as "Dante." A teachers' association journal, for example, would fall under "Education." For foreign-language periodicals, see "Periodicals."