Italy -- History

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One of the largest sub-collections, this group numbers 3,849 records in practically every format represented in the collection. Many items are illustrated, and hundreds are "per nozze" items.

Imprint dates run from 1751 through 1942.

The materials in this vast group cover practically every aspect of Italian history from the earliest beginnings of settlement on the peninsula to the first years of World War II. Because of this scope, one would be well-advised to plan a careful search strategy which would include keywords in the title, names of individuals, and dates of publication (if applicable).

The sub-groups of primary importance in this sub-collection are those materials which concern the Napoleonic era; the failed revolution in 1848; the Unification of Italy; and events in modern Europe (surrounding but not including the war years). Some materials difficult to classify under other headings are placed here, such as the annual acts of learned societies (L'Accademia della Crusca, for example), or any aspects of an organization's history that cannot be more specifically classified. Also found here are several items dealing with Italian immigration and immigrants abroad; a pamphlet on Italians in Boston, for example, would be located under this heading.

Important individuals, both personages and historiographers include: Cesare Balbo, Albertino Mussato, Niccolo` Tommaseo (A and S), Gabriele D'Annunzio, Giuseppe Ricciardi, Giuseppe Garibaldi (A and S), Giuseppe Mazzini, Silvio Pellico (A and S), Massimo D'Azeglio, Andrea Maffei, Carlo Cipolla, Gioacchino Murat (S), Benedetto Cairoli (S), Vittorio Amedeo II (S), and hundreds more.

Not included in this sub-collection are historical materials that can be placed under a much more specific heading such as "Education" or "World War I." One should not forget to check "Italy -- Politics and Government" for related materials.