Italy -- Social Life and Customs

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941 records make up this large sub-collection. Formats represented are pamphlets, newspapers, clippings, many "per nozze," and periodicals. The are a few illustrations, mostly engravings.

Dates of publication range from 1657 to 1942.

This heading is reserved for those studies of Italian culture with a sociological bent, and includes folkloric studies; texts of games, riddles, or fairy tales; and studies of any social customs such as marriage and child-rearing. Most of the studies are from the regions north of Rome, with emphasis on Tuscan culture. One group of items consists of small chapbooks of popular verses and texts concerning religious legends or sensationalized events. There are also a number of early pamphlets from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries containing fortune-telling games and collections of satirical or humorous sayings. Numerous pieces are in various dialects, especially from any regions north of Rome.

Important individuals represented include: F. T. Marinetti, Charles Dejob, Giuseppe Gerola, Niccolo` Tommaseo, Alberto Lumbroso, Guglielmo Volpi, Angelo Solerti, Guido Mazzoni, Fanny Zampini Salazar, Carmelina Naselli, Gaspara Stampa (S), Lucrezia D'Este (S), and Alessandro Tassoni (S).

Not found in this subject collection are travel accounts or descriptions of localities which include only brief sections on local customs. Also not included are lingistic studies or dialectal lexicons: these would be found under "Italian language." For materials which are sociological studies or ethnographies of locations outside of Italy, check under "Miscellaneous"; if using the electronic database, enter the keyword "sociol*" in the "Notes Field." For instance, one nineteenth-century pamphlet discusses the roles Chinese women play in their society, and is found under "Miscellaneous."