Mazzoni, Guido, 1859-1943 -- Biography

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Numbering 340 records, this section contains many kinds of formats, but predominantly consists of newspapers and clippings.

Imprints range from 1879 to 1942. Important dates in Mazzoni's life can be found on the Mazzoni Biography page.

Many personal reminiscences about Mazzoni may be found in this section, with each item highlighting a different aspect of the man as professor, lecturer, researcher, book collector, soldier, political figure, friend, writer, and even reader. In his typically modest way, Mazzoni often did not mark articles about himself in newspapers and magazines, therefore it is up to the researcher to find the spot. However, if a newspaper or periodical contains anything which contributes to Mazzoni's biography, the record will be classified under this subject heading.

Individuals commemorating Mazzoni in some way include: Enrico Nencioni, Philippe Monnier, Domenico Oliva, Ippolito Pindemonte, and Onofrio Fattori.

Not included in this sub-collection are materials written by Mazzoni. These items can be found under the appropriate subject headings of their topic (Education, Dante, and so on).