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There are 337 records in this category. The most predominant format is the pamphlet.

Dates range from 1770 to 1942.

Individuals authors (and one subject) in this small group include: Emilio Teza, Arturo Farinelli, Vasco Restori, Samuel Jonson, Raffaele Corso, Pietro Merlo, Alfred Jeanroy, and Giambattista Vico (S).

In this sub-collection one can find a variety of subjects that did not fit any of the other thirty subject areas. These include, but are not confined to: general linguistics, non-Italian ethnography and sociology, and non-Italian science. The great majority belong to these categories. There are also a few items each on gastronomy and paleography. Finally, this group of materials also contains a series of museum bulletins from Padova.