Availability of \"Per Nozze\"

Because "per nozze" items were typically published privately in limited editions, usually of 100 copies or less, they were rarely available on the commercial market. Sometimes they could be purchased only after the death of the original recipients, if their personal libraries or effects came up for sale.

Outside of England and Italy, there are very few libraries in Europe which have substantial collections of "per nozze." In the London Library catalog, 800 anonymous piecesare indexed; all others are accessible by title or author, or through a typed list kept by the library of all the families in whose honor the pieces were published. The Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze owns the largest collection of "per nozze" ever assembled, and numbers perhaps in the tens of thousands. They are included in the 50,000-item "Miscellanea Capretta" together with other occasional publications. A good deal of this material was lost in the flood of 1966. In the Biblioteca Marciana di Venezia there are approximately 850 entries under the subject "per nozze." There is also a collection of "per nozze" in the State Library in Berlin, part of the Casella library purchased in 1926; this collection may number in the several thousands. In the United States the material is even more scarce. Of the 1500 pieces searched on OCLC by a Perkins Library cataloger, Celia Leyte-Vidal, copy was found for only 2%.