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Electronic records in this group number 360. The usual formats are magazines and journals; there are also a few newspapers. The predominant languages are French and German.

Dates range from 1820 to 1939.

In this group one can find single issues, generally, all non-Italian periodicals, including English-language publications. Many of them concern literary or academic topics.

A few of the important names associated with these publications are: Guido Mazzoni, Alfred Jeanroy, Leo Spitzer, George Sand (S), Marcel Prevost (S), and Giosue` Carducci (S).

Not included in this classification are Italian periodicals. Clippings are filed under the subject of their topic. As with the subject heading "Italian periodicals," any periodicals which have one focus that can be classified under a specific heading will be found under that heading, rather than the general one "Periodicals." A journal of philosophy in the German language, for example, would be found under the heading "Philosophy."