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This sub-collection numbers 776 records. The predominant physical formats are pamphlets, newspapers, clippings, and periodicals.

Dates range from 1636 to 1942.

Though the heading seems straightforward, there are some unusual choices of classification. Given the limited number of subject headings, items concerning any kind of spirituality, theories of aesthetics, or religions other than Christianity can be found in this group. The group of pamphlets dealing with aesthetics in the arts is particularily large.

Individuals represented in this small group include: Paul Sabatier, Benedetto Croce, Luigi Luzzati, Herbert Spencer (S), Jean-Jacques Rousseau (S), Saint Francis (S), Plato (S), Aristotle (S), and Leonardo Bruni (S).

Essays more directly related to the Catholic Church can be located under the subject area "Italy -- Church History."