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This is one of the smallest groups at 92 records. Formats represented include mostly pamphlets, some with illustrations and maps.

Dates range from 1754 to 1940.

There are several items dealing with travel outside Italy or Europe, including narratives or studies of voyages during the sixteenthand seventeenth centuries and even earlier. Specific destinations include Africa, the North and South Poles, China, the United States, and Japan.

Individual names in this sub-collection include: Angelo Mosso, Luigi Villari, Lodovico Nocentini, Piero Barbera, Marco Polo (S), Nicolo` Scillacio (S), Sebastian Cabot (S), Cristoforo Colombo (S), Giovanni Miani (S), Maurizio Buoninfanti (S), and Carlantonio Pilati (S).

Items concerning travel in Italy or Europe are found under "Italy -- Description and travel," and "Europe -- Description and travel." Scientific studies of localities would fall under either "Science -- Italy" or under "Miscellaneous." Finally, if a pamphlet does not have travel as its exclusive focus, check under "History" if it appears to be centered more around historical events.