World War II

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This small but important group numbers 148 records. The predominant formats include pamphlets, newspapers, and clippings. There are some illustrations, particularly portraits of political figures. As with previous subject collections of this type, many literary genres may be present, particularly poetry.

Dates range from 1938 to 1942.

Though small, this sub-collection contains many pieces of Fascist and Nazi propaganda of the war. Many newspapers scattered through the collection give an idea of how the mass media relayed events to the public. One series of pamphlets contains the text of major speeches given by Mussolini, Hitler, von Ribbentrop, and Ciano.

Individuals represented in this collection include: Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini; Gian Galeazzo Ciano, Italo Balbo, Pietro Badoglio, Guido Mazzoni, Gabriele D'Annunzio, F. T. Marinetti, Giovanni Mele, and Serrano Suñer.

Not included in this sub-collection are materials not tied strictly to events and influences of World War II; however, there may be areas of overlap. See also "Italy -- Politics and Government," "Italy -- History," and "History" for related items.