Research Guide

Search Tips for the ROAD Database

  • The search field allows you to search for words possibly found in relation to outdoor advertising, including headline, product, posting company, etc., which would be included in the description of the item in this database. Once you have entered the word(s) you would like to search for, you are able to search across the entire collection for that term(s) or further limit your searching by choosing a facet from the menu on the lower left hand side. Any search will yield a list of available items, organized by company, product, subject, and year which will allow you to narrow your results.
  • Please note that there are a small minority of "non-advertising items" included in the database. These refer to photos of people, or individuals or groups working on billboards, etc.
  • Forkeyword searches above, simply enter a word, phrase or date. Keyword searches allow you to locate words in all the descriptive fields in the database, including date, headline, posting company, etc. (Visit the ROAD Database Definitions page for a list of these descriptive fields.) This type of search will provide you with the greatest number of hits.
  • A large number of slides from the Outdoor Advertising Slide Library are described in groups rather than individually. These groupings are based on the product or company name used in the ad. Therefore, use the product or company name (i.e. Mustang or Ford) rather than a specific headline to ensure a more comprehensive return for your search.
  • There are NO images included in this database. Returns consist simply of textual information about a particular billboard. If you are interested in obtaining a reproduction of an image from the ROAD database, please see the Frequently Asked Questions page.
  • Searches may take a few moments. After you've executed the search, please be patient for the results; and
  • If your search is unsuccessful, please review the ROAD Database Definitions and FAQs pages for additional information on searching.

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The main collection categories in ROAD are: