Donate Your Zines

The Bingham Center's zine collection began with a gift from Sarah Dyer and has grown as other collectors have donated their personal zine archives. If you have women's zines of your own — from a few issues of a zine you wrote to a large (or small!) collection you've amassed over the years — we'd love to add them to our holdings. A few male-authored zines may be found in larger collections, but our policy is to collect zines created by women and woman-identified people.

Our zines are housed in archival boxes and folders where they will be safe for generations to come, but the zines don't just sit on our shelves — they are frequently used by undergraduate students and faculty at Duke, researchers from across the country, and people who just want to spend an afternoon reading zines. If you are interested in donating your zines, please contact us.

Read Sarah Dyer's essay about why she donated her zine collection to the Bingham Center.

Read more about donating materials to the Sallie Bingham Center for Women's History and Culture.