Hartman Center Provided Illustrations

Image of encyclopedia cover

In 2002, the Advertising Age: The Encyclopedia of Advertising was published. Featuring nearly 600 extensively illustrated articles, this three-volume work provides historic surveys of the world's leading agencies and major advertisers, as well as brand and market histories. In addition, the encyclopedia:

  • profiles influential men and women in the field
  • provides overviews of advertising in Argentina, France & other countries
  • covers important issues affecting the field
  • discusses key aspects of methodology, practice, strategy & theory

Hartman Center staff member Jacqueline Reid Wachholz served as the illustration editor. She headed a team of Duke University undergraduate and graduate students who selected more than 700 images to accompany the entries. Assistant Illustration editors Richard Collier and Catherine Saleeby were essential to the success of the project, unwavering and creative in their work. The creation of the encyclopedia was a collaborative effort involving: