The Human Rights Archive partners with the human rights community to preserve the history and legacy of human rights around the world. Its archival partners include grassroots organizations and transnational NGOs, religious and political leaders, human rights advocates and artists. The Human Rights Archive’s collections document the impact that organizations and individuals have had on government policy in support of human rights, the important role that these organizations and individuals have played in the development and transformation of the international human rights movement, and the articulation of US social justice movements with the international human rights community.

Traveling Exhibit

Marshall Meyer Traveling Exhibit

"I Have No Right To Be Silent", The Human Rights Legacy of the Rabbi Marshall T. Meyer is a traveling exhibit commemorating the social activism and human rights work of Rabbi Marshall Meyer. Rabbi Marshall Meyer was an ordinary man whose extraordinary convictions, faith, and impetuous personality impelled him to become one of the most important human rights activists during Argentina's Dirty War (1976–1983).

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