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Letter of 16 August 1873
From Emma Spaulding Bryant to her husband, John Emory Bryant.
John Emory Bryant Papers, Special Collections Library, Duke University

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Wakeman Aug. 16, 1873

My Darling Husband,

I received yours of last Monday this (Sat.) morning. Had feared you might not write each day waiting for a reply to your letter - saw that my husband can write me love letters like his own self, they can not come too often.

By the tone of both your letters - Sun. and Mon. - I think you almost feel that I am not ready to forgive the harsh words you wrote me. Indeed, I am, my darling husband, the assurance that you love and trust me as of yore [...] out the impression of all the terrible letters that you wrote before this call too. I have forgiven all, and if you really fully love me and trust me and can out the suspicion and bitterness that were in your heart. When you wrote those letters, [...] there is not difference bet ween us to [...] - no need to talk of separation.

If we love and trust each other fully there can be no ground between us - is there darling?

The letters written under two dates and [...] was [... ...] for the reason that I wrote something at night which in the morning I thought best (not to conceal from you altogether) but to tell you when I saw you - but you may think it worse that it was [...] to you now.

I have been quite isolated since I left you from the [...] of any man who was in the least sparkling or vivacious in his manner - so seldom either since I left on before have any [...] that I enjoyed this Dr.'s society (the little that I have of it) and enjoyed the rides - you know how much company and surroundings exhilarate me: and so as I said, I have enjoyed the Dr. (it's not in a lackadaisical manner at all) and the slight attraction that he had shown me - and it was [...] that [...] I had written you and told you that I felt half [...] with myself that I should first tell and [...] in the [...] of any man away from you. That is what I have done there was wrong is anything was - for these "I am willing to be forgiven", perhaps my husband can recall pleasant hours spent in the society of some lady friend and not consider my misdemeanor a very grave one.

My stay at his office was usually very brief unless I had to wait for him - my stay in the consultation was usually about 5 min. I should judge.

Let me enlighten you on the matter of going to the office in the evening as you may find glad to know - you fancied me alone after dark - it was a grave mistake - I went before dark and returned just after dark and had scarce a square to go.

In objection to going in the evening I told the Dr. I was timid in being out after dark and he told me that I should not be left to return alone if it was dark. The first night his colored office man took me home in the Dr.'s buggy - another night it was raining but not dark and the Dr. walked to the gate with me himself - another time he sent his man home with me but I [...] protected against his doing

I feel more [...] to be away from you till Christmas than I did before this trouble. I thought [...] to [...] with you. [...] an [...] company and mine [... ... ...] to keep a little.

I want to tell you again how happy I am to receive messages of love from you. Mother and Lucy re'd letter yesterday ([... ...] - mother wishes to answer immediately but has company to mind for to-day and expects some one for her to-morrow - will write as soon as possible - she is very tender towards her dear boy if she alone think his was many [...] his wife.

Baby [...] gave me a sweet kiss and hug to send to papa - she is grown very [...] since you saw her -

[...] I will promise you to come to [... ...]. May [... ...] you, darling, and make us happier in each other than we have ever been before.

Bye Darling,


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