The Kenneth Willis Clark Collection


Greek Manuscripts

The Collection of Greek Manuscripts in Duke University Library contains ninety-eight manuscripts--in both roll and codex form--dating from the ninth to the seventeenth century. A short history of the collection, its origins and development, may be explored in the Introduction. The short title list of the collection may be explored under the following four sections of approximately two dozen items each. In time it is hoped that longer descriptions for each of the manuscripts will be included, along with samples of the the hand, ornamentation, and, where applicable, the binding. Until the Library has the facilities for sharing the text in fully accented Greek characters, we will rely upon the Latin character for the list of contents. If you have questions about the contents in Greek, you may make further inquires to the RBMSCL reference staff.

For a short description of the individual manuscripts you may wish to examine one of the summary lists: