Rose O'Neal Greenhow Papers

Letter from William B [?], February 7, 1864

London. From William B [?] to Rose Greenhow. Letter with news about the latest Confederate activities as well as a request to get a message to General Stuart in Richmond. (Rose Greenhow Papers, Special Collections Library, Duke University)

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3 Halkin Street
Grosvenor Place

7th Febry. [1864]

Dear Mrs. Greenhow

I am exceedingly obliged by your note, and for the Consideration and kindness shewn to Captn. Koren. I am sure that your introductions, if Captn. Hertzberg and himself ever reach your country, will be most serviceable to him. I have arranged that they will be able to procure a passage from Nassau. Blockade running from Bermuda is for the time being, I hear, partly stopped. Nassau is now the favorite starting point.

I think things are looking better for "our" side. I look forward with great hope to the Spring Campaign in Tennessee.

I hope that the Conservatives may soon kick that wretched

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little scrub Lord Russell, out of power, and then we shall hold firm language to the detested Yankees-- and go in for Southern recognition.

By the way, I have got you the Foreign Minister's autograph.

If you are writing to Richmond, try and convey a message to General Stuart, from me, viz. that they are going to use his mode of slinging the sabre in a newly equipped, mounted Corps here. I was sitting next [to] one of the heads of the War Department at dinner, and speaking of Stuart's cavalry, I mentioned this "sabre attachment"--which he invented, and which so struck the fancy of [illegible] General that I was written to, and asked to come to the War office, and explain it-I should like General Stuart

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to know this.

I hope you have had much much enjoyment in Paris.

My mother has been very ill and confined to her bed.

I hope you take the side of the Danes--Alas! Poor Denmark! I wish I could turn myself into 10,000 men and go and help hold the Dannewerke against those rascally Germans. The French Emperor, the cleverest [preceeding word crossed out] most clever head in Europe, has the cards completely in his hands. England whose people, are brave and daring, is made to play a mean part. I blush for my country! I hope you read Lord Derby's speech.

The O'Kane versus Lord P. Case is finished. The plaintiff withdrew the suit and he has been sent to Australia!

The "Bulbeley" scandal will

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soon be in the Papers. You must look out for that. I hear that it will be très agaçant!

Give my love to Miss Rose

Accept kind regards yourself, and believe me

Dear Mrs. Greenhow.

Very sincerely yours,

Wm B -

8th Feb- I open my letter to tell you this--you will be glad to hear that the decision of the court has this morning been given in favor of the Alexandra. That is that the Governments are condemned for seizing her!

[written vertically on the left side of the page]--Show this to General Stuart


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