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Timeline: 1860-1869

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Douglas Schottisch
by Charles Grobe (1860)
Maryland My Maryland
by James R. Randall (1862)
Grafted Into the Army
by Henry Clay Work (1862)
When Johnny Comes Marching Home
by Louis Lambert (1863)
Beautiful Dreamer
by Stephen Foster (1865)
Marching Through Georgia
by Henry Clay Work (1865)
Song of All Songs
by Stephen Foster (1866)
The Blue Danube
by Johann Strauss (1867)
Little Brown Jug by R.E. Eastburn (1869)
Politics & Government
1861-1865 American Civil War
Abraham Lincoln elected President of the United States (Nov 6, 1860)
Lincoln assassinated (Apr 14, 1865); succeeded by Andrew Johnson
Thirteenth Amendment to the US Constitution abolishes slavery (Dec 18, 1865)
Ulysses S. Grant elected President of the US (1868)
Homestead Act (1862)
International Affairs
1868 Revolution in Spain - Queen Isabella II is deposed
Benjamin Disraeli becomes Prime Minister of Britian; later resigns (1868)
Suez Canal completed (1869)
J. Walter Thompson Advertising Company created from Carlton and Smith in 1878
Rand McNally & Company founded (1868)
Campbell Soup Company
H.J. Heinz Company
Inventions, Discoveries & Patents
Alfred Nobel invents dynamite (1866)
Louis Pasteur invents pasteurization (1864)
Gatling gun invented by Richard Jordan Gatling (1861)
Transcontinental telegraph line completed by Western Union (1861)
"QWERTY" keyboard typewriter patented (1868)
Barbed Wire patented (1867)
Songwriter Stephen Foster Dies (1864)
Salvation Army founded by William Booth (1865)
Yale University awards first American Ph.D. (1861)
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll published in 1865
Little Women by Louisa May Alcott published in 1868
Dickens' Great Expectations published in 1861
Les Miserables by Victor Hugo published in 1862
First recorded baseball game held in San Francisco (1860)
First professional Baseball Club founded: The Cincinnati Red Stockings (1868)
First intercollegiate football game between Rutgers and Princeton (1869)
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