Alice Williamson Diary

Howard Female Institute

(from Durham, Walter T. and James W. Thomas and John F. Creasy. A Celebration of Houses Built Before 1900 in Sumner County, Tennessee. Sumner County Historical Soc. Gallatin, Tn. 1995)

If the outbreak of war had not closed the school, Alice Williamson would have been a senior at Howard Female Institute in 1862. When it eventually reopened, she returned in 1866 and graduated in 1867. While this diary was being written, Alice attended a one room, one teacher school. When her teacher, Mrs. Cage left for Dixon Springs 20 miles away in August 1864, Alice probably stopped going to school until the female institute reopened.

(From Durham, Walter T. Rebellion Revisited, a History of Sumner County, Tennessee From 1861 to 1870 Sumner County Museum Association. Gallatin, Tennessee. 1982. See pp.189 & 226)

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