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Find photos of Duke University:

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Duke Yearlook on Flickr

Thousands of historical photos of Duke University campus scenes, events, faculty, staff, students and more.

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The Construction of Duke University, 1924-1932

A series of photographs documenting the construction of Duke University’s East and West Campuses.

Learn about Duke Athletics:

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Football Game Program Covers

Watch Duke films or listen to recordings of events at Duke:

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Duke University Chapel Sermon Recordings

Audio and video recordings of 168 sermons preached in Duke University Chapel.

Students Leave the Allen Building, February 13, 1969

Silent Vigil (1968) and Allen Building Takeover (1969) Audio Recordings

Find digitized copies of Duke reports:

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Duke University Archives Materials Digitized by the Internet Archive

Journals, magazines, reports and university publications digitized as part of the Duke University Libraries' partnership with the Internet Archive. See a list of selected titles below.

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Selected University Reports on DukeSpace

Read Duke University dissertations, theses, and undergraduate honors papers:

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Duke's institutional repository includes:

Learn more about other options for accessing Duke dissertations, theses or master's projects, and undergraduate honors papers.

View archived Duke University websites:

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University Archives Web Archive Collection

Read Duke University publications:

Digitized copies of Duke University and Duke University Medical Center publications. The publication focus, as well as the date coverage of the digitized publications, is given below each publication title.

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Duke Alumni Register & Duke Magazine

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 Duke University Calendar

 A weekly calendar of activities at Duke University, published from Fall 1930 through Spring 1981.

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 The Chanticleer

 Duke's undergraduate student yearbook, published since 1912. Annual volumes through the previous year are digitized and available online.

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The Duke Chronicle

Duke's undergraduate student newspaper, published since 1905. Issues from 1905 through May 2000 are currently digitized and available online.

 Chemistry Classroom

Course Bulletins

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Freshman Pic Book

Duke's freshman class directory, which is produced annually by the Duke University Alumni Association. The annual volumes available online date back to the Class of 1970.

 Trinity College Historical Society Museum

 Historical Papers of the Trinity College Historical Society

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 Legacy, 1963-1993: Thirty Years of African-American Students at Duke University

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Publications of the Duke University Libraries

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Stones, Bricks, & Faces: A Walking Guide to Duke University

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The Archive

Trinity College's — and later Duke University's — literary and cultural journal, which began publication in 1887. Now known as The Archive, it is one of the oldest continuously-published literary magazines in the United States and the oldest student publication at Duke University. Issues published between 1887 and 1929 have been digitized.

 The University Experience cover

 The University Experience

An unofficial guide to Duke student life, published by the YM-YWCA. A great source for information on progressive activism on Duke's campus.

Front cover of Design for a Duchess, 1954

Woman's College Handbooks

It's Not in the Catalog (1937-1939), It's Not in the Handbook (1948-1954), and Design for a Duchess (1954-1962)—published annually by the Social Standards Committee of the Woman's Student Government Association—set behavioral and dress expectations for Duke women.