Faculty House 2, 2127 Campus Drive

Robert Lee Flowers
Faculty House 2 was constructed for University administrator Robert Lee Flowers, then Vice President of the Business Division and later University President. In late 1930, Chief Engineer A. C. Lee estimated the cost of this house would be $77,701.45. By 1935 and for reasons unclear, Dr. Flowers officially traded this home with Frederic Moir Hanes, MD, Professor of Medicine and Chairman of the Department of Medicine (1933-1946), who lived in house 4. Dr. Hanes continued to live in house 2 until his death in 1946. His widow remained until 1948. During the 1950’s, the house was occupied by the Office of Army Ordinance Research. University Development offices were located there from 1961 until 2009, when the staff moved downtown. Offices of the Graduate School, Financial Aid, and Student Loan then moved into the house.


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