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Contact the Duke University Archives to discuss records you would like to dispose of that are not listed in current Duke University records retention guidelines.

You will be notified when it is acceptable to dispose of the records in question. Please wait until you are notified before disposing of the records.

Why is it important to document the disposition of unscheduled records?

  • In the absence of an approved set of retention guidelines, documenting disposition shows that you did not dispose of university records arbitrarily.

  • If the records are needed in the future for official actions, documenting disposition provides evidence of why the records are unavailable.

  • Documenting a one-time disposition action allows you to clean out large volumes of records that are no longer useful. The alternative is to wait for the records in question to appear in approved retention guidelines, which may take several months.

  • Documenting disposition provides evidence of compliance with federal record keeping requirements, if applicable.