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Radio and Television Subcategories

Specialized subcategories for Radio and Television are listed below. The main Radio and Television categories are otherwise subdivided by dates.

Searching under the primary Radio or Television category will always ensure complete listings of all ads in that category, including the subcategories listed below. These subcategories provide more narrow searching for selected topics within those categories.

The original Radio and Television categories created within the "Competitive Advertisements" file at J. Walter Thompson Company consistently included various electronics advertisements, for such items as radio tubes, telephones, radar, etc. The primary companies producing these electronics ads were radio and television companies. Therefore, to reflect the original content of the Radio and Television categories, these specialized subcategories are included.

To locate all possible Radio advertisements that are related to World War II, search using War in the "Search" field and All Fields in the "In:" field on the Search Ad*Access page.

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