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Crazy Smart / Duke Athletics Library Fund Duke Athletics Library Fund

Sometimes an idea comes along that truly deserves the name “game-changing.”





Crazy Smart / Residence Hall Librarian Residence Hall Librarian Program

We know how demanding a Duke education can be, especially during that first crucial year. That's why we assign every first-year dorm a personal librarian.





Crazy Smart / Alumni Portal Alumni Portal

The search for answers doesn’t end with college. So why should your library privileges?





Crazy Smart / Library Service Center Library Service Center

In the library world, as in the real one, the best view is always the long view.





Crazy Smart / Conservation Lab Verne and Tanya Roberts Conservation Lab

Library books don't always age gracefully. But we’re working hard to halt the ravages of time.





Crazy Smart / Doris Duke Doris Duke

What does that name mean to you?





Crazy Smart / Stadium of the Mind Stadium of the Mind

A great library is where the game of knowledge is played, problems are tackled, and the best mental moves go down in the books.





Crazy Smart / Rush Hour Rush Hour in the Library

It happens about 4 million times a year — someone walks through the door of a Duke University library.





Crazy Smart / MOOCs Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

It takes a team effort to teach half a million students around the world.





Crazy Smart / Digitize This Book Digitize This Book

From stacks to scanner to your inbox. That's the idea behind our new digitization-on-demand service.

Crazy Smart Digitized Duke Chronicle Small Digitized Duke Chronicle

Here in the Libraries, we're all about peace, love, and understanding.

Crazy Smart Book Collectors ContestBook Collectors Contest

Since 1947, we've sponsored a book collecting contest to promote a lifelong love of reading among Duke students.

Crazy Smart Data Visualization ContestData Visualization Contest

Information isn't everything. It's what you do with it that counts.

Crazy Smart Library Party AdLibrary Party

For one night per year, Perkins and Bostock Libraries throw open their doors for a night of sophisticated fun and un-shushed entertainment.

Crazy Smart Adopt a Book Program SmallAdopt-a-Book Program

Many of the oldest, most significant books in the library require careful conservation treatments. That’s the idea behind our Adopt-a-Book Program.

Crazy Smart Story of a Book SmallStory of a Book

Every book on these shelves has a story. 

Crazy Smart Bookface AdBookfaces

We never get tired of watching students experience the joy of discovery. You can see it written all over their faces.

Crazy Smart Ad The Edge

The Edge

Welcome to The Edge: The Ruppert Commons for Research, Technology, and Collaboration. It's where ideas come to light.

DUL Crazy Smart Ad H Lee Waters

H. Lee Waters Films

Before selfies and YouTube, there were "Movies of Local People."

DUL Crazy Smart Ad Baskin Collection

Lisa Unger Baskin Collection

We recently acquired one of the largest and most significant private collections on women's history.

DUL Crazy Smart Ad Baskin Collection

Archives Alive

In this age of texting, tweeting, and Googling, there's something special about holding a 150-year-old letter in your hands.

Crazy Smart History of Medicine Collections

Trent History of Medicine Collection

The Trent Collection has been used to educate generations of Duke students about the origins of the healing profession.

Crazy Smart Thank a Librarian

Thank a Librarian

What have we done for you lately? That's the question we asked Duke students and faculty during National Library Week.

Crazy Smart BorrowDirect


Duke has one of the best library systems in the country. But no library is big enough to have everything.

Crazy Smart Adopt a Digital Collection

Adopt a Digital Collection

Every year, we digitize thousands of historical documents, images, audio, and video. Now you can help preserve them.

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