Crazy Smart Personal Librarian ProgramThink of it as having your own information concierge service. Duke’s Personal Librarian Program is designed to save students time and help them succeed academically during their crucial first year of college.

Here’s how it works. Every first-year residence hall on East Campus is assigned a personal librarian, who serves all residents of that dorm as an individual point of contact. If you’re a first-year student, your personal librarian is your go-to person for any questions you have about the libraries in general or about research needs in particular.

What do personal librarians do?

  • For starters, they contact all incoming first-year students before they even arrive on campus and stay in touch throughout the year to let them know about events and programs of interest, like study breaks and extended library hours during exam weeks.
  • They answer questions about library services, like borrowing laptops, citing sources and requesting materials from other libraries.
  • They assist with research assignments by helping students identify the best sources and formulate search strategies. They can also connect students with library experts in different subject areas.
  • They provide help any time of year, even when students are on break.
  • They offer advice when students don’t know where to start or can’t think of what to do next!

It’s just another way Duke University Libraries are helping students take advantage of everything Duke has to offer.

To learn more about the Personal Librarian Program, visit the website. To support this and other innovative initiatives at Duke University Libraries, make a gift today.

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