Illustration of takeout box with library books inside

Duke Libraries Takeout allows faculty, staff, and students to pick up books and other materials with minimal contact. Items can be requested from Perkins and Bostock Libraries, Lilly Library, Music Library, and the Library Service Center. You can request materials to be picked up from Perkins and Bostock, Lilly or Music, whichever location is most convenient for you; materials do not have to be picked up from the library where they are shelved.  Here’s what you need to know.

Who can request books and other materials?

During the initial phase of this service, only Duke faculty, staff, and students are able to request items for takeout.

How does the Takeout Service work?

  1. To place a request, search for books, DVDs, and other materials in the library catalog .
  2. Use the green Request button to request items for takeout. You can request up to 20 items at one time.
  3. When your items are ready, you will receive an email sent to your Duke email address directing you to use an online calendar to schedule a takeout date and time.
  4. On the date of your scheduled takeout appointment, carefully read the instructions you receive in a confirmation email about your scheduled appointment time. It will have details about how to get your items. 
  5. Your books will already be checked out to you and placed in a paper bag, minimizing contact. Each library location will have a takeout approach that involves minimal contact between you and staff.
  6. Bring your Duke ID card to your scheduled takeout appointment. Also wear a face mask.
  7. Are you more of a visual learner? Watch our Library Takeout video !

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request books/items from any library at Duke?

At this time, Duke Library Takeout is only available for books and other materials in Perkins and Bostock Libraries, Lilly, Music, and the Library Service Center.

If the items I want are at different libraries, can I arrange to pick them all up at one library?

Yes, but it will take longer, since items are held between handling for safety reasons. Availability for Takeout will be faster if you request pick up at the location where materials are shelved.

How many books/items can I request at a time?

You can request up to 20 items at a time, regardless of library location.

How frequently can I schedule a takeout appointment?

You may schedule up to two takeout appointments per week.

What are the days and times when it is possible to pick up my order?

Each library location has different schedules for picking up materials due to staffing. As the service grows, this schedule may change:

  • Perkins/Bostock - 9am-6pm Monday through Friday
  • Lilly Library - 2pm-6pm Monday through Friday
  • Music Library - 10am-2pm Monday through Friday

How long will it take for my takeout order to be ready?

Most materials will be ready 3 to 5 business days after you place your request. Materials from the Library Service Center may take a day or two longer. Once your order is ready, you’ll be asked to schedule a takeout appointment. We hope to speed up this process as we learn more about the volume of requests.

If I have multiple books/items to pick up, do I have to schedule different appointments?

If you request multiple items, we will do our best to combine all of your requests placed close together into one order so you can pick up as many items at the same time as possible. If you request books from different libraries, those orders will be treated separately (i.e., all Perkins/Bostock books together, or all Lilly books together).

Where do I go to pick up the books and other items?

Each library has a different location and process for picking up the items. When your takeout appointment has been confirmed, you will receive a detailed email with information about how to pick up your items.

Where do I park?

There are designated parking spaces available on both East and West Campus. Information about where to park will be emailed to you in advance of your scheduled date/time.

Why are you only offering this service to Duke faculty, staff, and students?

Duke is currently limiting access to campus for safety reasons. We are beginning this service with only faculty, staff, and students due to campus access restrictions and staffing limitations. We will expand the service to other users as soon as we are able.

Can I bring books/items to return?

Yes. When you come to pick up items, you can return library materials at each location. Materials do not need to be returned to the library from which they were checked out. You can return library materials either to the drop slot, during a pick up appointment, or in the vestible of Lilly Library during open hours. Contact or for additional assistance.

What if I have mobility issues and can’t leave my car?

We offer assistance to users with mobility issues at each library pick-up location (Perkins/Bostock, Lilly, Music). When you schedule your takeout appointment, you will receive information about how to request assistance.

What are you doing to protect the safety of patrons and library staff?

We are offering this minimal contact takeout service in order to provide maximum social distancing for the safety of our patrons and staff. Staff are using face masks, practicing social distancing while working, and sanitizing surfaces frequently in accordance with guidelines from public health authorities and Duke protocols. We are incorporating a 24-hour delay between staff handling books and pick-up. We are also staggering takeout times in order to maximize social distancing between patrons. Additionally, when books are returned, we will enforce at least a 48-hour delay before handling library materials or making them available for checkout.