Use the table below to compare features in the new catalog and Duke Libraries' previous catalog.

Feature New Old
Search by keyword, title, author, subject, ISBN/ISSN
Search by Library of Congress call numbers
Search by "Title begins with" no no
Search with Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) no
Search by phrases ("series of words in quotes")
Non-Roman language support
Search within results no
Expand search to UNC-CH, NC State, and NC Central catalogs
Navigate between item pages without returning to search results no
Sort by relevance, date, title
Sort by author, call number, most popular no
Sort by date cataloged no
Export items (email, text, RefWorks)
Add results to folder that expires at end of session
Adjust number of results shown per page no
Responsive, mobile-friendly page layout no
Improved sorting of volume number, copy, box number, etc. no
Discover new & noteworthy additions to the catalog no
Browse by Library of Congress Call Numbers
Staff view link for more info (e.g., barcode) no