Improvements and new features are added regularly to the Library Catalog.The features below were released on October 28, 2019

Place of publication searching

  • Place of publication can be searched as a separate field in Advanced Search. Place of publication is also searched from the standard "All fields" search.

Bookplate note

  • The bookplate note will now appear as a separate field after the "System ID" in the "Other details" section of the full record page. Previously bookplates appeared with other local notes.

Bugfixes and reliability improvements

  • Solr patched for improved reliability.
  • The digitization request button will no longer appear on microforms.

The features below were released on July 8, 2019.

Faster page loading

  • The most frequently used pages in the Books and Media Catalog will now load more quickly.

Session-based folders

  • Patrons who have added items to their session-based folder will now see an icon linking to their folder displayed just below the search box in the catalog masthead.

Electronic bookplates

  • More distinctive formatting has now been applied to notes highlighting donors of items to our collections.

Holdings summaries

  • Labels will be added to holdings summary notes as records are refreshed. Note: this feature will not be fully available until the beginning of September.

Digitization request

  • Patrons can now select Digitization Request as one of the options in the "Send Info To" drop-down selector that appears on item record pages.
  • This option will appear only for books, government publications, music scores, and thesis/dissertations published prior to 1944.
  • This applies to printed items from the collections of Perkins, Lilly, Marine Lab, Music, and the East Asian Collection that have not already been digitized.

Missing item report

  • Patrons can now select Missing Item Report as one of the options in the "Send Info To" drop-down selector that appears on item record pages.

Searching by accession number

  • Patrons will now be able to search by accession number (e.g., DVD 32496) when selecting call number as a search parameter. Note: this feature will not be fully available until the end of July.

The features below were released on June 10, 2019

Session-based folders
  • Items in search results lists can be selected and then temporarily saved into a folder
  • Contents of a folder can be shared via email or sent to a citation management tool like RefWorks
Accessibility improvements
  • Improved access via keyboard controls
  • Greater compatibility with screen reader software
  • More refined adherence to accessibility standards

The features below were released on May 21, 2019.

More forgiving treatment of punctuation
For example, " Love labour lost " and " Loves labours lost " will find results containing Love's labour's lost . And searches for " anti utopian fiction " and " antiutopian fiction will find results containing anti-utopian fiction
Improvements to relevance ranking
  • Queries that exactly match results will rank above those that match a stemmed version of the field (walk vs. walking).
  • Automatic full phrase matching, tri-gram matching, bi-gram matching, and individual term matching will allow for more nuanced control over relevance ranking, with more complete matches ranking higher. Previously, the index only distinguished between full phrase and individual term matches.
  • Adjustments to field weights will improve known item searches for authors and/or titles.
Changes to identifier searching
  • Barcodes and other identifiers will be searchable using the default "All Fields" search. Previously you had to select the "ISBN/ISSN/barcodes" field to search these identifiers. (Call Numbers must still be searched using the "Call Number (LC)" field.)
  • Barcode searches will no longer be case sensitive.
  • Identifiers that contain spaces (many CD publisher numbers) will be searchable. (Previously, identifiers with spaces could only be found by putting the complete identifier in quotes.)
Accession number searching (such as for DVDs and CDs) is coming soon, but not included with this update.

The features below were released on May 7, 2019.

Search by series
Patrons can now use a Search by Series field on the Advanced Search page.
Searching in all caps disables Boolean query behavior
When patrons enter searches in ALL CAPS the terms AND, OR, and NOT will be treated as query terms and not Boolean operators . The terms AND, OR, and NOT will only be treated as Boolean operators when there are lowercase letters present in the query.
TRLN view
Enhancements to the user interface clarify when you are viewing pages scoped to searching and viewing items from TRLN libraries (Duke, UNC, NC State, NCCU).
RIS export
When patrons export a record as an RIS file, it will now include location and call number in separate fields.
Feedback form
The form has been revised to make it easier to use.
System ID
Item record pages now display the System ID for a record near the bottom of the page.
System stability
Changes to system configuration should improve stability and availability. Changes to how the system is monitored should make it easier for IT staff to know when the system is in an unhealthy state.
Bug fixes
Various bugs have been fixed in the user interface.

The features below were released on April 9, 2019.

Availability status
Status of items from Duke University will be displayed live on item record pages when the catalog is scoped to view items from all TRLN libraries (Duke, UNC, NCSU, NCCU). Previously, this live availability status was only applied when the catalog was scoped to the Duke-only view.
RSS button
A button will now be displayed at the top of search results allowing users to copy a search results list at an RSS-friendly URL path.
Feedback link via mobile devices
The Feedback Link is now displayed in a more user-friendly way on mobile devices.
Improvements to cover images
Cover images are now displayed in a more secure way.
Where to Find It link via touch screens
The "Where to Find It" link is now easier to activate on Touch Screens.
View Online link via touch screens
The "View Online" links are now easier to activate on Touch Screens.
Data improvements
The processes for ingesting data into the catalog have been improved in ways that help keep data up to date, that reduce the occurrence of minor errors and bugs, that improve the display of data for records.
Security updates
Security updates have been applied.
Bug fixes
Various bugs have been fixed in the user interface.
Open Access links
Links to online copies of journals hosted via the Hathi Trust will now only be displayed for items published before 1923 within records of printed journals (e.g. records for physical copies). The View Online links for online journals are not affected by this change.