The Duke Digital Repository (DDR) provides access to a wide range of digital content in various formats. Duke University Libraries is committed to ensuring that access to content in the Duke Digital Repository is consistent with obligations under state and federal disabilities law, including the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

The DDR acts as an umbrella service for three separate points of web access for materials drawn from the Libraries' own collections, or posted by members of the Duke community. These sites include the main Duke Digital Repository, DukeSpace, and a deprecated platform hosting some of the Duke Digital Collections.

Beginning in April 2016, we have committed to including captioning with all new audio or video from the Libraries' collections made publicly available via the DDR's web site. While we have not retroactively created captions for materials from the Libraries' collections that were posted to the site before 2016, we will do so upon request.

For previously posted PDF documents with content drawn from the Libraries' own collections, we will provide OCR texts on request. Going forward, we will include OCR or transcription with new PDF documents from the Libraries' collections.

Researchers wishing to request accessible versions of video, audio, or PDF resources may complete this form.

For related information, see the Duke University Libraries' Website Accessibility Policy.

The DDR also includes materials deposited by the Duke community. We strongly encourage authors of these materials to take every available step to ensure that their files comply with best practices for accessibility.

Authors seeking guidance on practices for accessibility may refer to resources at the links below, or may contact us with questions.

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