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The papers of a particular family or official were sometimes found together, but dispersed through the inadvertance (or greed) of an antiquities dealer. Here follow all papyri in the Duke collection that are part of an archive known from other collections of papyri. Select an item to see images of the papyrus as well as the catalogue record describing the item.

Zenon of Kaunos

Zenon from Kaunos in Caria in Asia Minor settled in Egypt in the third century BC, where he ran a large estate for the finance minister of Egypt, Apollonios. Thousands of papers from his personal archive have been found in Philadelphia in the Arsinoite Nome, the town he helped develop. The Duke papyrus mentions Zenon, but was found elsewhere.

Apollonios the Strategos

Apollonios from Hermopolis held an official post in Heptakomia in the Apollonopolite Nome in the early second century AD during the Jewish revolt, which ended in the virtual annihilation of the Jewish population of Egypt.

Claudia Isidora alias Apia

Claudia Isidora alias Apia was a wealthy landowner from Oxyrhynchos in the early thrid century AD.

Aurelia Charite

Aurelia Charite belonged to a wealthy family in Hermopolis in the fourth century AD.

Aurelius Nearchides

Aurelius Nearchides was a local official in the Hermopolite nome in the fourth century AD.

Aurelius Ammon

Aurelius Ammon was a scholastikos or lawyer in Panopolis in the fourth century AD. He belonged to a family of pagan priests, but he pursued a secular career just as his brother Horion, who was a celebrated orator. Much of his papers concern the family's landed wealth, but they also document attempts to secure a particular priesthood for his nephew. Ammon made several trips to Alexandria for this. There are over a hundred texts from the Ammon archive at Duke and they cannot all be listed here. To get at them all browse the section AD 284-451 on the page with the Greek documentary papyri or search for "Ammon, Scholastikos" in the online catalogue of the Duke University Libraries or for the combination "Ammon;scholastikos" in the Duke Papyrus Archive. Here only Ammon's literary papyri and earlier texts belonging to his family are listed.

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