George Percival Scriven:
An American in Bohol, The Philippines, 1899-1901

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The photos shown here are not from the George Percival Scriven collection, and are used here only to illustrate some of the places and events Scriven describes. These photos were derived from four other collections at Duke Special Collections Library related to the Philippines: The Edward Sharp Papers, the Philippine Islands and Far East Photograph Collection, the "Fighting in the Philippines" photo collection by Tennyson F. Neely and "Scenes taken in the Philippines and on the Pacific" by J.D. Givens. The photos shown from the Sharp collection are probably taken by him, an American schoolteacher, some time during his tenure on Bohol Island, which was from February 1902 until the Spring of 1904. We know much less about the photos taken from the other collections. All of those in the Philippine Islands and Far East Photograph collection were taken during the years 1899-1902. Most of them indicate a larger American presence than would have been evident in the first months after occupation, the time when Scriven was touring Bohol. This presence is seen most clearly in the number of Americans shown in the pictures, especially American school teachers, who Scriven indicated had not yet established themselves in the school system. The other two collections focus on the time period before Scriven arrived in Bohol, during the Spanish-American war and the suppression of the Filipino rebellion that surfaced after the war. Many of these photos include war and battle scenes. It is most probable that none of the photos in these two collections was taken on Bohol.

The photos are accompanied by as much information we have about them, which in some cases is very little. Anything in quotes on the page with the photos indicates what was written on the back of the photos.

We have also included a selection of visual examples of pages from Scriven's diary.

From the Edward Sharp Collection

From the Philippine Islands and Far East Photograph Albums

From the Tennyson F. Neely photo collection

From the J.D. Givens photo collection

Images of the Diary

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