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Please note that this search page covers the Broadsides Category only. The terms and keywords listed below were deemed most likely to be useful to a range of users of the EAA project. All categories in EAA are representative, not comprehensive. For information on the terms in all the pull-down menus below, see the Broadsides Database Terms and Descriptions page.

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Complex searches may take a few moments. After you've clicked the button to execute the search, please be patient for the results.

Problems with your search? See below for help and examples or see our Search FAQ page.

Complex Search Help
Complex searches allow you to search on several
words at once ("Boolean" searching) in the
Broadsides database.
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Field: contains:   allows you to locate words in the advertising headline or to locate ads by company, product, item type, etc. (see pull-down menu under All). After entering the word(s) you would like to search for, you can limit your search by selecting a term from the pull-down menu, or you may search for the word(s) in the entire database by accepting the default "All" for a complete list of available fields.

Illustration & Special Features:   pre-set searches are available that will help you to find ads containing specific types of illustration (b/w or color drawings, etc.) as well as images and references to specific cultures (e.g. African/African-American, Native American, etc.) or subject matters (sports, children) that may be of particular interest. You may limit a complex search to one type of illustration or special feature, or, by choosing the default "All" your search returns will include advertisements with any of these features.

Categories:   identifies the category you are searching in the database. A description of all the categories that make up the EAA project, including the number of ads each contains, is available on the Browse Categories page.

For information on the items in all the pull-down menus above, see the Broadsides Database Terms and Descriptions page.

Example searches

Please note that this search page covers the Broadsides Category only. As with all the search pages, this category is representative, not comprehensive. If you perform very narrowly defined searches, you increase your chances of a "zero" result.

  • To search for all Broadsides advertisements containing illustrations of African/African-Americans created during the 1880s,
    1. Choose Year in the first Field:.
    2. Type 188* in the first contains box. (Note that the '*' means that you'll accept any year in the 1880s. If you'd like to search within only one year, just enter that specific year - 1889.)
    3. Choose African/African-American from the Illustrations and Special Features menu.
    4. Click the Search button in the right side table, and
    5. Wait for the results!

  • To search for advertisements for Wagons from the 1890s using black & white (B/W) drawings,
    1. Choose Subject/Product from the first Field menu.
    2. Type wagon in the first contains box. (Note that the list of Subject/Product names is available on the Broadsides Category Browse Page.
    3. Choose Year from the second Field menu.
    4. Type 189* in the second contains box.
    5. Choose B/W Drawing from the Illustrations and Special Features menu.
    6. Click the the Search button, and
    7. Wait for the results!

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