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Tobacco Advertising
Names of Series and Sets

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Below is a list of all the Names of Series and Sets found in the Tobacco Advertising category in the Emergence of Advertising in America project. The majoriy of these items are "loose" (i.e. unmounted) insert cards that would have been inserted in cigarette packages. Included in the list as well are albums, created with collected cards from a particular series.

By selecting a Series or Set name below, you will link directly from this page to a list of the items in the chosen series. An alternative option is to return to the Tobacco Search Page and enter a series or set name from below in one of the two "contains" space when you choose "Series or Set" in the "Field" pull-down menus. The Tobacco Search Page allows you to combine up to three terms to retrieve a more narrow search return. (Note that choosing only one or two words from a title will usually be enough to identify the series in the "contains" space on the Search Page (e.g. "actresses," "terrors," etc.). Also, do not use "the," "a," or "of" when entering a series name on the Search Page.)

For additional information and tips on searching in the Tobacco Category, please see the Tobacco Search Page or the general Search FAQ page.

50 Scenes of Perilous Occupations
50 Vehicles of the World
A Short History of...  (loose items that make up "Heroes of the Civil War Album")
Album of Worlds Champions
Automobile Series
Baseball Series
Champion Athlete and Prize Fighter Series
Cigarette Box Covers
Coins of All Nations
College Series
College Sports Series
Fishers and Fish Series
Floral Beauties
Goddesses of the Greeks & Romans
Governors, Coats of Arms  (Album and loose cards)
Great Americans
Heroes of the Civil War Album
History of Poor Boys
Hudson-Fulton Series
Indian Chiefs
Insert Rugs
Musical Instruments
National Dances Album
National Flag Series
Naval Vessels of the World
Ocean and River Steamers
Postage Stamps  (Album and loose cards)
Red Cross
Rulers, Flags, Coats of Arms  (Album and loose cards)
Snap Shots from "Puck"
Terrors of America and their Doings
Tobacco Stamps
World Flags
World Scenes

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