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Tobacco Advertising
Theme Names

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Below is a list of all the Themes assigned or used in the Tobacco Advertising category in the Emergence of Advertising in America project. The names below were selected to describe the primary focus, or theme, of each image. Many of the advertising images illustrate more than one subject (such as nature and sports) and thus more than one "theme" may be listed for any one advertisement. Theme identification of an image is not exhausitive; rather, the terms describe the main focus, as noted above. A small number of advertisements do not have an easily described theme. These items have been assisgned "Cigars, Misc.," "Cigarettes, Misc.," or "Tobacco, Misc." as appropriate.

By selecting a theme name below, you will link directly from this page to a list of the Tobacco Advertising images containing the particular theme you choose. Another option is to return to the Tobacco Advertising Search Page and enter a theme name from below in one of the two "contains" spaces when you choose "Theme Name" in the "Field" pull-down menus. The Tobacco Search Page allows you to combine up to three terms to retrieve a more narrow search return. For additional information and tips on searching in the Tobacco Category, please see the Tobacco Search Page or the general Search FAQ page.

Cigarettes, Misc.   (miscellaneous ads for and about cigarettes)
Cigars, Misc.   (miscellaneous ads for and about cigars)
Insert Rugs
Leaders   (leaders other than generals or governors)
Musical Instruments
Packaging, Misc.   (tobacco product packaging, such as cigarette box covers, etc.)
Poor Boys
Postage Stamps
Shadows   (caricatures of people and animals through shadows)
Technology  (e.g. ocean steamers, vehicles of the world, etc.)
Tobacco, Misc.   (miscellaneous ads for tobacco - plug tobacco, etc.)

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