Good as Gold


JOHNSON, SONG PUB, STATIONER and PRINTER, No. 7 North Tenth St., Philadelphia, Pa.

Good As Gold

Though fond of jollity sometimes,
I like a quiet life,
And love a cosy evening pass’d,
At home with my old wife;
She brought me neither house nor land,
Her wealth could soon be told,
But she’s a fortune in herself,
And that’s as good as gold.

She does not wear the finest robes,
Nor dress in silk attire,
But then if she looks fair to me,
What more can I desire,
Our home is not the grandest, but,
As it keeps out the cold,
It pleases me, and pleases her,
And she’s as good as gold.—

When matters go a little wrong,
And fortune seems to frown,
If one’s a wife as good as gold,
One can’t be long cast down;
For when I reach my home at night,
She does not fiet or scold;
But always greets me with a smile,
And that’s as good as gold.—

Contented folks are happier,
Than those who’ve greatest wealth,
For gold does not buy happiness,
Nor can it purchases health;
My wife and I will be content,
When we have grown old,
To be as happy then as now,
And that’s as good as gold.—

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